Date: 11/02/2014

Such accounts (see below) are unique and most valuable since they are suppressed by the corrupt and criminal governments. We congratulate citizen initiatives that record and disseminate these since KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

The phrase "anti Sikh riots" is factually incorrect. In a riot TWO parties are involved in fighting each other. But in this case it was just ONE-SIDED murderous onslaught on the decent and fiercely loyal indigenous community that is traditionally known as the "Defenders of Hindu Dharma and Dharti". Anyone who attacks or harms the Sikhs is the ENEMY of Bharat.

The killer mobs, encouraged and instigated by the rulers, did not even spare the commissioned officers of the Regular Indian Army IN UNIFORM- and ON DUTY. They were brutally killed in broad daylight and in full view of public.

What did the rest of the Indian army do? Soldiers are supposed to be bonded by blood, and trustworthy, and EXPECTED to defend their own kind who were being killed in front of their eyes. When one falls the others do not look the other way. Cowards do not make an army! They are the ultimate defenders when the police are absolutely useless and even friends of the killers and murderers.

In the case of Sikh genocide going on for three days right in the capital of India, the Army stayed in barracks and waited for the orders from their superiors who waited for the orders from the Defence Minister, who waited for the orders from the Prime Minister ("BOFORS CHOR"), who in turn waited for the orders from the Supreme Commander, who, in turn, waited for the orders from the "FARANGI" First Lady of Bharat from Italy, Sonia Maino Gandhi!

"SHAME ON YOU DESPICABLE COWARDS!" shouted one grieving grandmother in Trilok Puri at the government and the army.

An army that cannot defend their own kind in uniform cannot defend the country.

Such alarming power vacuum was seen earlier in 1947 when our "Akhand Bharat" got SMASHED into three fragments so easily, and MILLIONS of innocent Hindus and Sikhs were massacred and killed exactly in the same manner throughout West Punjab, East Bengal and Kashmir. Ironically many of those killed in Delhi in 1984 were the children of those refugees of 1947!

In those three days the whole world judged the quality of the Indian Army that was trained by the British but RUINED by Jenab Bandit NEHRU who had signed off India's FIVE provinces earlier, "just like that!".


From Nitin Gokhale's blog site.
Friday, January 31, 2014

1984 anti-Sikh riots: what a young army officer saw.
Arnab (Arnie) has done the Nation a great service in his Raul Vinci (aka Rahul Gandhi) interview by putting the horrific 1984 anti-Sikh pogrom on the front page (please check the meaning of Pogrom). In Delhi alone 5,000 innocent citizens of one community were butchered by thugs led by the likes of Tytler, Bhagat, Kamal Nath, sajjan Kumar, Dharam Das Shastri, Arjun Das, Lalit Maken and other congi criminals. Street Justice was meted out to the last three named, they were shot dead. Bhagat went mad, given to walking around naked. Justice awaits Tytler, Nath and Kumar.

But read on, here is Gokhale's blog....

In November 1984, I was barely 18 months into the profession and was in that heady phase when one enjoys one's work thoroughly. Those were--as Charles Dickens said--the best of times and the worst of times. India winning the Cricket World Cup in June 1983 brought immense joy to the country. But 1984 was something else.

Operation Blue Star, Mrs Gandhi's assassination, anti-Sikh riots and Bhopal gas tragedy, one after the other in the space of less than 6 months, brought nothing but misery. As a young desk hand on a young newspaper (The Sentinel), I had the opportunity to handle these events closely. Looking back, I vaguely remember being horrified by the violence in Delhi as reported by news agencies. There was no private TV news, only Doordarshan, remember in those days.

In later years, I read books and articles about the horrors that the Sikhs faced in the immediate aftermath of Mrs Gandhi's assassination. But nothing prepared me for what my friend retired Colonel Bhupinder Malhi has described below.

Bhupinder, was commissioned in 70 Armoured Regiment of the Indian Army. He left the Army some time in 2009-10. Being based in Assam in those years, I had never come across an eyewitness account of those horrible days in November 1984. Bhupinder has been kind to allow me to share his thoughts which he penned down this morning.

That the Sikhs as a community have largely overcome the scars of those horrific days and no longer appear to be bitter, is testimony to their large heartedness, but reflects very poorly on the perpetrators of brutal and--dare I say--mindless violence.

Read on and feel ashamed for the society we lived in and who knows continue to live in.

At least I feel so.


An eyewitness of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots

By Col (retd) Bhupinder Malhi
A young Bhupinder Malhi
We, a group of young Army Officers of Armoured Corps were on board Jhelum Express to attend Young Officers Course at Armoured Corps Centre and School (ACCS) at Ahmednagar and happen to witness anti Sikh riots from very close quarters.

I boarded AC 2 Tier of Jhelum Express at Ambala Cantt early morning on 01 Nov 1984 along with few other course mates of mine. By the time our train reached outer Delhi near Sabji Mandi area around 1000h we spotted that Delhi was burning. Lots of trucks were on fire and smoke could be seen rising from the buildings owned by Sikhs . When the train reached New Delhi Railway Station , we got down to enquire about the situation. We spotted many Sikhs lying injured on the platform and no one was willing to provide any first aid or help. We tried to help few of the injured but our train was immediately moved out of railway station. The train was forcibly stopped near Nizammudin Railway Station by an unruly mob. They started pulling out Sikhs from the train and there was a chaos all around. We all quickly put on our uniforms and got down to help the Sikhs. We managed to save a few but could not save majority of Sikhs as the mob was huge. We tried our best to douse the fire of many Sikhs who had been set on fire by putting cycle rubber tyres around them.

Some of us tried calling police using railway phone but there was no response. We also tried calling Army headquarters Duty Officer but could not reach them. We spotted a an injured Sikh who was thrown on the railway track and two of us rushed to help him but by the time we reached him, an approaching train overran him and we saw his body cut into pieces. We collected his body parts in a bed sheet and brought it to railway platform to be handed over to police .

The train moved a bit and was again stopped near Okhla slums . Another group of mob entered our AC 2 Tier compartment by breaking the window glass as there are no iron grills in AC compartment. The mob systematically started searching the compartment and started pulling out Sikhs out of the train. We tried to reason out with rioters and managed to save few fellow Sikhs. Unfortunately we could not save all. Capt Gill of 89 Armoured Regiment was stabbed at a distance of 1 ft from me in spite ofour best efforts we could not save him from the rioters. We requested rioters to spare his life as he was a soldier but the rioters argued that the person who killed Mrs Indira Gandhi was also a soldier.

We carried the dead body of Capt Gill along with us and handed over to Army authorities at Mathura Raliway station at night. Another Sikh officer named Sahota from GREF (General Reserve Engineer Force) was made to hide under the berth in our compartment . He was spotted by the mob and was killed there itself by hitting him with iron rods.

We were lucky to save my course mate Harinder (86 Armoured Regiment) who was being pulled out of the train but some of us held on to him and managed to free him from the clutches of death.

Another young officer from Artillery who was travelling with his newly wedded wife was saved by us by shaving his beard and shorning his hair.

We repeatedly requested railways authorities for help but no one was willing to oblige. On the contrary, one TTE was seen indicating to the mob about the location of Sikhs hiding in the compartments.

Two officers Yadav (75 Armoured Regiment) and AP Singh(9 Horse) managed to get hold of a 12 bore rifle which was being carried by a soldier proceeding on leave. They fired few rounds at the mob and mob retreated. They were awarded subsequently for this bravery.