Date: 20/02/2014


India is an elephant and all those who come to see it are BLIND.

The only way to judge and estimate the BEAST is to touch and feel it.

India can be "seen" in many ways by this method. It must be emphasized that each and every one of us is RIGHT, totally right. No disagreement.

However, through MY eyes it seems as follows:-

India has ILL DEFINED appeasing, compromising jelly like "Hindu" MAJORITY community and disgustingly ugly borders since 1947. That noble triangular shape, taking in Sylhet and Chittagong in the east, and Bolan and Khyber passes in the west, has gone- gone for ever!

We had Jawaharlal NEHRU, the treacherous embodiment of Jai Chand and Teja Singh in one. What he signed on, what he conceded, what he surrendered unconditionally, became known as “Chacha Nehru’s Settlement”.

It suddenly reduced the size of our country by one third and millions were uprooted, leaving everything behind. Most Hindus kept on praising Nehru & Gandhi profusely while I kept on abusing them even more profusely!

The elephant called "Bharat" has neither hearing power nor sensory nerves that connect the brain to the limbs. It is also blind like me. It did not hear the wails and cries of millions of widows and orphans fleeing their homes nor felt the loss of limbs. It did not see the greatest migration in history when millions were uprooted from their homes and scattered across the world.

Collectively speaking, it behaves like a centipede that can walk backwards if its head is cut off and resumes moving forwards if its legs are cut off. The blind who could not feel the missing leg and the chopped off ear still thought the limbs were in place.

Shocked and alarmed I became aware of more than one mahout on top when I heard them yell at each other in Italian, Arabic and Hindi. I could make out that one wanted to move it towards Ayodhya, the other towards Rome, while the third was goading it towards Mecca in the Desert.

The intensity and bitterness of arguments made me feel that they will stab one another to death and the elephant will limp towards the bog and drown.

I recalled its tragedy. FIVE PROVINCES, like five limbs of the body, were cut off overnight and the nation, blind, deaf and shell shocked like me, did NOT feel the cuts nor the blood coming out, nor even uttered the word "PARTITION" after Jawaharlal NEHRU shouted, "Save Kashmir! We are being invaded."

I could feel only a small part of the beast. To cover the whole body through IDEOLOGICAL perspective will take a whole book. The point to note is the difference between the serpent and the cow, or between the wolf and the sheep.

We have seen the centuries-old deeply embedded behaviour of the Muslims and the Hindus in Hindusthan. All slaughter, desecration & destruction of temples (including the one in Ayodhya!), and all the so-called "mixed" marriages have been ONE WAY (e.g., Hindu bride, Muslim groom. Sonia on top, Singh beneath!).

From Khyber Pass the Sikhs have been chased down to WAGAH and in the East 70% of the grand Province of Bengal is "cleansed" of the Hindus on permanent basis.

The Hindus dare not aspire to, even "touch", political power at the top. So to escape the accusations of being “power hungry, land grabbers, dangerous fundamentalists” and “terrorists", the Hindus invariably put a NON HINDU on top. It is to show that the Hindu in Delhi is not like the Mohammed in Lahore.

Suffering from extreme inferiority complex the Hindus crave for "acceptance" while the Muslims care two hoots for public (even world) opinion. None feels embarrassed or ashamed in calling their recently captured lands “ISLAMIC Republics” while our own “Hindu Rashtra” and “Raam Raajya” still remain distant dreams.

There is another noticeable community, the SIKHS. Though small in numbers they are big in guts and courage. Within weeks of that malicious attack on Golden Temple in Amritsar they avenged the repetition of Jallianwala Bagh massacre by "beheading" the political "Witch", MAIMOONA BEGUM, the Prime Minister at the time, who still used her pre-nuptial Hindu name but not her post marriage Muslim name, Mrs. FEROZE KHAN, showing how EASY it is to fool the majority community and to rule over them for countless generations while still calling it "democracy".

Obviously, the ONLY democracy in the world, that stinks to burn your nostrils, is the DYNASTIC democracy in Hindusthan.

If Nehru was the great grandfather, then Maimoona Begum was the grandmother, Rajiv the father, Sonia the Mother of All, and Rahul the current SHAMELESS aspirant to the post of Prime Minister- all through f.....g FOUR generations, since 1947.

There is a fundamental difference between those whose "founders of faith" were born in lush green Hindusthan and those whose Prophets & Messiahs were born in the desolate wilderness of Middle East. The latter can outsmart, outwit, overwhelm, brainwash, even exploit and enslave. the former (trusting, perishing FOOLS) with utmost ease.

Hindus in Hindusthan will NOT mind in the least whether the Supreme Commander is a Muslim, a Catholic or an atheist while the Muslims will lynch the “Rashtrapati” alive if he was a Hindu!

Another difference is that the Hindu MASS is passive, static & stationery, confined to their shrinking habitat whlle the Muslims are vibrant, volatile and aggressive with the tendency to capture territory, convert the infidels, rape their females and kill the Kafirs with utmost ease.

If you were blind like me, feeling the elephant, you, too, would advise all those you love to pack up and run from Delhi as we ran from Lahore, and emigrate to safe WEST rather than stay put and see your houses burning and daughters abducted and RAPED as in Multan, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Noakhali. Collective genes & traits of communities DO NOT CHANGE.

It is so good to dismiss criticism. Then one doesn't have to do anything to improve matters, not even think of providing 37 million lavatories missing in India where some 600 million people do not have access to a clean lavatory.

That is how a BLIND MAN like me can understand what this beast called "Partitioned Indian Secular State" is like.

It will be very interesting to hear from the others who “felt” the elephant's other parts- from tusks & tummy to tail. Only then can we, the natives of Hindusthan, comprehend what our Bharat is like.