Date: 06/02/2014


"IN THE FOURTH WAR WITH INDIA, PAKISTAN WILL BE COMPLETELY WIPED OUT", says Mr. Vijay Shertuke, author of the spy thriller “BLUR”. In this novel, he succinctly analyzes the issues with which India and Hindus are confronted, viz. “The forcible and deceptive conversion of Hindus; Wiping out of Hindu spirit under the false masquerade of secularity; Unrestrained infiltration from Bangladesh; Control of Indian government by Christians and Muslims, and the concept of Hindu Rashtra.”


Mr. Vijay Shertukde has a written a Techno-thriller BLUR. Under the masquerade of techno-thriller, he exposes the secularity and false promises under disguise by our corrupt politicians.

The book is available on Amazon in e-book format for an introductory price of $2.99. (Rs. 187). Since it is a new book, use author's name Vijay Shertukde to search for the novel under for book search


This exact scenario is described in spy fiction BLUR. The spy fiction, raises and analyses various issues like:

· The forcible and deceptive conversion of Hindus,

· Wiping of Hindu spirit under the false masquerade of secularity,

· Unrestrained infiltration from Bangladesh,

· Control of Indian government by Christians and Muslims,

· Treachery of corrupt politicians,

· Incidences of gang rape,

· Flesh trade,

· Incidences of terrorist attack,

· Vote bank fraud,

· Billions and billions of dollars stashed in Swiss Banks or island banks,

· Disunity among Hindus and

· The rise in Muslim population demographically scattered all over India and especially in the North East Region.

The threat comes from various sources. The novel offers reality of political situation in India along with the cultural twist about Hinduism. It is a high time that we should recognize the gravity of danger posed to our culture, civilization, and Dharma. Anti-Hindu forces are determined to wipe out our culture. The secularist government is determined to destroy the soul of Hinduism.

The novel emphasizes Hindu Rashtra concept. We are Hindus; this is our nation. This is a democratic Hindu Rashtra. We all belong here. Others can stay happily in Hindu Rashtra, the Bharat Desh. In the upcoming election, we must recognize this treachery. Now is the time to unite and vote for Narendra Modi and elude the fall in the void.

The fiction provides the platform for the concept of united Hindu Rashtra of Hindus to restrain this downward drift and uncover the myth of fanaticism under the masquerade of Techno-thriller. This spy novel may help to understand the concepts and to change the future of India to an Independent democratic Hindu Rashtra - Bharat Desh. It is all in the Novel.

The unique thing about the novel is that the concept of Hindu Rashtra is interwoven within the plot. The corruption, the atrocities done under the shield of secularity, the ingrained concept of slavery - the gift of imperialism by Lord Macaulay are all within the plot. The cultural dose, the criticism of political hegemony, the treachery, black money Swiss accounts, corruption, and misuse of power with twisters will spin readers mind in the realm of novel and keep them motivated. It will boggle reader’s mind and keep them guessing till the end that culminates into a shockwave. The novel is an experience, a mystery, a criticism, and a brain twister about clash of neo-colonialism and terrorism on the backdrop of secularity and non-tolerance that contradicts with Gandhian philosophy.

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