Date: 27/01/2014


Although the Republic Day parade in New Delhi (January 26, 2014) was very impressive India lacks pre-requisites of a country that can defend herself. She has yet to recover North Kashmir and reclaim the FIVE provinces surrendered on one day in 1947 without ANY reason if the enemy had to stay back!

(Of course the Top Secret reasons were: to reduce the size of Bharat decisively, and to see millions of Hindus massacred, or displaced!)

Not doing so shows up her inherent WEAKNESS despite the clever cover up by calling it "Independence"! The majority community (Hindus collectively) who have real stake in territory, show up their "strength" in AYODHYA where the ruins of an important historic Temple are crying for attention.

In the case of Bharat involved in war with China, there are four active elements: TERRITORY, MILITARY, CIVIL, and the MUSLIMS, that invite urgent attention.

Bigger the land mass, better the “defence in depth”. The best example is Russia. Had she been the size of France or Belgium she would have capitulated before Napoleon and Hitler in two days. This rule is not valid if a vast country, known as sub continent, has weak, dishonest, treacherous and corrupt criminals & thugs as rulers with multi-religious, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic population in centrifugal spin at odds with one another and the tendency to break away, as in India.

While the Indian military is professional and fighting fit, the population is in the same mode of divisions, feuds, subservience and ignorance as a hundred years ago. Since Partition in 1947 the country has only been looted, plundered, neglected and pushed towards anarchy. The main guiding policy, besides “Hindu bashing”, has been “Divide & Rule”. Trillions of dollars that had to be used for basic facilitates and welfare of people, lie in secret foreign accounts in banks abroad.

A nation that cannot provide clean water, basic sanitation, good health care, and good roads, rail and sea communications plus traffic discipline, is UNFIT for a modern war. Yesterday the guest of honour was the PM of Japan that will not go well with China that will move closer to Pakistan!

Since 1947 the "Hindu bashing" secular Indian "MULE", ridden by Italy, Islam & One Dynasty, has deliberately ignored the rich Buddhist countries (natural cultural allies) to the East, and destroyed the Hindu North (Kashmir and Nepal), while going out of her way to embrace Italy and every Arab land on earth, including Palestine.

Another vital factor is the IDEOLOGICAL COHESION of the rulers. It is impossible to spot a Hindu among the TOP in Hindusthan. Sense of identity and pride has been the special target of our foreign masters and so is the attachment to land. The speed at which the Hindu nation surrendered five provinces under the leadership of JL Nehru on one day beats world record.

Any Islamic Republic and every (Christian) country in Europe and America has ONE identity that ensures unity and collective response to any major threat from within and without. India has a hundred! Bharat defies Napoleon's maxim, "Moral is to Material as Three is to One!"

Congress and Dynasty showed their "PATRIOTISM" in 1947 when they simply surrendered vast territories along with the betrayed Hindus trapped therein, to be massacred, raped and EXPELLED! That was our rulers' commitment to TERRITORY and PEOPLE, especially HINDUS. If things are different now, we cannot see how this miracle has happened!

MILITARY: In 1962 the Government of NEHRU had NO heart in the Jawans (soldiers) who lost many limbs due to frost bite and many lives due to INFERIOR weaponry.

The Defence Ministers of Hindusthan, too, with their eyes on commissions from defence deals, have no clue to military tactics and the strategy of war. In Kargil our Jawans were ordered to do FRONTOL attacks in the face of enemy machine guns UP THE HILL. It was to ensure their slaughter. The Defence Minister of the time, and the one in 1962, too, were not tried for incompetence and fired after the debacle and national humiliation.

Bharat's strategic orientation is also false. The administration is "INFESTED" with Muslims DESPITE PARTITON. Naturally these people (enemies of Hindusthan, wearing secular caps!) see Pakistan as a friend but Buddhist China and Hindu Nepal as FOE.

Those who watched the Supreme Commander of India deliver his REPUBLIC DAY address on national television were shocked to see the bust of MK Gandhi, the "Apostle of Appeasement, Non violence and Surrender" behind him!

Mohanchand Karamchand Gandhi's message to the soldiers of Bharat today would have been the same: "Drop your guns, you FOOLS, chant "Ahimsa Parmo Dharma", and go home!" At least the PRESIDENT OF INDIA ought to have known that MK Gandhi became the shield for the present day dishonest and corrupt "GANDHIS" to fool the nation and loot and plunder.

The major change that is foreseen after Narendra Modi wins the next elections will, hopefully, reverse the scenario. But if “Sonia, Rahul and Antony” TRIO is back in power, we will see the repeat of 1947 if the Muslims draw their daggers, and the repeat of 1962 if the Chinese decide to move in!

January 26, 2014.