Date: 01/03/2014

Recalling March 1, 1947.

Where on earth do you find a whole nation that jubilantly hails and cheers a leader who comes back from fateful negotiations and declares, “Rejoice, I HAVE BOUGHT PEACE. I have surrendered one third of your country with license given to your enemies to exterminate you. I also agreed to keep them back among you to do your “Endloesung”!"

Go no farther but land at “Indira Gandhi International Airport” at New Delhi. Ask nobody as to why her real name “Maimoona Begum” is concealed, but take a drive along the capital to see how many roads, avenues, markets, shopping malls, schools, libraries, localities are named after her and her father Jawaharlal NEHRU.

Drive past the “samadhi” that honours Maimoona who crushed freedom of expression by imposing Emergency, then maliciously attacked an historic religious shrine, an internationally renowned icon of our native roots & spirituality, that is located not more than a couple of hundred yards from the site of Jallianwala Bagh Massacre in 1919, while at the same time planning to crush the Tamils in Sri Lanka in collusion with a hostile foreign government.

You should also drive past the “Samadhi” of her son, notorious for taking illegal commission from the Bofors Gun Company in Sweden, who sent his military to Sri Lanka to crush the Tamils of INDIAN origin domiciled there, approved of the genocide of thousands of innocent Sikhs in Delhi, comparing them to the fallen leaves in autumn.

You ought to ask a couple of questions about those in key positions at the top.

“Why is the First Lady of Hindusthan from Italy?” The answer: “No other female in Bharat possesses the same patriotism, intelligence and love of our traditions and temples as her.”

“Why should the Foreign Minister of Hindusthan be a Muslim?” The answer, “We cannot give the post to a Hindu who is derided as a “Kafir”( Infidel) in Mecca, Waziristan and East Bengal. He wouldn’t last a minute if he went on goodwill tour there!”

Where on earth can we find a nation like the Hindus in (Partitioned) India? When you are in Bharat, you are in the country where they call the Mutilation of India in 1947 “Independence”!

Let us recall 1st of March 1947 when the nation had absolutely no clue to what was coming. Then came the “khoon ki Holi” that was as unexpected as the Al Qaida attack on WTC Towers in New York in 2001!

Since no top leader has so far dared to demand a “post mortem” on that treacherous Partition, one can be certain that we will soon have another “unexpected” surprise- yet another "Khoon Ki Holi".

Our brain-dead sleepwalking nation is being “led” towards the dawn of the longest ever era of slavery once again.

What is the proof that this nation is not doomed? One does not need to go far to seek the answer. Anyone who warns of the coming doom is called a fool!

Countless writers have already written books entitled “Warning to Hindus!” but none is prepared to read and comprehend the content, leave aside act!

Is it a coincidence or a tragedy in unfolding?The calendar of 1947 is identical with that of 2014. So looking back on this date on the eve of Mutilation of Akhand Bharat in that year is significant. Dark clouds promising death and destruction started gathering overhead. The following day, on 2nd. March 1947, the Unionist Ministry under Sir Khizar Hayat Khan fell with turmoil and unrest in Lahore. On 5th March 1947, Multan, the ancient city of Bhagat Prahlad, was ablaze- then the rest of Bharat.