Date: 03/02/2014


Dr. Babu Suseelan

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Ms. Jayalalitha has announced that her AIDMK party has made alliance with the anti-Indian Communist Party for this 20014 election. Ms. Jayalalitha like Sonia Maino is an uneducated mafia person known to amass so much of wealth through corruption and looting. Ms. Jayalalitha may plan an alliance with the Marxist Party hoping to become the Prime Minister of India.

Tamil Nadu was once the cultural center of south India. Tamil Nadu had produced some of the greatest philosophers, artists, literary giants, businessmen, administrators, musicians, and Political leaders (Rajagoplachari, Dr. Radhakrishnan, C.P. Rama Swami Ayer, Sreenivasa Sastry, Kamaraj etc.). Tamil Nadu has the most beautiful and tallest Hindu Temples in the world. Mention may be made to Madurai Menakshi Temple, Chidambaram Temple, and palani Temple etc.

During the MAHRARAJA of Cholas, Pandya, Chera (Kingdom) Tamil Nadu became the cultural, political, business center of the world. People were living in prosperity and happiness.

Then came, the Christian evangelists and Islamic invaders in India. They have adulterated our culture, forcefully and deceptively converted Hindus. The colonialists have studied Tamil culture, changed the names of cities, and involved in politics. Our enemies have intimidated Tamilians and used their arms and guns to rule Tamil Nadu and began their conversion activities. Evangelists hoe to spread their conversion strategies to extent to all parts of India.

They are still influencing our politics, migration patterns, social-political-economic- decision making, interfere in our administration policies. Our enemy goals is to destroy our culture, civilization, country and life style. The people knew who financed the Dravidian Movement, DMK party, AIDMK.and the Tamil Christian Tigers. Instead of allowing cultural, peace loving, freedom craving,TAMIL democratic familiars were taught hatred, their traditional religions and destroy the culture and the country. On a recent visit to SRI- Lanka, and Tamil NADU, Ithe Tamil Christians can go in destroying Hindu temples and Buddhist Pagodas, They have- only one goal. To spread their brand of militant evangelical christianity . They want to destroy Indian culture and create on a Tamil Christian empire stretching from the lands end of India (Kanyakumari). In kanyakumari, christians have destroyed our traditional Hindu culture and the majority Christians spreading armed rebellion throughout Asia

So we have to see and that the present predicament of Tasmanians face around the world is the creation of evangelists and our enemies. Too often we misunderstand and confuse our own with our own foolish deception. Our enemies can continue their colonial plan and their cunning deceptive plans to make another Philippine.

We can see the underlying political pattern in Jayalalitha’s decision to make an alliance with the Marxist criminals, and the Communist Party of India. Its members have no cultural interests or integrity.

The underlying pattern of such alliance is to destroy our country and loot our wealth, misdirect our people and continue corrpton.

In this context, let me ask few questions to Tamil cultural custodians:

#. Are they mentally biased? They are to provide us a detailed perception of the outside world.Are they burying their heads like an OSTRICH.

#ARethey misplacing the truth due to cognitive disorder?

# Why Intellectuals in Tamil Nadu refuses to debate coercive and deceptive religious conversion and Tamil TIGER terrorism and Jihadi Terrorism

Have they completely forgot their vedic Dharma?

# Is it an abnormal escapism or tolerance of external interference of evangelists? Tolerance of intolerant ideology and intolerant hatred is not a positive virtue.

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Ms. Jaya Lalitha without any conscious effort decided to align with the anti-national Marxist criminals and the Communist party may fool fool her supporters for few months. How she could progress with self-deception. The folly of fools and self-deception cannot succeed..