Date: 02/03/2014

DEFENCE IN SHAMBLES - AK Anthony living in fools paradise - India's greatest misfortune

The recent accident in the submarine Sindhuratna (no ratna but loha!)
with the loss of two officers and the subsequent resignation of the
Navy Chief Admiral DK Joshi has expposed the deep seated rot in the
Ministry of Defence.

The ten year period of the UPA with Antony as the Defence Minister has proved to be a total disaster. The CAG had highlighted the shortcomings in all the three services but no notice
or cognizance of the report was taken. MIG crashes better known as the Flying Coffins, shortage of tank ammunition, guns and other items were all pointed out, but as usual the Minister and the babus
sat on it till the cows came home and the consequences are there for all to see. Requirement of fighter aircraft has been pending since 10 years and when finally the Rafale was short listed the Ministry claimed it had no money! What a ridiculous situation. But government has no hesitation in keeping its minions in maharaja life style. The defence minister is interested only in maintaining his so called clean image and jeopardising the security of the nation.

The President as Supreme Commander of the forces should tick off the
government and MOD and put them on the mat. And as per norm the UPA is
trying to defend itself and cover up the disaster with feeble excuses
which is absolutely untenable.

The entire setup at the MOD should be revamped with knowledgeable
persons and procurement process of vital equpments streamlined to make
it cost effective with reasonable time frame. No wonder the near
senile bigwigs of the government got spooked at the troop movement
near Delhi in Jan 2012. The guilty are afraid!!

As things stand with a rotten government and its thriving loot rate, a
coup would become inevitable..