Date: 22/02/2014

REJOICE all those brainwashed, intimidated, cowardly "coolies & slaves" on earth- both Civil & Military.

Take heart, BE INSPIRED, follow the example, and go for genuine democracy and clean government in our land of Buddha, Sri Krishna, Sri Rama and Guru Nanak.

You have seen the power of PEOPLE in Irak, Libya, Egypt and (now) UKRAINE, to kick out their corrupt RULERS, even those democratically elected like HITLER in Germany and MAIMOONA BEGUM (aka "Indira Gandhi") in Bharat before they are allowed to do more damage, create more divisions, split more communities in order to "divide & rule" and illegally remit more bribes & commissions to foreign banks.

Here is the latest on UKRAINE (February 22, 2014):-

(quote) Ukraine's Presidential Offices Empty, President Yanukovych Nowhere To Be Seen

The Huffington Post UK | Posted: 22/02/2014 10:18 GMT | Updated: 22/02/2014 15:59 GMT

UPDATE: Ukrainian MPs have voted to oust President Yanukovych and hold early presidential elections on 25 May. The vote came barely an hour after Mr Yanukovych said in a televised address that he would not resign.

Journalists have strolled freely through Ukraine's presidential offices as uncertainty surrounds the whereabouts of president Viktor Yanukovych.

Protesters appear to be in full control of the government district, reporters at the scene said.

There is huge doubt over the peace deal agreed on Friday, which provided for elections by December.

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The protesters, who are demanding earlier elections, by May 25, are claiming full control of Kiev, Sky News reported.

And there was no sign of Yanukovych, who was reported to have left the capital.

The opposition, led by former heavyweight boxer Vitali Klitschko, are calling on him to resign.


Matt Frei

Everything I have seen spells end of days for Yanukovic. Once real estate of power has been ceded it takes a battle to win it back.

February 22, 2014 9:44 am via Twitter for iPhone Reply Retweet Favorite


James Mates

This feels awfully like regime change. #ukraine Parl in charge. Yanukovich and ministers nowhere to be found. #euromaidan

February 22, 2014 9:15 am via Twitter for iPhone Reply Retweet Favorite

Reporters at the scene said a power change appeared to be taking place.

It comes after the Ukrainian parliament voted in favour of stripping a law that could allow for the release of country's former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who was defeated in 2010 presidential elections by Yanukovych and imprisoned in 2011 on likely trumped up charges relating to an abuse of office. (Unquote)

Unlike the all powerful "Queen" Sonia, a millionairess 1000 times over, and Nehru, Maimoona, Rajiv and Rahul, all born with sliver spoon in mouth, the ousted President of Ukraine had a humble beginning. Even then POWER CORRUPTED him.


Viktor F. Yanukovych ... had a very hard childhood about which he has said: "My childhood was difficult and hungry. I grew up without my mother who died when I was two. I went around bare-footed on the streets. I had to fight for myself every day." ... His mother died when Yanukovych was two years old. By the time he was a teenager, he had lost both his parents and was brought up by his Polish paternal grandmother. (Unquote)

Now compare BHARAT with UKRAINE:

Unashamed, degraded & suppressed Bharat has the FOURTH generation (bogus) anti Hindu (Hindu bashing) "Gandhi" ("RAOUL"), aspiring to become the Prime Minister of Hindusthan after his great grandfather NEHRU, grandmother MAIMOONA and father RAJIV, had wielded absolute power over one billion captive intimidated brainwashed HINDUS who had no say in that bogus “PARTITION”, "Secular" Constitution, Article 370 in Constitution that puts South Kashmir apart, and no permission to raise the demolished historic Temple in Ayodhya but sanctions the unpopular "killer" military operations against the "children" of Bharat.

It is yet to be seen whether Shri MODI comes to power or loses the election through deceit, fraud, deception, treason or blackmail.

The next elections in Bharat are not about Communism, Secularism, Capitalism, Right wing or Left wing, but about the very survival with dignity of the NATIVES who are pitted against the FOREIGNERS, just like the native Americans were against the savage European invaders and were WIPED OUT.

Especially painful are the Italian Mafia who are busy plundering Hindusthan day and night, and the Muslim aggressors who are killers in one generation and "brothers" in the next!

Rajput / 22 Feb 14