Date: 25/01/2014


The Constitution of India, celebrated annually on January 26th. as “Republic Day”, gave full legitimacy to PARTITION by not mentioning it, leave aside rejecting or challenging it, but, instead, imposed bogus SECULARISM upon the “Slaves & Coolies” that is zero in LAHORE but imposed with full vigour in DELHI by All-India Congress Party and their allies, “Italy & Islam”. These two FOREIGN “predators” of Hindu souls, too eager to replace the “mandirs” and “gurdwaras” by mosques and churches all over the country, could not have got a better present from Nehru!

“Partition” (euphemism for “MUTILATION of Akhand Bharat”) that was deleted from Constitution, destroyed the unity of India, , reduced our ancient land territorially, conceded equality to the ENEMY (that tore off huge chunks of territory in "rivers of blood"), confused the freedom loving Sikhs (who ask, “Why not Khalistan if there is Pakistan?” and face the bullets), increased the sense of insecurity with two Islamic republics on either side, weakened the defences of Bharat, destroyed Hindu manhood (we see it in Kashmir and Bollywood!), demoralised the Hindu nation, created the POLITICAL VACUUM in which a foreign predator, “White Elephant” Sonia Maino and her Mafia backers can easily plant themselves deeply in order to rob, loot and plunder the country as never before, and reduced India’s voice and influence in the world (UNO) while wiping her out completely in South Asia.

The Constitution of India was, and is, a great fraud on the nation. It completely ignores the unconditional surrender of strategic Khyber Pass, the Buddhist Chitral and Chittagong, and all the Hindus & Sikhs trapped and doomed in between.

Partition was dictated by the Muslim BULLIES, accepted by the TRAITORS AND COWARDS, and imposed on the timid “Gandhian” nation, much persecuted, tortured, looted, bashed, battered and beaten in the PRECEDING thousand years, and as a direct result thereof, left divided, demoralised, weak, vulnerable & DYING.

Constitution of India has no resemblance with the Constitution of the United States that was promulgated after crushing the separatist South. In our case the separatists (Muslims) were rewarded!

The Constitution of Partitioned India has NO resemblance with the Constitution of divided Germany, promulgated on 23 May 1949, that stipulated the ultimate unification of Germany.

Our “Chacha” Nehru did NOT show even a dog’s loyalty to his land of birth to have such a clause (or provision) about Reunification of India inserted in his Constitution. For the “mice” writing up the Constitution he was the fat “Cat”! Even 66 years on, our Prime Minister is speaking and WRITING what the “Cat” Sonia dictates. For this (betrayal) alone the present Constitution is not worth a handful of mud.

Having given ONE THIRD of our sacred TERRITORY to the enemy without Referendum or a single condition, autocratic “Bandit” Jawaharlal Nehru thought it fully justified, and even necessary, to retain the MUSLIMS back in Broken Bharat, and groom his own daughter, MAIMUNA BEGUM (aka "Indira Gandhi", a secret convert to Islam) for the post of Prime Minister. The Constitution of Coolies does not state, “None will acquire a post or office due to family connection.” In India’s case, due to this third class Constitution the THIRD GENERATION Gandhi (Rajiv Khan) succeeded his mother automatically just as she herself had succeeded her own father. Thus the present Constitution of India makes India, with FOURTH generation “Gandhi” (Rahul) in waiting for the post of his ancestors, a “FAMILY CIRCUS”, not a people’s sacred, or serious, document worthy of respect.

His CONSTITUTION (“Vidhan”) was imposed on the ignorant and gullible nation just like the humiliating PARTITION that led to the massacre of millions of innocent citizens of Bharat and mass migration of tens of millions of Hindus forced out of their homes by MOHAMMEDAN zealots & predators.
The Republic (MINUS LAHORE where freedom fighter Bhagat Singh was hanged to death in 1931, MINUS MULTAN with its ancient Bhagat Prahlad Temple, and MINUS SRI NANKANA SAHIB where Guru Nanak Devji was born in 1469), that emerged in 1947 was NOT our top leader’s (“Bapu” Gandhi’s) cherished dream of AKHAND BHARAT but the BROKEN BLEEDING FRAGMENT OF BHARAT that we see today. Isn’t there a big difference?

The Constitution kept the same flag with “Charkha” (spinning wheel) replaced by Ashoka Chakra, a Buddhist symbol. Nehru hated the Hindu symbols like Trishul and the sacred word “Om”!

Of course, choosing “Khanda Chakra”, that embellishes every brave Sikh soldier’s turban, would have made Nehru’s heart bleed to death although for the defeated & humiliated Hindu nation, still mourning the two million killed, thousands of abductions and gang rapes, and the 15 million forced out of their homes only five years earlier, “Khanda Chakra” would have been the ideal symbol of courage and rejuvenation. Could he also not notice the flag of Saudi Arabia that has the whole verse from Koran on it, and also the SWORD? Nehru did admire the foreign but hated the native!
The Constitution is flouted by the Government with regard to the national language of Bharat. Today English is universal’, tomorrow it will be Italian or even Urdu. The relics of slavery are still around us.

What is the status of the Turkish language in Bulgaria and Greece that remained Turkish colonies for centuries? How much of Russian language is used by the Estonians who won Independence from the Soviet Union not long ago? Everywhere the NATIVE languages have sprung back with vigour and vengeance but NOT in our Bharat where speaking Hindi in high social and ruling circles relegates the speaker to the low menial class.

What about the national anthem? Nehru took the one that was a deliberate tribute to the very rulers we were breaking free from! Is there a parallel of such sycophancy? Why was ‘VANDE MATARAM’ not adopted? And one may add, “Why Deh Shiva Barr Mohe Ehe”, composed by Guru Gobind Singhji, was not even considered? Such dubious freedom and so compulsively ingrained slavery of mind! By now we know Nehru’s mind well. He wanted Hindusthan to perish and the Hindus robbed of pride (“gaurav”) in RELIGION, and remain demoralised in order to become an easy prey. For the Hindus even to utter Jawaharlal Nehru’s name today, BEGGARS BELIEF!

The Constitution contemptuously ignores the fact that Bharat is a HINDU majority country. It does not prevent the Non Hindus, some of whom wish all the Hindus DEAD or CONVERTED, assuming the highest executive or judicial positions. The very third Supreme Commander (cum President) of the DEFEATED & MUTILATED India was none other than a MOHAMMEDAN- Zakir Hussain! In which other country on earth would be ENEMY be so trusted, honoured and “fattened”? Please name one!

In fact, under Article 370 of this ill-fated Document the HINDUS have disappeared even from South Kashmir that is claimed (by “rats”) to be integral to Bharat! With Article 370 as the “stink pill” embedded within its contents, the Constitution of India STINKS.

Therefore, NO decent, honourable and patriotic Indian, especially a HINDU, can celebrate the “Republic Day” (vulgar, offensive & provocative “Sarkari Tamaasha”) on 26 January unless one is so short of joy in life.

The whole world can see it. Why can’t we?


25 Jan 2014.


Political vacuum invites the foreigners to lodge themselves deep in top echelons if not as absolute rulers or monarchs as in the last 1,000 years. (Hindus had nothing to look forward to other than Jazia tax, abduction of their daughters and “conversion by brutal force” during Mohammedan rule that became “conversion by gentle persuasion” during the British time. Today the political vacuum has put an Italian Catholic female (White Elephant) on top of all who can condemn and veto the construction of Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya, the country’s earliest and holiest Temple.

A spiritual vacuum encourages foreign missionaries and mullahs to get very active to reap the harvest of souls. (Even the Muslims, who should not be seen in Bharat after their attack on the country’s integrity and massacre of millions of Hindus, are building more mosques across Broken Bharat and spread their propaganda from Islamic radios and the so-called “Peace Television” where the likes of Zakir Naik openly preache their Islam and convert the vulnerable Hindus to something that is unimaginable after Partition.)

An economic vacuum leads to unfair distribution of wealth, rampant corruption and plunder of nation’s wealth. “India is shining” only for less than one per cent of her population. Among them are actors like Shah Rukh Khan, Mafia dons, big industrialists, land owners, and, of course, the “Gandhis” with the Divine Right to rule Bharat, generation after generation, while millions have no sanitation, water and electric supply. One ought to notice the squalor and poverty that made Teresa, the Nun from Albania, so successful in picking up the starving and the naked from the gutters of Kolkata. For over 99 per cent of Indians, “India is shining”, is a vulgar joke if not obscenity.

An ideological vacuum ruins the internal cohesion and strength of a nation and makes it support wrong and irrelevant issues at home and abroad. Treacherous politicians, compromising subservient journalists (Bharat’s “coolie” press) and corrupt rulers are more concerned with the Partition of Palestine than with India’s own!

Palestinian refugees are always on their mind but not the Hindu refugees from South Kashmir while the Hindus and Buddhists who were wiped out in North Kashmir are on nobody’s mind! These are the signs of a pseudo-secular limbless “banana republic” heading towards its doom.
Maimuna Begum, a.k.a. “Indira Gandhi”, made sure that East Bengal retains her distinct and separate ISLAMIC identity even after its capture by our brave SECULAR soldiers! Her Secularism was only for the Hindus!

We could see her inner ISLAMIC motivation in 1972 - to liberate East Pakistan and then instantly raise her international status as a sovereign country through membership of UNO while at the same time, the “political WITCH” of Kal-Yug, the secret convert to Islam, tried to crush people’s freedom of expression (Emergency of 1965) and the army attack on the Sikhs’ holiest shrine, Golden Temple, in Amritsar! Her real intention was to demoralise and alienate the patriotic Sikhs. That intention was inherited by her “loafer” son Rajiv Khan, who did not lift a finger to stop the genocide of the Sikhs and then planned to give a “bloody nose” to the Tamils in Sri Lanka.
Defence vacuum makes the armed forces serve an anti national government, even a bunch of crooks and rogues, instead of the country or nation.

Indian armed forces have fought the Dynasty’s wars and battles right from Day 1 when they evacuated the whole of Western and Eastern India without any mandate from the nation. They simply packed up and VANISHED, vacating vast territories for the enemy.

The war over Kashmir was inconclusive that left North Kashmir with the enemy for ever and conceded separate Identity for the State vide Article 370 of Constitution! The war in 1972 was to create another ISLAMIC republic to the East to threaten India’s right flank instead of uniting East & West Bengal. It was also meant to act as the lethal (Kafir Killer) “MOHAMMEDAN barrier” between Hindu Bharat and Buddhist Myanmar. Nehru’s daughter Maimoona Begum put a “WOLF” in the Hindu-Buddhist family. (The “Wolf” that had already gorged on, and digested, one third of Akhand Bharat earlier!) The military expedition in Northern Sri Lanka was to wipe out the Tamils of Indian origin- yet another High Treason against the interests of Bharat.

Military operations in Sri Lanka were to kill the Tamils of INDIAN origin and Operation “Blue Star” against the Sikhs’ holiest shrine in Amritsar was an excuse to destroy and plunder the place of extreme religious sentiment, and thereby demoralise and alienate the Sikhs across the world. In each instance the top general could have refused to obey the illegal, immoral and unpatriotic orders given by the “HINDU BASHING” government at Centre that was subservient to the ruling & fooling Dynasty. Due to political VACUUM the Indians could not put the generals in the dock like the NAZI generals at Nuremberg in Germany.)

Unfortunately Partitioned India suffers from vacuum in all the above areas and spheres of life, e.g., governance, defence, economy, spirituality, morality and ideology.

One can easily guess what is in store for the PEOPLE of India in the future. Shamefully as a nation we have totally forgotten the Dead of 1947, the millions upon millions of Hindus (and Sikhs) in those five provinces who were sacrificed in order to recover a mutilated Bharat in the end.
How cowardly and rotten a nation that has not put up a single Memorial to its own dead! Which other country or nation behaves in such a despicable manner? Will it not be right to say that “India’s future is her shameful past”?

The past 1,000 years have been slavery and dehumanization under foreign, hostile and alien forces, invaders, emperors and dynastic dictators. By logic & common sense the future also ought to be the same unless by some Divine Will a mighty “Volcano of Hindu TSUNAMI” erupts and carries everything before it.

The yearly “tamaasha” of Republic Day Parade does not reflect the sentiments, feelings and emotions of PEOPLE & PATRIOTS who want to know, “WHERE IS THE CONSTITUTION OF AKHAND BHARAT?”


PS: “Can anyone describe, in three sentences, the reason for the Hindu collapse in Hindusthan?” Yes, here they are:
The Hindus choose their enemies to rule over them.
The Hindus followed a self-confessed coward, MK Gandhi, to “lead” them to Akhand Bharat. (He led them straight to Partition”!)
The Hindus adore & trust the foreigner (No questions asked!), putting them above the native!