Date: 05/02/2014

COMMENT on your esteemed view.

In theory ALL Muslims should have enjoyed the freedom from the British together with the rest of us.

In reality what happened then needs to open our eyes today, that is,
Using ISLAM as the covenient tool to kill Akhand Bharat, they declared themselves MORE ALIENS than even the British, and became "SECOND NATION" that had more in common with Iran and Arabia than with Hindusthan and Nepal.

Again in theory NEHRU and GANDHI were to defend every inch of our sacred Motherland. But in reality our top leaders BUCKLED, COLLAPSED & morally died before the aggression and surrendered all those vast territories whereever the "devil" had a majority.
Nehru's role was especially cunning and treacherous: Having silently surrenderd FIVE provinces to the enemy he shouted at the top of his voice: "SAVE KASHMIR!"

In theory we were all the SAME RACE, language, food & dress and customs but in REALITY they became so separate and hostile that they picked up knives, sticks, pistols, guns and anything else that could KILL, and completely wiped out the NATIVE Hindu civilisation as well as the Hindus wherever they could.

The question for the surviving Hinds in what is left of our Akhand Bharat, is, DO WE WISH TO LIVE IN THEORY OR REALITY?

The question is, "When will we recover what the bandits carried off?"

We stay firm with our assessment with regard to the 'HINDUS IN PERIL' till a great leader declares "Partition is null & void! We will re-negotiate Partition or servie notice QUIT INDIA on the Second Nation in Bharat!" It is vital to do so, and will be logical, legal and moral for the SURVIVAL of the Hindus in Partitioned India.

LOGIC: Anything acquired by bullying, threat or violence is not the legal property of the robber. Pakistan was not accepted by negotiation or discussion but by the utmost crude and revoltingly medieval yardshick, "Move! Hindu here, Muslim there!"

Any abducted girl does not belong to the rascal and, therefore, all efforts will be made by parents, community and the police to recover her and RETURN to her parents and the abductor sent to jail for 10 to 15 years, even whole life.

This is the Theory, Law and Practise in the whole world unless we make an exception with the Hindus who will not wish to "teach a lesson to the so-called "indigenous" Muslims whose ancestors were all Hindus!

The only reason that a MINORITY can overwhelm a MAJORITY is psychological. The peace loving noble and civilised party that does not confront an armed gangster is defeated. The party that regards themselves in power ratio 1,000 to 1 will only take to their heels in battle while the party that is so over confident as to regard ONE of them mightier than 100,000 of the opponents, will win.

This happened at the battle of Kurukshetra when Sri Krishna, seeing five Pandavas facing hundreds of Kauravas, said, "Disregard their superiorityi in numbers and ATTACK. You are in the Right!"

In 1699 Guru Gobind Singhji looked at the defeated nation and told his followers, "Each one of YOU can confront 125,000 of the Turks and WIN!"
As a result his followers not only created a powerful Sikh Kingdom in the teeth of severe persecution but also took the frontier back to KHYBER Pass.

Then why did that frontier fall?
A secret agent of Islam, Jawaharlal Nehru did not seriously and sincerely wish to DEFEND that frontier. So in an instant it came down to Wagah in the middle of Punjab!

Since Mutilation of Bharat in broad daylight in 1947 we have not heard a single Hindu leader say, "Follow that advice and first of all GO AND BUILD THAT TEMPLE IN AYODHYA! The rest will follow."

Next elections are our best (perhaps last) chance to right the historic WRONG.

5 Feb 14.

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The feeling about 'being lord of India in past' is not correct for Bjaarateey Muslims. They, means their ancestors, were (in fact) enremies and 'Kafar' for the Ruler Mughals and were tortured equally with other Bhharateey then. They were foreigners and not Bhaarateey (Muslims) to feel proud about that fact. Their ancestors did get converted and then became Muslims giving current generation the title 'Muslims'. These (our Bhaarateey brother) Muslims have no reason to feel about that Mughal Period, don't you agree Sir?
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Below we give our own assessment of Hindus' collapse in India and how to avert the next disaster:

Muslims will HATE (& BLEED) the HINDUS for ever due to two reasons:

Firstly, the Hindus in their eyes are Kafirs, or Infidels, as pronounced by ALLAH. And the KORAN has explicitly given instructions and directions on what to do with them.

Secondly, the Muslims in India, however illiterate, dimwit or “JAAHIL” ("DUMMKOPF"), clearly recall the past when they ruled India as absolute masters and drove the natives (Hindus) as their slaves for many centuries before the arrival of the Europeans.

Still imagining themselves overlords, wearing the boots of the masters, they wish to OVERWHELM the natives again in order to come on top.

In trying, struggling and fighting to do so, they are fully prepared for the bloodshed that they must spill along the way.

Since the Hindus, in the apologetic, conceding & defensive mode of “All mankind is one family", still regard the Muslims their "brothers", they will go on falling like the dominoes till the whole of India politically resembles the country as she was in 1708 AD during the Mogul rule.

Do we see the Hindu nation preparing to throw them all out, lock, stock and Koran, to Pakistan and Bangladesh in order to avert such a future?