Date: 18/03/2014


I returned from Bharat last night with the same feelings like you.
Great country, great hospitality, great scenery, beautiful people, excellent (native) religions but a corrupt anti Hindu Foreign Female (FF) in charge of the submissive, self negating suicidal PASSIVE Hindu nation floating in the bubble of history, at her feet, .

Native Youth are either going astray or on their own, directionless.
They watch "Khans" of Bollywood as heroes in films and get conditioned to admire their manliness while the dwarfs in Lok Sabha are brainwashed to regard the Muslims as a master race, not to be offended by mentioning Partition, Article 370 or Ayodhya. The native Youth have No guidance, No direction, No initiative, No encouragement, and No support. On the contrary the youth in the West and in South Korea, China, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan seem to be living on another planet.

Some idiots (Corrupt Congress Camp) back home are comparing Modi to Hitler! They compared Maimoona Begum to god "Indira". The world can see one of them as the "poodle" walking behind the Daughter of Italy!

That by inference must mean that if Modi is "Hitler" to them, then Sonia is a "goddess" and Mohammed Ali JINN was a "devta". Her followers are looting and robbing the nation while the followers of Mohammed of Mecca are openly embraced in "Broken & Shrunk" Bharat as "brothers". He was the one who outsmarted the "langoti-posh" BAPU and made him surrender one third of Akhand Bharat with most of Bengal, much of Punjab and even the Head of Hindusthan, i.e., North Kashmir, thrown in the Devil's Den (ISLAMIC ABATTOIR).

Gandhi, the barrister, loved "TYAAG" while JINN, the MOHAMMEDAN, went for GRAB. What an ideal match in Hindusthan.

Everywhere else ISLAM is being pushed or eased OUT while in "Partitioned Indian Secular State" they still think of enjoying SECURITY under the Italian-Islamic Alliance. The Hindu "maid" & Muslim "man" is like that "Tyaag-Grab" situation with all mixed marriages being one way traffic.

I also saw more awareness and more support for Modi. It was promising. Our input must reach more and more back home to unite and vote with vision for country, not dynasty, this time.