Date: 19/03/2014

Thank you for evaluation of traitor Nehru. He seems to have been a secret convert to Islam. He had great disdain and CONTEMPT for the Hindus and favoured the MUSLIMS openly at every step. That has been the strategic policy of Dynasty + Congress ever since the MUTILATION of India. Never call it "partition"!

When asked to consult the people by demanding Referendum over break up (SURRENDER) of India, Nehru replied to an American visitor, "Who consults the cattle?"

Yet the Hindus had more blind faith in Nehru than in Sri Rama or Sri Krishna.

Your esteemed email will enlighten many Hindus who insist on having ITALIAN born SONIA on top of all in Hindusthan.


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Crimea is now part of Russia. Putin took action since large numbers of people of Russian origin in Crimea earlier part of Ukraine that overthrew elected President and replaced with a government that is hostile and considered measures to restrict use of Russian language and such detrimental to Russians living there. Sensing threats to safety of Russian people in Ukraine,especially in Crimea, Putin took their responsibility in his hands and through a process of referendum took the state away from Ukraine . Now Crimea is part of Russia.

Mind you not a single Russian in Ukraine was shot, stabbed, or otherwise hurt. Not a single Russian woman was subjected to molestation . Yet Putin, Russia moved apprehending danger to Russians and considered the safety of his people first before every thing else especially international opinion.

The contrast with how Kashmir was handled by Nehru is obvious. His priority was 'international opinion' at every stage. Even when Gen Manekshaw came with urgent report and permission for armed action while Pakistani regular and irregular troops were rampaging Kashmir valley with murder,rape and mayhem, Nehru was glibly talking about international opinion and every thing else under the sun . This episode is recounted by General himself. Manekshaw also mentioned Sardar Patel who was in the room as well as Earl Mountbatten, then Governor General of India. Patel stopped Nehru's harangue saying ' do you want to send troops or not' (to save Kashmir). Earl Mountbatten approved sending troops to save Sri Nagar and thereby the valley. The Paki raiders took a halt in Baramulla indulging in their favorite past time , the rape. In Baramulla the victims were not Kafir women but some nuns. And this bothered Mountbatten as well as kept Sri Nagar relatively intact for Indian troops to land. So Nehru also said, 'of course I want troops sent'. Patel turned to Manekshaw, 'there is your order, go'.

So at least part of Kashmir was saved but not all since there is an agreement between departing Mountbatten and incoming Nehru to govern India that Pakistan should not allowed to collapse. So generously cease fire was announced and advancing Indian troops were halted and that part of Kashmir now practically became play ground for China which built a highway, Karakoram cutting across occupied Kashmir connecting it with Pakistan.

It was a 'funny' war in 1948 in Kashmir in which both sides were led by British Generals and both were talking to each other daily about operations, and also daily arms and ammunition was going to Rawalpindi from Delhi to replenish dwindling supplies to Paki army, while on ground Indian soldiers were shedding blood to save Kashmir.

Considerations like safety and security of people of Kashmir, especially the usual disposable Hindus then or at present were never paramount in minds of likes of Nehru or Mountbatten .Hindus who form majority in India and minority in parts given to Pakistan or their safety or security never entered into any calculations by these planners or plotters while presiding over partition. One cannot say the partition holocaust was a surprise to any of them who signed away large parts of India. Gandhi, Nehru and Mountbatten were all aware what was in store. Jinnah and Suhravardy already gave a sample when they took 'direct action' few weeks prior to partition. Calcutta saw slaughter of unsuspecting Hindus. In Naukhali, gouging of eyes of Hindus was favorite tactic used. Still with out any arrangement or orderly transfer or any thing else simply millions of HIndus were left behind on wrong sides of Radcliff line on both sides of India.

And now you can see the result. Pakistan completed its genocide of Hindus and Bangladesh is almost there. From 46 millions to 0.8 million, Hindus were cleansed off E Bengal, E Pakistan , now called Bangladesh.

It is not necessary to be a nuclear weapon state or a superpower or a former super power to act like what Putin did apprehending danger to his people. Small Turkey sent troops to Cyprus, wrested it from Greek Cypriot control when it apprehended danger to people of Turkish origin in Cyprus, when Greece went under military rule.

No self respecting thus sits idle or plays cricket matches when danger to its people is apprehended let alone the genocide. They all take action, preventive or punitive.

In India Sardar Patel was only one such leader, and an exception, his measures to act against Nizam and his henchmen Razakars who were merrily going on campaign of genocide of Hindus in the state and by the way were fully supported by Communists, in case of Hyderabad till the last minute were thwarted. He could move only after passing away of Gandhi, and when Nehru was out of the country in a Commonwealth meeting in London and when Patel was 'acting Prime Minister'. He sure did take action. Jinnah then passed away in September 1948. Rajagopalachari, the Governor General wanted action against Nizam be postponed to show ;'good will' to Pakistan. And then there was also a committee which spent midnight oil drafting detailed answers to Nizam's questionnaires much like UPA did following 26/11 attack on Mumbai, and in the morning they took the answers and papers to Patel. Patel said nothing can be done since the troops already entered Hyderabad and are advancing.

Any way but for such decisive action by a leader in India who is an exception to 'dime a dozen' Prime ministers and such non entities , taken to day the debate on Hyderabad whether it would stay as joint capitol for Andhra and Telangana or go to Telangana only, would be entirely different, the discussion would be between India and Pakistan about the area of Nizam reign becoming South Pakistan and secular government in New Delhi would be negotiating about safety of largest minority of Hyderabad, the Christians in that Nizam e Mustafa Fortunately it is not the case.

Patel also demanded and wanted few districts from E Pakistan be taken away to settle millions of Hindu refugees but he never got a chance. He passed away, and the governance to date continued in New Delhi who excel in appeasement rather than showing even basic humane consideration for our long suffering people who were caught for o fault of their own on wrong side of border, and who do not form vote banks. India is thus unique in having such governments so far who are more concerned about building confidence for the enemy state rather than even taking token measures to assure safety for our people, even though some of the Prime Ministers themselves were refugees and have first hand knowledge of suffering of Hindu minority in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

But despite all that happened, still the situation can be changed for better for both India and people of India by those who keep India first.