Date: 17/02/2014

Yes, EXTREMELY distressing pictures, even to look at! But what is concealed and never mentioned is this: "THIS IS SAVAGE, BRUTAL, INTOLERANT ISLAM!" Here they are beheading, mutilating, CHRISTIANS!

Here they are slaying CHRISTIANS who share their religion with the world's super powers, EU & USA. What about the HINDUS who have NONE at their back? In fact, our rulers are our enemies, no less brutal, who KILL US day and night in a million subtle ways and surrendered our territories (1947) and also looked the OTHER WAYif Hindus were bashed killed or raped abroad from Fiji throuigh Northern Sri Lanka to Uganda.

The worst trait we suffer from is DETACHMENT of one from the other. Didn't we see that when Kashmiri Hindus were persecuted, the SIKHS in neighbouring State of EAST Punjab, and the distant States of Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, did nothing to avenge their massacres. And when the WEST Bengali HIndus are threatened by Mohammedans, the neighbourng Bihar and Orissa are busy in corruption!

The Hindu nation is NOT a family but an ill-disciplined rag bag mob. What "Shakti" could we expect when the TEN MILLION who gather at Kumbh and what "Shakti" do we see in action when we look at the ONE BILLION in our Bharat?

It was the primary duty of EVERY government in Bharat, starting with the one under autocrat Jawaharlal NEHRU, that had to attend to this natiional weakness on TOP (highest) PRIORITY! Without national COHESION a nation is just a RAG BAG. How can we throw out of mind the scene of this vast rag bag FLEEING the five provinces in 1947? It proves the point that the Hindu leadership has not understood our fundamental weakness despite the worst ever defeat and surrender that we were forced to go through!

So we see our own PAST in these pictures. The beheading IN PUBLIC of Guru Tegh Bahadur and the manner of murder of two little sons of Guru Gobind Singhji were not the only two isolated instances of SUCH brutality.

These pictures also show our own future in Hindusthan. Hence every Hindu, who does not wish to be reminded of our own Hindu family's murder , rape and slaughter since 712 AD, and every Sikh who has forgotten the surrender of Lahore and Multan in 1947 and the genocide of autumn 1984, should see his own future in these pictures.

Our Hindusthan is WEAK, DISUNITED and without national IDENTITY, Our top "cat" is from ITALY who is surrounded by the NATIVE "mice", busy doing "Havan, Yagya and Akhand PaaThs", spending millions on spectacular weddings and lavish social parties.

Collectively speaking, we love to recall only happy scenes even of the enemy. Our memory will rather take us to Akbar's nuptial bed with a Rajput princess in it, and Jawaharlal Nehru having a stroll with Edwina Mountbatten and even at Rajiv "Gandhi" in a public park in Cambridge, promising Hindusthan as his dowry to his future bride from Italy. But our mind does not go to the genocide of Noakhali in August 1946 (No memorial!) and the massacres of Rawalpindi and Multan in March 1947 (No memorial!) . In fact we don't even say the word "PARTITION" though on the same wretched day we CELEBRATED "Independence"!

How much do we "RELATE" to the thousands upon thousands of widows and orphans trekking towards Bharat ON THE SAME DAY for safety and shelter? (No memorial!)

Who will "wake up" the sleeping nation, or inject "Shakti" in the limp body?"

Every HINDU should see these pictures and recall PARTITION when such beasts in human form not only mutilated India but also millions of Hindus as "collateral damage". Even worse is the FACT that Nehru not only let them have our sacred TERRITORY but also kept them back, close to his heart, in our own BROKEN Bharat.

WHAT WAS NEHRU'S INNER MOTIVATION? Why did he IMPOSE Secularism on the helpless and defenceless Hindus having gifted Lahore and Dhaka to rabid ISLAM?

Whose job is it to prepare the Hindus for what is YET TO COME?


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Very disturbing pictures. Please view with caution!

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