Date: 01/03/2014

It was Salman Khurshid who uttered the word "Napusank" recenty, accusing Mr Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat of complicity in the killing of some Muslims in Gujarat in 2002. So we embarked on some research on the topic.

It did not take long before we could shout back "RAJIV GANDHI, "Son of a Witch", who had watched the genocide of the Sikhs in 1984 and did nothing. What was he if not a "NAPUSANK"?

Our research soon took us back to Salman Khurshid himself. While praying to his Allah he must face Mecca, a town located in the desert of Arabia. It is a city which only a MORON can enter while FREE & HAPPY SOULS like the Jews, Christians and Hindus are strictly banned entry. So to Mecca we went to hear some folklore about the "Napusanks" there.

We met an old "namazi" who was familiar with the legend but feared to speak out. We presented him with a bitch and a goat and some dates, and he talked, looking over his shoulders.

He said, "Once there was a very rich lecherous man in Arabia. Money and Power corrupted him so much that he turned to sex, wine and women, to pass his time when he was not invading the neighbouring lands for gold and girls.

During the battles his soldiers delivered the most beautiful and the youngest captured girls to him to make him happy.

The over sexed leader soon found his virility ebbing away. Girls started laughing when he could not satisfy them in bed. They wept before the Grand Vazir who decided to intervene. He came to the Master and said, "Girls are calling you "Napusank". Take a small girl and use your finger!"

Promptly a six year old girl was brought and presented to the 56 year old Master. He was happy and everyone was happy, too.

That seems a plausible story but when Salman Khurshid threw the jibe at Mr Modi, it ruffled many a Hindu feather.

The first question they asked, "What is a Muslim doing in Partitioned India?" It needed some explaining to do since the captive Hindus in Bharat have never heard or spoken the word "Partition". No one had told tham that their India was divided into "MUSLIM India" and "HINDU India" and all the Hindus were slaughtered but all the Muslims stayed put.

Rightly one could ask, "What is Salman Khurshid doing in Partitioned India?" But we continue-

In our Bharat, too, we have had some notorious "napunsaniks". The first was Jawaharlal Nehru himself. He "chickened out" when required to defend Lahore and Dhaka. Fleeing Hindu refugees called him "NAPUSANK!"

A "brother" of Nehru, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, was also a "NAPUSANK" who did NOTHING to stop the massacres of Hindus and Sikhs- from East Bengal to West Punjab. They were innocent non violent peaceful Hindus. The Gujarat killings pale into insignificance when compared, and, furthermore, these were in RETALIATION. The Muslim rowdies killed over fifty unarmed pilgrims returing home by train.

There was another "Napusank" (EUNUCH") called Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy, Chief Minister of Bengal who ordered Direct Action against the unarmed Hindu minority in Noakhali. THOUSANDS of Hindus were killed, abducted, raped and maimed for life.

Let us admit. On our side, too, there were "EUNUCHS" in Government of India who looked the other way when the Indians were kicked, booted and battered in Uganda and Fiji, and later when the Tamils of INDIAN origin were targeted by the army in Sri Lanka.

Finally, we must mention the Supreme Commander of Bharat who avoids meeting the Hindus fleeing Sindh and East Bengal by saying, "They are foreigners!" Don't you feel like saying, "Eunuch" in the highest office who is meant to inspire our brave armed forces?

ps: Mr Modi is the "son of soil" widely credited with sweeping away the political, moral and ideological "FILTH" gathered by "Italy & Islam" in Bharat since 1947.

In a message dated 01/03/2014 12:07:36 GMT Standard Time, XXXXXXXXXXX writes:
नहेरुवीयन कोंग्रेसी किस मूंहसे दुसरोंको नपुंसक कह सकते है? अगर वे और अपनी पार्टी और वंशके पुरखों और खुद राजकीय नपुंसक नहीं होते तो चीनसे खोई हुई भारतभूमि वापस ले आते.

अगर वे नपुंसक नहीं होते तो बांग्लादेशी घुसपैंठोंको भगा सकते,

अगर वे नपुंसक नहीं होते तो पाकिस्तान, सिलोन, बर्मा को अपने प्रभावमें रख सकते,

अगर वे नपुंसक नहीं होते तो तिबेट पर चीनका सार्वभौमत्व मान्य नहीं रखते,

अगर वे नपुंसक नहीं होते तो तिबेटको चीनके सामने तिबेटने जो घर्षण पुर्ण संग्राम किया उसमें मदद करते,

अगर वे नपुंसक नहीं होते तो १९७१की भारतीय सैन्यकी पाकिस्तानके उपरकी विजयको सिमला करार द्वारा घोर पराजयमें परावर्तित नहीं करते,

अगर वे नपुंसक नहीं होते तो युनियन कार्बाईडसे न्यायिक प्रतिकर (कोंपन्सेशन) ले सकते,

अगर वे नपुंसक नहीं होते तो वे एन्डरसन को देश छोडने नहीं देते और उसको गिरफ्तार कर लेते,

अगर वे नपुंसक नहीं होते तो वे दाउद को देशसे भागने नहीं देते, अरे, दाउदोंको पैदा ही नहीं होने देते,

अगर वे नपुंसक नहीं होते तो क्वाट्रोची को भागने नहीं देते,

अगर वे नपुंसक नहीं होते तो कश्मिरके हिन्दुओंको मुसलमानोंद्वारा कत्ल होने नहीं देते,

अगर वे नपुंसक नहीं होते तो वे कश्मिरके हिन्दुओं की सुरक्षाके साथ उनके घरमें पूनर्स्थापित करते,

अगर वे नपुंसक नहींहोते तो आज २३ सालोंसे कश्मिरके हिन्दु अपने राज्याके बाहर तंबुओंमे जीवन व्यतित नहीं करते होते,

अगर वे नपुंसक नहींहोते तो उनको ६० सालके अपने शासन के बादभी मनरेगाकी बात, आरक्षणकी बात, आतंकवाद से सुरक्षाकी बात, आदि बतें नहीं करनी पडती,

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Salman Khurshid, Foreign Minister of India says that Narendra Modi is a NAPUSANK (IMPOTENT). He pays tribute to himself, his family and his Congress Party.

According to him, because of riots of 2002 in Gujrat this derogatory epithet should be bestowed on him. This poor soul gives us a glimpse of the diplomatic etiquettes he is infested with.

His party's philosophy and legacy would have also contributed to him being paranoid and demeaning himself to such a level. The Congress was indeed an impotent party, when cities like Multan.
Lahore and Peshawar were burning. There was lawlessness at the time of partition and the clueless Congress forgot (rather lost its senses to protect the people in distress and safeguard their
Matra Shakti,

The Congress, because of its Napusankta stopped our Jawans to recover entire Kashmir from the ivading marauderers in 1948.

It was the Napusankita pf Salman Khurshid's party that we suffered humiliations in 1962.

The saga SHAMEFULLY went on and on and in 1984 the butchering of innocent Sikhs took place. It still continues!

The infiltrators are entering India with impunity and the impotent Foreign Ministry headed by Salman Khurshid (himself a celebrated NAPUSANK)
does not do any thing;

Enemy enters our territory and beheads our soldiers. The Defence Minister sets up a record of fainting during army parades and functions; pays a glorious tribute to the Napusankita of the Congress party.

Deseparate Hindus in make shift camps are living with their children and Salman Khan's Ministry is eagre that they should be thrown out back to the vultures in Pakistan, because they are not Indian Citisens. Compare and contrast it with the attitude and policy towards the Bangladeshis!

A self certified Napusank does not realise that people of Gujrat have recognised the potentials of Narendra Modi and people of India are at the verge of proving that too. This has naturally embiterred Salman Khurshid.