Date: 28/01/2014



India, long known as one of the safest nation in the world, is witnessing increasing crime and violence. The Criminal Victimization Survey and Crime Statistics reports indicate alarming increase of violent crimes in India. Media reports show increase in several crime categories including rape, robbery, aggravated assault, larceny, household burglary, auto theft, homicide, kidnapping and contract murder. The press reports also reflect that crime in India, especially politically motivated murder, violent crime and terrorist bombing has increased rapidly. The more surprising findings are that the estimated rate of contract killing, drug trafficking, bombing, kidnapping, and attack against women have increased over the past few years. The bad news is that the total crime against women and children in India, is much higher than the crimes reported to police. In addition, loan sharks, money launderers, illegal drug traffickers, flesh traders and explosive marketers have a field day in India under the political patronage of the ruling parties. Drunken and often violent hooliganism is now a standard feature of nights in most towns. There is a standard black market in India for illegal drugs, illicit liquor, explosives and counterfeit money. Criminal gangs and loan sharks prowl the streets and they settle disputes with violence, kidnapping and murder. INDIA,, one of the most beautiful place in the world, is steadily becoming an increasingly lawless society.

CRIME In Delhi

Analysts say that the emergence of global financial and trading systems, and the dismantling of restrictions on the free flow of liquid assets within the World, has fundamentally changed the context in which criminal organizations launder money into Delhi. Organized criminal gangs supported by Pakistan ISI, and Middle East based smugglers; money launderers and Jihadis have increased their wealth and power in India under the political patronage of the ruling anti-Natioanl Congress party,Muslim League and Christian Congress. The criminal gangs have extended their activity into money laundering, prostitution, flesh trade, smuggling, counterfeiting, murder for hire, Jihadi terrorism, kidnapping, and coercive religious conversion.

Murdering and beheading several innocent Hindus in West Bengal, Assam, Missoram, and Delhi by Jihadi terrorists, Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators, daylight rape and murder of a Hindu woman in West Bengal, killing of a Hindu schoolteacher in front of the students in Calcutta,, are some of the grisliest recent incidents. Under the present pro-Islamist government in New Delhi and west Bengal, the list of bombing, killing and terrorist incidents have increased and the Jihadis have extended their criminal activities. Whereas initially, they focused on the northern districts of India,their deadly operations are now spread over many other places in India. There is a substantial black market in India, for illegal drugs, illicit liquor and counterfeit money and explosives.


This increased criminal activity in India is based on a continuing symbiotic relationship between criminal gangs, government agencies and corrupt politicians. Their ability to bribe and corrupt political leaders, law enforcement agencies and media persons is enormous. Crime syndicates operating in India, have established safe heavens in Dubai and Karachi where the government is hostile to Indian democratic tradition.

There are also reports that unscrupulous lawyers, accountants, bankers, income tax and customs officials collude with criminals. The police, the judiciary and other law enforcement agencies are inactive or unable to prevent crime and violence due to convenience or lack of courage on the part of the government. Corruption in India has involved the highest political levels including cabinet ministers, legislative members, executives and police.

With the weak economics, high unemployment, meager resources, and inadequate law enforcement in India provides easy targets for international criminal gangs. Public servants find it difficult to resist payoffs or ferret out corruption. If land mafia, drug traffickers, loan sharks and money launderers canít get their way through bribe, they resort to violence including bombing, kidnapping, murder and intimidation.

This unholy hold of the criminal gangs on the daily operations of the government has distorted the power structure of India..

Forestland grabs by organized Christians is blamed for the deforestation of thousands of hectares of forestland in Kerala, the pollution of waterways, the killing of wildlife, and the disappearance of several rare bird species. While coconut and paddy farmers struggle to eke out a living, the rubber plantation owners (mostly Christians) have accrued tremendous economic power and have built huge business empires by encroaching forest lands, buying resort centers, and buying higher educational institutions and newspapers. The illegal encroachment of forestland and urban centers by Christians has a profound effect on the cost of land and the level of agricultural production and is contributing to the India's poverty level. Christian Bishops have become biggest landowners in India.. They own Indiaís best urban land, rubber estates, money lending agencies, shopping centers, hospitals, and most of the colleges and schools. These institutions are not for promoting positive values, but investment opportunities for the church. Private banking institutions, construction contractors, and moneylenders dominated by Christians, and plantation owners have increased their power and influence and spread the tentacles across the state at the expense of legitimate state power. The spheres of their organizations have grown in recent decades and have undue influence over judiciary, police and criminal justice administration. These church and Muslim dominated organizations supersede in power at the top political elites-that control the instruments of legislation, have considerable access to the mass media, and finance. They exist in the caucuses of state legislative assembly, where they are the most important single influence on members of legislative assemblyís voting behavior. With their economic power, they violate democratic, legal and ethical process with success and control the elected and appointed political authorities in large measures.


The causation of alarming crime rates in India has not received extensive diagnosis. The connection between causes and prevention however has been weak at best, and often non-existent. The causes or at least the risk factors correlated with serious crime are basic and interrelated, while the crime prevention programs are superficial, and piecemeal. A central issue on the disconnection between causes and cures is the political interference and appeasement policies of the government. The present government dominated by Muslim League and Christian Congress lacks the willingness to carryout operations to decapitate crime syndicates for political, religious reasons.

All of the present governmentís hesitation, procrastination, delay, denial, and unwillingness to deal with these crime and violence is simply a decision to remain stuck in the rut, right where they are.


In India, the pseudo secularists, Islamists and communist intellectuals and their fellow travelers who are fundamentally alienated from Hindu values are attempting to rearrange ethical, spiritual values and supplant it with imported, divisive, dysfunctional thoughts. They practice the deceptive art of denial, hypocrisy, double standard and rationalization. They endorse the dysfunctional, pathological and hostile practices of exclusive, organized religions. Their ability to hold INDIANS in helpless ignorance and their unrestrained propagation of dogmatic, hostile, exclusive beliefs now emerges as indiaís dangerous pathogens threatening the social fabric of India. The alienated, anti-national, pseudo secularists and hired media persons carry and propagate large amounts of delusion and fundamentally wrong cultural pathogen in support of and expansion of crime, violence, jihadi terrorism, and social conflict.


Experts on criminology believe that criminality is a function of individual socialization, how individuals have been influenced by their experience or relationships with peer groups, religious leaders and other agents of socialization. A person becomes a criminal when there are political and social conditions favorable to violation of law. People are also indoctrinated into deviant behavior by differential association with deviant peers. As such, criminals in India learn how to reap rewards and avoid punishment. There are social and political reinforcements that provide a support system for criminals. In India, there is no certainty of apprehension, detection, and conviction of criminals. The government frequently withdraws criminal cases filed against terrorists, murderers, and money launderers under threats from Jihadi groups.


One of the most important determinants of crime is a strong relation between crime rates and cultural breakdown of a society. Other risk factors include community composition, social structure, op positional culture, social disorder and the marginalization of India's traditions. Criminals have long been identified as coming from neighborhoods that do not participate in mainstream cultural life. Given the apparent rejection of cultural life of the majority, Christians and Muslims develop oppositional cultural identities that oppose the protective factors and social bonds that keep the country together.

The political and economic and educational policies and decisions of the present government in India trigger psychological instability and uncertainty. All of this, including the breakdown of traditional values, imported, western, Christian, materialistic, fast paced life style is also a major factor behind the rising crime rate and social breakdown affecting the safety, security, prosperity, and family life of India.

The Crime, violence, deviance and the destruction of cultural institutions in India are also a product of society, which promotes hatred between believers and non-believers and continuous class war. Communists, Christians and Muslims in India are organized based on different values and norms with specific rituals, and customs and beliefs. They do not have a high degree of bonding, commitment or tolerance to fundamental values of the Hindus. With muscle power, money, political clout and international support, Christians and Muslims are successful in marginalizing Hindu way of life. Such attack on Hindu tradition is intended to implement a totalitarian, dogmatic and exclusive belief system. The apostles of these cultural pathogens encourage criminogenic needs and risks and criminal thinking.


It is important to understand that these crime increases donít happen all of a sudden. . The cultural decay, social disorganization, religious conversion, growth of op positional culture we see around us is not haphazard. It was caused. Unless we understand this, we wonít be able to prevent crime or reach out into society with effectiveness. Our starting point is the breaking of the existing cognitive symmetry that there is no issue, no problem, and nothing works. For long, Hindus have been trapped in irrational tolerance, denial, apathy and indifference or at least, hypnotized by the pseudo secular paradigm resulting in moral paralysis and inaction. We can see things more clearly if we desire, and seeing we can act. To see and act with purpose, Hindus must unite and break the cognitive symmetry. For cognitive symmetry-breaks to occur, Hindus must organize and see things in its proper context and analyze the hidden agenda of criminal organizations. An organized Hindu society can stop the destructive aspects of the current criminal systems headed by hostile gangs. The majority Hindus has an inescapable duty to unite and set up a system of order to prevent criminal thinking, Jihadi terrorism, Coercive religious conversion and violence and make India a crime free nation.

Arnold Toynbee said in 1952, ....... "In fifty years the world would be under the the hegemony of western nations but in the twenty first century, as spirituality captures the place of materialism ant technology, that India will conquer the conquerors." For centuries, Hindus have have pursued the concept of freedom (moksha) and Shanti to the point of social regression and tolerance of criminals, corrupt politicians, Jihadi terrorists, and the conversion gang who do not believe in Moksha.

MODI, the next Prime Minister of India and his BJP team will force the criminals into Freedom. MODI the next Prime Minister of India knows that "shanti" (peace) harmony and pluralism and coexistence are the only choice for mankind for a crime free, happy life on this plant.But peace, justice, crime free life is not possible unless we elect Modi as the Prime Minsiter of India. MODI is the only man with a vision and Mission.