Date: 27/02/2014

CONGRATULATIONS for holding the successful public rally through Kolkata.

The event is even more significant when we recall how the demand for Pakistan was made public and also survey the contemporary scene.

Public rallies IN THE OPEN are the most effective means to show the world WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE WANT.

Older Hindus tell us that the demand for Pakistan was ENFORCED by the Muslims taking out noisy processions and demonstrations all over India. There was hardly any Hindu rally to show the opposing Hindu stand on the preposterous demand for the mutilation of India with DOUBLE rewards for the Muslims: (1) Take away one third of India for their Islam; and also (b) STAY PUT IN BHARAT even after Partition.

Yet SIX DECADES have passed without the Hindus realizing the power of public rallies till this time in Kolkata.

So really congratulations for your INITIATIVE and COURAGE to be seen in the open since we know it well that in the last ONE THOUSAND YEARS Hindus were not seen in numbers in the open. We could not even give a chase to the rascals running off with our Hindu girls.

We hope this idea will catch on and we shall see more and more Hindus taking out such demonstrations and rallies to show the enemies that a vibrant warrior "QAUM" lives in Hindusthan. You "touch them" AT YOUR PERIL!

The next one should be in Ayodhya for the historic Temple. It would have been completed by now if all those TEN MILLION sadhus ("came, saw, vanished") had marched from KUMBH mela to Ayodhya. But the nation MISSED the golden opportunity due to cowardice and lack of commitment of the Hindu organisers and smartness of the enemies who did not let the Hindus catch on with the idea. We don't have inspiring leaders like Tapan Ghosh everywhere.

The supporters of Shri MODI also need to show courage and be seen in tens of thousands in the streets of every town and city across Bharat. Given so many enemies he will not come to power if the Hindus lose the INITIATIVE of public show of strength.