Speech of Narendra Modi

Date: 07/02/2014


Bharat Mata ki Jai! Bharat Mata Ki jai!
Respected Advaniji, Bharatiya Janata Party's National President respected Rajnath Singhji, Leader of the opposition in the Lok Sabha Smt. Sushma Swarajji, Arun Jaitleyji, Venkaiahji, the Chief Ministers who have made the party proud -Shivraj Singhji, Raman Singhji and sister Vasundharaji ,the leaders who are on the dais and the dedicated office bearers of the party who have come from all the corners of the country;

For the last two days we have been discussing in detail the issues of the country, the party and the nitty gritty of alliances. After independence many elections have come. From the days of Jansangh we have had the opportunity to work in the electoral field. But 2014 election is different from all the previous ones. The backdrop is the situation of unprecedented hardship faced by such a great country -the leader is weak, government is weak ethics weak, intentions not honorable. The country never faced such misfortune.

Farmers committing suicide, youth without employment, Mothers and Sisters fighting for their honor, children going hungry because families do not know how to escape from the vicious rise in prices- The country has never seen such misfortune. So 2014 election is not about mere change of government but one that will fulfill the hopes and aspirations of the crores and crores of the people of India. It is an election to realise the dream of the people of the country of taking the country to newer and greater heights from where Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Lal Krishna Advani had taken it at the beginning of the 21st century.

We saw the deliberations of the two main parties here in Delhi . The congress deliberated on how to save the party and we in the BJP are deliberating on how to save the country.The office- bearers of the congress were told beforehand that the party will announce the PM candidate . They had come with a lot of hope to Delhi. As Arun Jaitley said they came to Delhi hoping to take back the name of the PM candidate but took back 3 gas cylinders! ( announcement that the quota of subsidised gas cylinders per year increased ).

In the congress meet some observations were made .It is my duty to lay bare the truth or otherwise of what was said .The congress leaders claimed that behind the decision to desist from naming the PM candidate was the concept of democratic traditions .Is there any truth in it? I hoped that those who debate such matters day and night will debate on this issue also. But four days have gone and yet there is no debate . But what is the truth? The nation wants to know. After independence the first sacrifice in the democratic traditions took place. Entire congress party wanted Sardar Patel to be the PM. In spite of that Patel was not made PM. Where was the tradition ,I want to know?

On 31st October ,1984 Indira Gandhi was murdered. Rajiv was in Kolkatta. He rushed to Delhi. Within hours Rajiv was sworn in PM. I want to ask the congress which talks about traditions whether in 1984 the meeting of the congress parliamentary party was held? Did the parliamentary party meet select Rajiv as the PM? Are there any minutes,notes or proceedings? nothing .Two or four people met and decided it in a hurry.

In 2004 UPA formed the government . The parliamentary party of the congress never selected Manmohan singh as PM. lt only selected Sonia Gandhi as PM . Later Sonia nominated Manmohan .Talk of traditions! One cant escape from truth by talking like this. Sushmaji and Jaitleyji spoke on the reasons for congress to run away from the elections. But I see it differently. There is a natural human tendency behind this- These people find it difficult to compromise their prestige and come down from the position a superior breed that they have projected themselves. It is a question of prestige for them to be defeated at the hands of an ordinary tea seller. Will any mother be willing to sacrifice her child when defeat is certain? So a mother's heart has decided at last. No, my not my son! No Mother will be willing to subject her child to such an ordeal! They, who are born in such aristocratic families! and see who is in front of them- a man born in a backward section of society , a man whose mother was cleaning vessels in the houses of the rich and high class families , a man who was vending tea in railway carriages- with that fellow should I fight elections?.

In streets and villages the people talk about the innocent youth who on the 27th of October 2013 amidst the bomb blasts worshipped Bharatmata with their blood .That sight gave us the message of Bhagat singh, Rajguru and Chandra Shekar Azad who stood in the gallows during the freedom struggle. After so many years of independence 2014 election has thrown up an opportunity to rekindle that fire which was lit during the Independence movement .The same feeling now pervades in the peoples' fight for Suraj or Good governance. These youth have no connection with politics .Such people write to me in face book, twitter etc and ask me to allot some work to them. They think that they did not have the opportunity to die for independence. But now they see the chance to live for Good governance in 2014.

These youth had no connection with BJP. They were not workers of the BJP.

Now it is more than 60 years since Independence. Poor are suffering. Imagine the situation of the Motherland . Entire country is thirsting for development .I assure the people of country that if you give an opportunity to us to serve you we will give first priority to those parts of Bharat which have not taken part in the journey of development so far. The Eastern parts of the country will be brought on par with the western part. Can one shoulder of Bharatmata be weak and another strong? Whether it is Bihar or Bengal or Assam or Jharkhand, or the entire North- East or Odisha or even the eastern parts of UP, we will take the dream of development to reality and march towards progress.

If the country is to progress we have to consider regional aspirations not a stumbling block .Previous governments and leaders sitting in Delhi looked at regional aspirations as though they are a threat to their rule. We have to respect the aspirations of the people of various regions . Country cant be governed by mere administering. It has to go with the federal spirit . I have seen and experienced what it is to have a friendly government like that of Vajpayee and like the one at present in Delhi. I know the hardships of the states .Only because of that I can sympathise with the states and the Chief ministers .I can understand the hardships of the CMs of states. BJP government will strengthen the federal structure .Today the leaders in Delhi think ' oh ,we in Delhi give and the states take ' This is not good. We promise to change the situation . There is no small brother or big brother. All brothers should work shoulder to shoulder for the good of Bharatmata. Now it is made out that PM and his team take the country forward. But I think differently- if the PM and the CMs of the states team up and work then the country can progress still better. Union cabinet and state cabinets should work as a team and the central bureaucracy and state bureaucracies should team up. Then we can realise our dreams.

Good governance is necessary now. Now there is bad governance.We have to change the situation. Good governance is not needed for the rich. They can purchase the government . It is needed for the poor, needy, dalits, and the deprived .If there is good governance then the children from poor families can get better opportunities to education. We have to depend not on the speeches on tape recorder but track record . We dont need bills but political will and 'dil' ( heart) to do things. We have seen enough ACTS; what we now need is ACTION. Not doles for winning elections but development and delivery . In the last 10 years not a day passed when the PM did not form a committee- for every matter a committee!. We got bored with committees. We need commitment not committees.Such a big country as ours needs positive action. We can make our country shine like the Indra Dhanush. There are 'seven' colors in the Indra Dhanush. Our country is like the Indradhanush. If we give them more shine they will blaze forth with splendor.

First is the family system. For thousands of years we have made , protected and developed that system. Our thoughts and plans have to focus on how to take them forward.

Second is our farmers, cattle and villages . Gandhiji said the soul of India is in her villages. If we develop them the country can go forward.

Third ,our women and womanpower. The woman is the symbol of tyag or sacrifice. We have to respect them and empower them. Through education we have to make them strong.We have to give them power and protect them.

Fourth is - water, land , Forests and environment. If we want to keep Bharat in the race for development then we have to make use of these with modern technology.

Fifth, the youth power .We have the maximum number of youth in the world. 65 % of our people are less than 35 years .We have such great demographic dividend. What we cannot give to the world with such youth power? The world will face the problem of workforce in the future. We have to develop keeping this in mind.

In the name of modernity and due to the influence of western ways of life the youth are being ruined. We receive information that in some areas of the country drugs and narcotics are ruining the youth. We have to save the youth from the dangerous effects of narcotics. We should have zero tolerance towards this while making laws or stopping smuggling of narcotics etc. Only then we can make Bharat Vishwaguru.

Sixth is democracy. A country which has both demographic dividend and democratic dividend can develop greatly. We have to think of how to make the democracy more resurgent . We must take it from representative to a participative democracy . We are proud that we are a People's Republic ( gana Tantra) . We have to make it Guna Tantra( A virtuous republic)

Seventh is 'gyan' or knowledge. Bharat is known for knowledge. We are worshippers of knowledge. How do our Mothers bless their children? ' study well and progress ' they say! we have to take that spirit forward.

With these we have to go forward.

In the congress meet it was said that 'congress party is an ideal'.We agree. Without ideal a party cant take birth. But the country knows whether the ideal is good or not. Their idea is Bharat is a beehive . But we think Bharat is our Mother. Their idea is that poverty is a state of mind. But for us the poor are Daridranarayana. They say that ' if we dont talk about poverty we are not happy'. But we say 'we cant sleep until we remove poverty'. They say 'Money does not grow on trees' but we think 'it is grown in fields where the farmer sheds his sweat' . They divide and rule. We unite and empower. They are for Dynasty or Vamshvad . we are for Nationalism or Rashtravad. They are for Rajneeti or politics . we are for Rahstraneeti or Nationalism. Their government is for saving the party our ideal is saving the country. They said they will give tickets to those in whose hearts there was congress . We say we will give tickets to those in whose hearts there is Bharatmata!.

We tell the people of the country ' for the last 60 years you elected 'rulers'. Now you select sevaks' . Today from this sacred dais of the Bharatiya Janata Party I appeal to the people of the country to give an opportunity to the sevaks ( servants) of the country for 60 months and see. We need sevaks ( servants) not rulers.

In the future price rise is going to be a very important issue. Poor Mothers and children go to sleep feeding on their tears rather on food. We have to destroy poverty. We can do that only if we have realtime data on poverty. There is no real time data about poverty. We should have the data like who raises what crop, how many crops etc. We have to develop a mechanism with real time data about yield of food grains , number of crops etc to decide whether we should export or import food. When the country needs something they export that commodity .But then they import the same . No one knows whether there is something hunky dory.We have to create price stabilisation fund to save the food plates of the poor. National agriculture market has to be established. Special courts for trying black marketeers and punishing them have to be established. If we take this path then we are sure of stabilising the prices. If the Vajpayee and the Morarjee Governments saw stable prices why not our government in 2014?

BJP government will tackle unemployment problem. The youth are craving for employment. Centre for excellence and skill development will be established. A person working in Chemical or automobile factory has to be imparted skill development in that field. We dont plan for human development like ' How many science teachers or nurses will be needed in 2020? etc' If we plan for human power on these lines then our youth will get employment.

Advaniji carried on a yatra to focus on black money .We will complete that task. We have to create a task force and enact laws. All the files will be brought back and money stashed abroad will be used for the benefit of the poor.

Present times are the time of globalisation. We have to present ourselves as a good government before the world. We have to give importance to infrastructure. Whether it is roads or railways or interlinking of rivers or water grid etc. If we have gas grid then there is no need for cylinder . similarly with optical fiber grid for information highways. It is unfortunate that we have not given thought to development of our railways. Japan's image went up when they developed bullet trains . We have such a long network of railway tracks. Why not we establish universities for railways? We have to develop our railways on modern lines. We cant imagine how if we develop our railways on modern lines we can give a new thrust to development.

Vajpayee government developed the road sector with the Golden qudrilateral scheme. In another 8 or 9 years the diamond jubilee of our Independence will be celebrated. Will it not be in the fitness of things if at that time we operate bullet trains at least in the four corridors of the country? Will not the world look at us with respect?

We can think of different India. We are not talking of good or bad people but we dont like what is happening to our Mothers and and sisters. 'Dignity of woman'- this has to be made our ideal. Along with that we have to kindle the spirit with the motto ' Beti Bachao, Beti padav' ( save the girl children, educate the girl children) . There is no worse crime than killing girl children. we have to take the mission forward.

Our women have to be changed from mere home maker to nation builders .If we do that our image will change before the world .

It is our misfortune that urbanisation is seen as a problem but not an opportunity. We should not see it as a challenge but as an opportunity, It is wrong thinking. We must look at it as a need. Why not we create 100 new modern cities, smart cities? we can also create special cities.We can create twin cities like New York and New Jersey. We can also create satellite cities near big cities. Imagine how many jobs will be created, how many cement factories to provide for construction activities etc it will entail?

Even after so many years the poor do not have houses. Why no build crores of houses? The centre and the states can join together and build houses.

We should modernise agriculture which will increase productivity. 'Per drop more crop' should be our motto.we can adopt drip irrigation, sprinlklers etc. We have to do these things on mission mode. We have to link our rivers. We have to take these things forward. We have to create a fund for agriculture and animal husbandry and tree planting. With the help of satellite imagery we can map land use etc. We can plant timber on bunds . If we do that we can stop import of timber. I am sure we can achieve that.

20000 megawatt power stations are idle because of lack of coal .We should give 24 hours power to the people.

Education is important in the 21st century. We have to give a thrust to primary education. We have to establish IITs, IIMs etc in every state.

In the health sector middle class and poor people face pressure when they face health problems. We only think of disease not health. Preventive health care is necessary.Health assurance rather than health insurance is to be given importance.

we can fight poverty by developing small scale ,cottage industries We can remove poverty by empowering the poor.

Our country needs a better branding if we have to compete with the other countries. Like 'Made in Japan'.we have to make the 'Made in India' a respectable one.

We must focus on Five Ts - Talent, Tradition ,Tourism ,Trade ,Technology . These five Ts we can give brand India a great thrust . The world has to take note of our tradition and make the world our market.

we have to develop tourism. Tourism unites, terrorism divides.

Nowadays there is a new slogan 'MY IDEA OF INDIA'

Every one can have an Idea of India. It is not the domain of a one individual. it cannot be held captive anywhere. It is the idea of all the 125 crore people of India. It is your idea ,the idea of the people sitting on the dais and my idea also.

To-day I want to spell out my idea of India

My Idea of India 'Satyameva Jayate' ( Truth alone Triumphs)
My idea of India 'Vasudaiva Kutumbakam' ( Whole creation is a family)
My Idea of India 'Ahimsa paramo Dharmaha' ( Non violence is the highest Dharma or Ideal)
My idea of India ' Aa no Bhadrah, katavo yantu Vishwatah' ( let noble thoughts come to us from every side)
My Idea of India 'Sarva Panth Samabhav' ( Equality of all sects and tenets)
My Idea of India 'Ekam Sat Viprah Bahuda Vadanti' ( Truth is one , the people say it in so many ways)
My Idea of India 'Sarve Bhavantu sukhinah sarve santu niramaya ( Let every one be happy, Let every one be free from illness)
My Idea of India 'Sahana Bhavatu, Sahanau Bhunaktu Saha Veeryam Karavaavahai' ( may he protect us, may we be nourished , let us work together with strength)
My Idea of India 'Natvaham kamaye rajyam na moksham na punarbhavam kamaye dukhathapthanam praninam arthinashanam ( I do not want to get back my lost kingdom, nor heaven nor another birth; if you want to grace me please allow me a chance to eradicate the pains of the poor who are suffering)
My Idea of India 'Janani Janma bhumischa swargadapi gariyasi' ( Mother and Motherland are greater than heaven)
My Idea of India 'paude me bhi paramatma hota hai' ( God resides even in trees)
My Idea of India 'Vaishnava Janato tene kahiye je peeda paraayi jaanere' ( True devotees of Vishnu are the ones who feel the pain of others and those who are in misery )
My Idea of India 'Vacha kach mana nischala rate parjana nava jale hatare'
My Idea of India 'Yatra nariyatu poojyante ramante tatra devtaha' (Where women are worshipped there the Gods reside)
My Idea of India 'Nari too Narayani' ( Woman is Goddess)
My Idea of India 'Daridranarayan ki seva' ( Service to the Poor in who are the Gods)
My Idea of India 'Narkarni kare to Narayan ho jaye' ( If you do good deeds you will become god- like)

Brothers and sisters,from now till we go to face 2014 election will you repeat 'vote for India' after I say ?

For freedom from dynasty rule - Vote for India
For freedom from nepotism Vote For India
For freedom from corruption Vote for India
For freedom from price rise Vote For India
For freedom from bad governance Vote For India
For freedom from price rise Vote for India
For good governance Vote for India
For national security Vote for India
For peoplels security Vote for India
For a house to live Vote for India
For food to eat Vote for India
For medicines for disease Vote for India
For the welfare of the poor Vote for India
For improvement in education Vote for India
For employment Vote for India
For respect to Women Vote for India
For the welfare of farmers Vote for India
For shining India Vote for India
For powerful India Vote for India

For prosperity Vote for India
For progress Vote for India
For unity of the country Vote for India
For 'Ek Bharat shreshta Bharat'
( one India , Great India) Vote for India
For the politics of good Governance Vote for India

For the politics of development Vote for India

Vote for India is our dream
we will take the blessing of respected Advaniji. We will take a vow for victory.
We will work not only for our win but work for the victory of our colleagues

Remember election victory takes birth place at the polling booth.
so we have to treat it as divine duty

I thank the national Leadership for giving an opportunity to a humble person like me.
People will say what is there behind Modi?
when a teaseller is fighting the election tell the people that Modi is such a person that he has nothing and that we will meet 10 crore families.
we will surely meet 10 crore families
poorest of poor will come forward to give us strength.
with the help of ordinary people we will fight
kerala friends have shown recently what they can do in this direction
In 2012 Gujarat karyakartas showed what they can do by collecting Rs. 5 or 10 from thousands of people.
we have to further this tradition
The country will come to our help.
We will make Bharat a great and splendrous country.
With this dream we will go back.

(Speech of Narendra Modi, Gujarat CM and BJP's PM candidate at the national Council Meet of BJP in Delhi on 19.1.2014)