Date: 02/03/2014

We understand that the Muslims in PARTITIONED INDIA are living at the courtesy, generosity and goodwill of the HINDUS since they have NO moral, legal or even constitutional right to be living in "BROKEN" Bharat after they took our vast territories to establish their exclusive ISLAMIC homeland (Pakistan).

There is something terrible about the MUSLIM character and loyalty. They come to free countries like UK or the USA and upon their knees BEG for permission to live there. But once settled down they start planning the DESTRUCTION of host communities that welcomed them in good faith.

Muslims in America destroyed the WTC Towers in New York, killing THOUSANDS, and in England, Spain and even in Germany they have blasted trains, buses, hotels and so on to KILL the natives.

From Salman Khurshid's insulting reference to our RESPECTED leader, Shri Narendra Modi, it appears that the Muslims are the same everywehre, UNGRATEFUL, THANKLESS, FOUL MOUTHED, AGGRESSIVE and RUDE.