Date: 07/02/2014


Dr. Babu Suseelan

The lively interest shown on Indian Election in May 2014 by western counties and Islamic countries has led to a great many and often conflicting points of view on India. Professionals and laymen in India and abroad, also political parties have shown heightened attention on the election.

The fascination for India by Middle Eastern Muslims and European christens is unending. They have invaded India, forcefully converted Hindus, ruled and oppressed Indians, looted India’s wealth and subjugated Indians until 1947. India became democratic, but unfortunately Hindus kept away from political participation.

European Christian colonialists completely overhauled Indian education and made Indians brainless collies. The British Christian Colonialists used brutal methods to have greater control over what is happening among Hindus, their culture and the society. British Christians coerced Hindus to change their attitude, food habits, life style, and culture and religion. Frequently the British Christians presented solutions were proposed solutions social problems created by European Christians, difficulties emerged.

Indian citizens were brutally oppressed and their education was tinkered and the majority Hindus was denied opportunity to develop chances to increase in professional knowledge. This diabolically cunning strategy has enabled the British Christian Colonialists to have greater control over Hindus.

Burdened by Colonialism and the Second Christian war, Briton left India in 1947 dividing India between India and Pakistan. The majority Hindus elected Nehru, an atheist and pro-Islamist, British educated sale womanizer as the Prime Minister of India. The Congress party Created by anAnglo-Saxon–Christian became corrupt and established a dynasty rule, and weekend democracy, and increased complexity of Indian society and problems HINDUS FACE.

Duck Dynasty headed by an uneducated catholic Vatican agent, a Mafia lady and her Catholic son Raul and anarchist Kejariwal and sri Narenda MODI of BJP are contesting the general election scheduled for May 2014.

One may wonder why the west is spending too many resources to pop up the image of anarchist kejariwal. The majority of the people of India want to elect MODI as the next PRME MINISTER of INIDIA. CCN UPI< NDP, and all the newspapers in India predicted MODI will have a thumbing majority.

The Christian West and the Islamic countries want to pop up the anarchist Kejariwal, to continue Indian poverty corruption, ineptitude, disorganization, social crisis and border dispute. Western Ambassadors, Psychological warfare experts, journalists, anti-Indian professors, christen evangelists are congregating in Delhi to use their knowledge, skill and extensive experience to wipe out our sacred Vedic culture and spiritual traditions.

Kejariwal, the anarchist, and his FROG party (AAP) I who profess to be developing new theories for ruling India. They are presenting thinly presented anarchist ideologies as political theory. Many regional criminal and corrupt politicians (Jayalaltha, AIDMK. TAMIL NADU, Prakash karat of the Marxist Party, Corrupt Shard pawar of NCP, Ninths Kumar of BIHAR, Maya Vathy of UP, and Deva Godwa of Karnataka) formed an alliance to appeal to special voting blocs to in an effort to get or retain public office to continue looting public wealth.

MODI is the only person in India to lead India to its past glory and Hindus can elect him and walk with him in self-worth, proud and self-esteem. MODI has extensive experience and has a passion for our spiritual culture. MODI has been a tea seller, and has worked in variety of settings; He has demonstrated a special commitment to poor people and diverse population such as Converted Muslims and Christians. In short, MODI has seen it all. Coupling that experience, with an enthusiasm for Hinduism, drawing on a variety of resources. MODI as the Chief Minister of Gujarat made significant contributions to an understanding of India……where it is and where it might go.

MODI is an excellent public speaker who has an opening, the body of the speech, and a conclusion to stimulate our thinking.