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The same sordid saga got repeated when our Jawans went across line of Control to help Pakistanis out of pity, when a massive earth quake shook Pakistan.

Instead of simply arrested or asked to go back, they were captured,tortured and cut to pieces by Pakistan. Yet the Sonia Gandhi's UPA did not even issue a protest but covered up the news. And also it sent massive aid to Pakistan. Pakistan refused the aid not because it did not need it, but because the packages contained symbols of India such as flag or words, 'made in or from India' etc. Again UPA sent them back, again Pak refused for the same reason. Of course Pakis did not have any objection if the aid came from any other country with the shipments clearly, proudly displaying the symbols of aid giving nations. So utterly shameless UPA took out all labels and sent the aid via United Nations. Who says beggars are not choosers especially when the givers are without self respect.


PS: Sure on Jan 31,usual accolades and encomiums will be showered on M K Gandhi at Santivan with faces solemn by those who stole India's riches for safe keeping in Swiss banks,which is how their 'patriotism' is displayed. However the real martyrs are some where else, unnoticed, unmourned, still it is their sterling patriotism that made liberation of Hyderabad , saving what ever left of Kashmir to India and much more possible.
We should remember them and pay homage to them. xxxxxxxxxxxxx.

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At the time of writing (29 January, 2014) the brave Jawans of Indian Army are fighting the enemy that has come across “Bandit” Nehru’s treacherous cease fire line in Kashmir, trying to “despatch” the Kafirs to Hell.

An officer comes in from Brigade Headquarters and shows them the photograph of Mahatma Gandhi and says, “Follow his brave example. He chased out the British Lion single-handed!”

The Jawans did exactly that, dropped their weapons, ran up to the Pakistanis and embraced them shouting “Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai!”

A little while later I looked up at the vultures circling in the sky. They were diving down to earth like the German “STUKAS” in World War 2 and flying away with parts of human flesh dangling from their claws.

“Ah!”, I said, “the Pakistani brothers have chopped the PsOW, limb by limb, according to the Islamic “Geneva Convention” and the unfortunate “Jawans” had done what the Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, did in 1947.

They had, indeed, heard from their parents that when Lahore, Multan and Rawalpindi were burning Gandhiji rushed to Brother Jinnah’s House and embraced him, saying, “Brother, take what you want, from Karachi to Gilgit, and 80% of East Bengal, but please tell your men not to kill any innocent Hindu or rape any Hindu female.”

Then we saw the vultures in the skies above and the landscape below dotted with a million fires. They were the Hindu victims of Partition, the price Bapu Gandhi had to pay his brother Jinnah. They had foolishly forgotten Gobind but put all their trust in Gandh. They chanted “Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai” and “Ahimsa Parmo Dharma!” day and night and discarded their swords and guns and became an easy prey. The world laughed at the way our ancient Hindusthan perished and her warriors “melted” away including five divisions of the army.

The embarrassed Gandhian Government at the Centre refuses to construct a Memorial to their memory, telling us, “The fools who followed Gandhi perished like the sheep & goats. They did not fight like warriors. They don’t deserve any Memorial!” The whole nation agrees. There should be NO memorial to the dead of 1947!

Not able to control himself any more at the provocation called “Gandhi” a brave Maratha, warrior in spirit, courage and patriotism, picked up the pistol and did what Gavrilo Princip did to Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in Sarajevo on June 28, 1914 to start World War 1 that took 37 million lives.

The shot, fired on 30th. (Tees) January 1948 was as historic as the shot fired in 1914 though, sadly, it was fired after the great tragedy rather than before the mutilation of India.
Gandhi’s “mahatma-hood” and the “halo” around his head were entirely the clever creation of the British psychological and propaganda experts who desperately needed a well respected native to throw ice and snow on the fires of patriotism and freedom. They proved far better than Hermann Goering of the mighty effective German propaganda machine in 1930’s and 1940’s who could make the day look like night.

In reality our Gandhi could have quickly ROUSED the youth of the nation to such a pitch, willing to fight & die like the ANC. In that case occupied Hindusthan could have been independent by 1925 and also emerged UNITED.

It is quite easy to imagine such a scenario had there been “tiger” Netaji or “lion” Shivaji instead of “goat” Gandhi! There were only about 300,000 Europeans controlling more than 300,000,000 natives then!

We know the whole illustrious life of Jesus Christ who died in honour and glory. But who would have remembered him had he apologised to the Roman Governor and secured pardon? In our own case the last deed of Guru Tegh Bahadur was to defy the Muslim Emperor who wanted him to convert to Islam. Gandhi, too, was expected to defy Mohammed Ali JINN.

In similar hour of danger Winston Churchill addressed his nation, years before Gandhi’s hour of peril, in these words, “We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender!”

Nothing of the sort from Gandhi. The alacrity with which he surrendered India is world record! Generations later, another “Gandhi” put his head at the feet of an Italian damsel in Cambridge, England, and said, “Tomorrow my Hindusthan will be at your feet!”

MK Gandhi’s collapse meant the SLAUGHTER & expulsion of millions of Hindus and the TERRITORIAL loss of one third of Bharat in perpetuity - with more Muslim fanatics & Jehadis in her now than in 1947!
So why will we NOT regret his death today, 66 years later? We just narrate one instance:
It was March 4th, 1947 when the communal climate was getting “poisoned” and the Hindus in East Bengal and West Punjab were fearing their death and rape of defenceless females. A local leader in Multan put a call through to Mr Gandhi to enquire if he would accept Partition. He was asked to solemnly assure all the Hindus in his area that they should stay put where they were. Gandhi ended the conversation, saying, “India will be cut upon my dead body!” In the event within days, Multan was ABLAZE and all its residents were either killed and raped, or FLED in extreme panic and hurry, leaving all possessions behind.

Since that day the “Man from Multan” has been praying, day and night, “O God, do not send a “leader” like Gandhi to any country unless you wish it destroyed!”
The Man from Multan is light years away from President Mukherjee of Bharat who displayed a large photograph of Gandhi at his back when he addressed the nation on “Republic Day” on January 25 last. Please draw your own conclusion about the future of our “Gandhian” (the next adjective in Panjabi is unprintable) Bharat.

Now we are waiting for PM Singh to address the nation tomorrow (30 January) with glowing tributes to Gandhi!