Date: 08/03/2013

Hinduism is a way of life, the expression of one’s spirituality, religious beliefs and the practices that were once universal on earth and freely observed. It is the oldest religion of mankind whose origin lies in the antiquity of history. Without any foe in sight the Hindus developed their civilization, arts, culture, agriculture, industry, irrigation and education to the highest degree but sadly, they did not attend to defence against foreign invasions, the need for which became vital only in the later centuries.

From 3rd. century AD onwards Christian missionaries, obsessed with their survival while confronting the intolerant Roman Empire, started arriving in peaceful India and immediately began proselytization among the gentle natives. While they were busy expanding their following another introducer came in for easy picking in Hindusthan.

The sudden spread of Islam in the 7th century can be compared to a massive ideological explosion that sent the zealots “flying” across the globe, slaying, destroying, plundering and converting along the way. Country after country, civilization after civilization, vanished under the green layers of Islam. By 712 AD the followers of Mohammed had overrun North Africa up to Morocco in the West and Central Asia up to Sindh in the East.

While Christian Europe could rally in self-defence in order to confront the onslaught, Hindusthan simply went under from the first invasion by Mohammed Bin Qasim. Soon after Sindh the enemy conquered Lahore while the northern Islamic column subjugated Iran and Afghanistan after fierce fighting, wiping out the followers of Zarathustra and Buddha respectively. Their final wave came in 1192 when a Turk, Mohammed Ghori, sacked Delhi and had all the male Hindus slaughtered. That was the last time that a Hindu ruler sat on the throne of Hindusthan.

British East India Company entered India in 1600 AD for trade but soon started colonising the land. Besides trade they meddled in local politics and exploited every opportunity to plunder and convert. The Hindus, too weak and divided by now, failed to oust the foreigners or stop their proselytization.

No other nation on earth has suffered so much insult and degradation, both physical and mental, and for so long, under foreign occupation than the Hindus.

The natives, who felt disgust on being converted by force, the defenceless Hindu girls and women who were raped in the open and those who were beheaded on refusal to embrace Islam and flogged, tortured and shot for crying “Freedom”, all had these words on their lips before breathing their last, “Wish we had UNITY to oust the foreigners.”

The worst punishment came in the middle of 20th century when the Hindu nation was perceived to be no more than a “flock of sheep”, to be totally ignored at the talks for Independence that instantly became talks for PARTITION. The Hindus were forced to watch helplessly and to grieve silently, over the unconditional surrender of FIVE provinces of our sacred land without our own native leaders, bothering even to demand a referendum.

Overnight the Hindus, the sons and daughters of soil, proud citizens of Bharat, became victims, losing safety & security in their own homes. Over two million were slaughtered, hundreds of thousands of girls and women were abducted, raped and killed or converted to Islam and some fifteen million were forced to flee their homes where they had lived for centuries.

There was only one reason for the worst misfortune of our history- being secular unilaterally, while the Muslims remained strong in Faith and united, and the Christian masters continued to convert and rule Hindusthan at the same time.

We had no committed proud Hindu to lead us when secular Nehru denied being a Hindu, and Gandhi went on singing, “Ishwar Allah tero Naam!” and cried- more in terror than with sense of realism, “Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai!”, when the Muslims were actually “disembowelling” the Hindus and bleeding Bharat to death.

Thereafter, we did not have a committed Hindu constituent assembly to enter “HINDU RASHTRA” in “Vidhan” while we saw ISLAM deeply enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan. Only the worst enemy of Hindus could have allowed the Muslims to get away with their ISLAMIC Pakistan while suppressing Hinduism so blatantly at home.

Invaders and occupiers destroy pride and patriotism among the defeated and mould the education system to take out pride and patriotism. The vacuum lasts a long time. Over six decades have passed since the so-called freedom yet neither the cabinet nor the parliament is perturbed over the fact that our Hindu nation is subordinate to the Non Hindus high up in key positions. The average Hindu has lost the sense to tell the difference between the real mother and a surrogate mother or even an Italian mother.

If our nation has reached such depths of inferiority, servility and degradation then it is of utmost importance to listen to our genuine leaders and read the authors with concern and pain for the Hindu nation.