Date: 31/01/2014

True nature of Gandhi who was responsible for genocide of Hindus and partition of India

January 30, 2014
Paush Amawasya, Kaliyug Varsha 5115

1. Gandhi is known as ‘Rashtrapita (father of the nation)’; but as per article 395 of Indian Constitution, nothing is written about declaring any person as ‘Rashtrapita’.

2. Gandhi had called ‘Muslim League’ as a great organization when it was instrumental in partition of this country.

Jinnah and Gandhi

3. Gandhi praised Jinnah as ‘Kayad-e-Azam’ when he had brought about most cruel, worth abandoning and dreadful genocide (of only Hindus); so also had planned to drive away human beings (having pure mind, behavior and culture i.e. Hindus from their own birth-place) and also praised murderer Surhavardi as ‘shahid (martyr)’.

4. Gandhi called murderer Abdul Rashid as ‘bhai’ although he had killed a great patriot and revolutionary viz. Swami Shraddhanand; besides his referring to killers in Mopla massacre as ‘devout’.

5. Gandhi, who praised Muslims as devout, patriots and ‘shahid’, had always insulted martyr Bhagat Singh and all other Hindu revolutionaries.

6. In 1925, Gandhi had founded ‘Jamia Milia Islamia’, an organisation in Delhi that supported Bharat – Pakistan partition.

7. Gandhi first sought votes against partition of the country. Innocent Hindus kept blind faith in him and supported Congress; but later, he changed his opinion in favour of partition. (It was a grave deceit of Hindus by Gandhi. Many Hindus were, therefore, ignorant and fell prey to genocide ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

8. Maharaj Hari Singh of Jammu – Kashmir Sansthan had constitutional right to merge his ‘sansthan’; but Gandhi paid no attention to him. (Owing to such policies of Gandhi, the problem of Kashmir is growing like a bleeding wound ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

9. Gandhi observed hunger strike for pressurizing the then Indian Government for giving Rs. 55 crores (present value – MOre than Rs. 4000 crores) to Pakistan immediately. At the same time, cold-blooded genocide of Hindus was going on in Pakistan.
(Gandhi, honored with the title of ‘Rashtrapita’, has caused immeasurable loss to Hindus and consequently to this country which is irreparable. Congressmen, descendants of Gandhi known for handing over Hindus to Muslim butchers, are following the footsteps of Gandhi. Even today, Congressmen feel contented with trampling sentiments of their own people and being slaves to outsiders so also to appease Muslims at the cost of sacrificing Hindus. It is now time to show Congress, which is keen to eliminate Hindus, its proper place. O Hindus ! Learn from history and take immediate steps to destroy Congress which is busy in kowtowing to Muslims ! Remember that the country will be secure only when Hindus are protected ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)