Date: 27/02/2014

UPA had taken the policy of recruiting, promoting and posting esp. defence personnel compromising on merit or patriotism since a decade, preferring anti-National Muslims and Christians in key posts right from President's Secretariat to Extl. Affairs, Defence and so on.

Remember, a Muslim's first loyalty is to Pakistan and Islam and Christian to his faith and Pope. None of them have loyalty to the Country of their birth and we have seen right from Abul Kalam Azad or Muhammad Yunus how the loyalty worked, the latter with free access up to Nehru's kitchen, sent a top scret file to Liaquat Ali Khan, who had the temerity to write on noting sheet "Seen, return to Nehru" and the file was back in Nehru's top secret cupboard!!

Can we trust the Army or IAF or Naval personnel of Muslim or Christian origin or traitor Hindu-s like Brajesh Mishra or many scamsters identified by foreign agencies but ignored by UPA?

The main crux of the problem is Muslims have free access to top secret and sensitive installations and given the choice, they would obey Bhatkal and not their Commanders.

Why was there no investigation into the sinking of the Submarine off Mumbai harbour? WHo had caused the explosion or short circuit?

Navy had a glorious past with recruitments only on merits and promotions based on performance and ACR-s. But when Rajiv Gandhi introduced recruitments preferring unrepresented States, the non-martial and Sachar philic committees filled the vacancies threatening the very existemnce of the Navy.

If BJP comes to power, the priority should be to cleanse the entire set-up right from Rashtrapathi Bhava staff to the lowest level assistants recruited without merits since past two decades, and weed them out either by compulsory retirement or unimportant postings till exit.

We have many traitors in the key positions in Govt. damaging its working in the interest of the Country.

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News: Indian Navy chief admiral DK Joshi resigns after INS Sindhuratna mishap

This seems odd that Naval Chief resignstaking moral responsibility.


On Wednesday, 26 February 2014, 22:01, XXXXXXX wrote:

Navy chief admiral DK Joshi resigned on Wednesday, hours after seven sailors suffered serious injuries and two officers remained "unaccounted for" in an accident on board India's Russian-built submarine, INS Sindhuratna.

The latest accident --- 11th after the INS Sindhurakshak sank in August --- has put the navy's dismal safety record under further scrutiny and underlined its inability to maintain its dwindling Kilo-class fleet.

Joshi's resignation has been accepted by the government. A defence ministry spokesperson said he had stepped down taking moral responsibility for the recent accident.
Navy vice chief vice-admiral Robin Dhowan will officiate as the chief, even though Western Naval Command chief vice-admiral Shekhar Sinha happens to be the senior-most admiral after Joshi's resignation.

The government will not pick Sinha to head the service as several recent accidents has taken place under his watch.

The accidents under Admiral Joshi's watch had not only tarnished his track record as navy chief but also complicated his relationship with the defence ministry.

The ministry was upset with Joshi's inability to reduce mishaps. Much to the ministry's chagrin, the navy had been in a state of denial under Joshi and had even argued that its safety record was respectable, dismissing a few accidents as "non incidents."

Three months after the INS Sindhurakshak accident, defence minister AK Antony had asked the navy brass to "optimally operate" the country's assets and ensure these were not "frittered away." Joshi is said to have resented this perceived insinuation that the force wasn't conducting itself professionally.

Weeks later, admiral Joshi virtually brushed aside the minister's concerns, stressing that the navy's track record was "not that bad" compared with international navies. A rash of accidents that followed set off alarm bells in the ministry, with the minister giving a piece of his mind to Joshi on several occasions.

The combined cost of warships involved in recent accidents is pegged at more than Rs. 10,000 crore, at a time when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has advised military commanders to exercise prudence in defence acquisitions and "cut our coat according to our cloth."

Dismayed over a string of accidents involving leading warships, defence Antony had asked the navy three weeks ago to clean up its act, saying he wasn't satisfied with the force's functioning.
The latest mishap took place 50 km off the Mumbai coast early Wednesday, while the boat was on a routine training exercise. A navy officer said the sailors became unconscious after smoke started to fill the boat and were airlifted to a naval hospital in Mumbai. Fire in one of the battery compartments, triggered by a short circuit, could have caused the accident, a source said.

"The deputy electrical officer (a lieutenant commander) and the watch keeping officer (a lieutenant) are still missing. Compartments get sealed automatically when the fire-fighting system kicks in," the source said. Senior navy officials, including Commodore Commanding Submarines (West), were on board the submarine when the accident took place.

The submarine had undergone a refit at the naval dockyard in Mumbai barely two months ago, raising serious questions about the quality of upgrade it underwent.