Date: 29/01/2014


Aggression is the new address of Loksatta and PFL

Yes, we all wanted a better Bharat and we found Loksatta as a great platform to achieve this. If you have followed recent activities of Loksatta/ JP they are moving forward aggressively, making bold proposals on critical state issues like Telangana and statements like “Loksatta will contest in all 294, without any alliance and form Govt”. We are re-branding ourselves, right from logo.

But where is this aggression coming from? Do we sound impossible?

Yes, impossible Only till, highly passionate volunteers like you, who are backbone of Loksatta take charge and say ‘Enough is Enough’. It might be as simple as spreading word on social media. But start now.

No special expertise is required. Pick anything which suits you, from below.Feel free to reply to us for more inputs.

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https://www.facebook.com/JPLOKSATTA; Twitter - @JP_LOKSATTA; Official LSP Youtube channel
Share your knowledge in IT, Finance, Media, Memberships etc to organize us better.
Here is a list of our vibrant PFL teams which you can join.
Give Time. Join us for Phone Campaign or work with local leaders of your own constituency directly.
Honest Politics need Honest money - https://win.loksatta.org/. Encourage everyone in your circle to donate. Amount doesn’t matter participation does.
Loksatta (LSP YouTube Channel) and People For Loksatta -PFL (videos) started questioning. To counter the forces dividing our people continuously on region, caste, religion etc, we need every single person of us to deliver.


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