Date: 28/02/2014

Media statement of VHP Patron Ma. Ashokji Singhal: Though not with any political party, Sants want to see Narendra Modi in power at Centre. Under circumstances of non-acceptance of Common Civil Code by Muslims, conversion of Hindus by Islam and Christianity and large infiltration of Bangladeshi Muslims, Sants want five-children norm for Hindu couples to counter Hindu demographic decline and also save Joint Family/Hindu United Family (HUF), national society and interest.

Subject: VHP Presser: Though not with any political party, Sants want to see Narendra Modi in power at the Centre. Sants want either Civil Code for All in Bharat or five-children norm for Hindu couples. - Ashok Singhal, Patron, VHP

Udaipur, Feb. 28, 2014 - In their big meeting held on February 1 & 2, 2014
at Magh Mela at Prayagraj, the constituent Sants of the Margdarshak Mandal
present in the Mela decided to undertake public awakening programmes in
every Parliamentary constituency in view of the approaching general
elections in Bharat. The Sants are not tied up to any political party, even
so, in view of the state of affairs obtaining today in the country, they
wish to see Narendra Modi in power at the Centre. Last year, in the 2013
Kumbh Mela itself, in their 10,000-strong Sant Conference and the Dharma
Sansad (Dharma Parliament), they identified Modi as the leader for the

The Sants are appreciative that it is for the first time in the history of
representative democracy of the country that such an election is going to
take place in which the voting public craves to go beyond considerations of
caste, community, language, sect, religion, etc., and as a matter of
participatory democracy vote for cherished Bharat Desh. By high merit of his
election campaign tours identifying with and addressing the concerns of the
people at their level in their terms of discourse, no matter if it was in
Kerala or Tamil Nadu or Andhra Pradesh or Bengal, Shri Narendra Modi has
dismantled the linguistic, caste and community barriers, bringing thereby a
sense of togetherness and common goal. The society on its own volition and
choice comes to celebrate his programmes.

In the course of the last 10 years the moral and ethical degeneration of the
UPA Government has touched the lowest point. 'Corruption' has turned out to
be its functional password. Instead of national interest, the eyes of the
ruling dispensation are fixed on ways and means to plunder and gather booty.
That is why the entire society has become a victim of back-breaking price

The Sants are of the view that the empty secular cloak has turned out to be
a fašade and cover-up to trick and rob the country. That is why the present
Central Government has been, on the one hand, tyrannizing the Hindu feelings
in matters such as the Rama Janma Bhumi, Cow Protection, Saving the Ganga,
etc., and on the other, it has proved to be an utter failure in containing
the enemies of the country such as the Jihadists, the Maoists or the
Church-inspired violent Salvation Army, etc. Today the society feels itself

Also in the last Kumbh, in all the camps of the Sants, the fact of
decreasing Hindu population was a matter of great concern. In their view,
this one-sided gloominess is happening due to non-acceptance of the Common
Civil Code by the Muslim community, conversion of Hindus in big numbers to
Islam and Christianity and Muslim infiltration from Bangladesh. The Sants,
therefore, gave unambiguous commands that only by big families, instead of
nuclear ones, we can save our time-tested hoary institution of joint
families, and therefore, they are of the estimation that only by having and
banking on five children in every Hindu family we can save ourselves from
this demographic debacle.

The Sants have made up their minds to take these issues to every rural,
urban and remote hamlet in every parliamentary constituency of the country
to awaken and alert the people and make them exercised and assertive as to
the interests of their family, society and nation. In all the Provinces of
Vishva Hindu Parishad, along with Sant members from the Margdarshak Mandal,
15,000 Sants from each and every District will take part in the public
awakening programmes and the VHP shall cooperate in it with all strength.

- Released by

(Prakash Sharma)


Spokesperson, VHP