Date: 31/03/2014

Nehru was a plus minus story.

Mountbatten, Radcliff and VP Menon saved India TO LARGE EXTENT.

Nehru SHOULD HAVE AGREED TO TOTAL EXCHANGE OF POPULATION as asked by Jinnah and Liaquat Ali after independence. Now India is back to pre-independent India of Hindu-Muslim problem which could have been settled absolutely in 1947 with strict legal justification but Nehru and Gandhi deliberately destroyed to core the Hindu peasantry and rural laborers for ever and compromised the destiny of future generations for ever. Pakistan has evicted Hindus and Sikhs who will again fall victims to terror, bullyism, abductions and dishonour of their offsprings in now India. This would be repeat of slavery of thousand years a clear gift of destiny of Indians due to traditional fatal leadership. History repeats itself, how true.

Nehru acted foolishly and with revenge by insulting and humiliating Armed Forces and its all ranks and then suddenly ordered it to take on Chinese in 1962 without arms, planning, without logistic support and choosing a wrong time to indulge in war under the advice of fools at a time when America under Kennedy was busy with Russians over missile crisis in Cuba, but still Kennedy dispatched Gen Paul Adams, Averall Harriman along with Gailbraith to see through the crisis, Kennedy contemplated using air strikes and possible nuclear arms against China if situation deteriorated and smelling this Chinese withdrew 20 KM into their territory post haste.( Kennedy's instructions to his staff in white house when he asked them to help India). Nehru was almost out of mind and in a confused state and could neither understand nor apprehend advancing Chinese on maps shown to the fellow for which he showed utter ignorance. A man bitten by anti Army attitude through out and still was seen giving foolish instructions.

Nehru and Gandhi were like Rahu and Ketu for India especially the Hindus. He did certain good things for India but it fell back as chains.


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Thank you for the vital additional information on traitor Nehru, the anglicised pompous slave who not only betrayed the country, the Hindus of East Bengal and Sindh, the Sikhs of West Punjab and the Buddhists of Chittagong, Chitral and Gilgit, but also the once proud and victorious Indian armed forces.

It took one second to alter the borders of our ancient land of Wisdom, Spirituality and Divinity without fight or challenge, and thereby "orphan" the Hindus of Sindh and East Bengal, but also compelled the proud Sikhs to apply for visa to go and see the birthplace of Guru Nanak.

And it took one second again, when the Indian armed forces became a "mercenary" force earning the title of "Eunuchs in Uniform".

That moment was when the Commander-in-Chief of the day obediently passed on Nehru's orders to cease firing, to his ADVANCING troops instead of turning around promptly, as Field Marshal Maneckshaw would have done, to tell Nehru, "Fighting is MY job. You mind your own business of "grooming your daughter for your post, continuing with the divide & rule" policy, Muslim appeasement, rampant corruption, and HINDU BASHING!"

Alas, we did not have a general of such courage ​then, nor do we have one even today. They are no better than the "sheep" sitting in the Parliament, adoring the Lady from Italian Mafia. They are happy to regard Bharat as the "Coolie Colony" of Italy & Islam once again.

"Broken" Bharat is still light years away from the sovereignty, freedoms, power and dignity of the people in the United Kingdom and the United States.

You are quite right to say, "FROM NEHRU TO RAUL KHAN VINCI each member of the FAKE GANDHIS should also have been charged with treason whether dead or alive."

Indeed, the process of clearing the mess ought to have begun with the hanging of Nehru from gallows.

You are spot on. Today Muhajir Mia Musharraf is charged for treason. FROM NEHRU TO RAUL KHAN VINCI each member of the FAKE GANDHIS should also have charged with treason whether dead or alive.

Nehru, an alleged illegitimate son of a Musalman bootlegger was a dirty rotten debouch SCOUNDREL, who during the time of India's most difficult time of PARTITION was more busy that, when he could sneak into internationally known high society slapper Edwina Mountbatten's bedroom than trying to save millions of Hindus/Sikhs getting slaughtered, arsoned and raped by Muslamans. Edwina allegedly possibly bedded with more men than Dick Mountbatten killed enemies in the battlefield. With all his immense good look, charm and loyal background Dick Mountbatten was a total Dick to keep his wife as one man's dog. WHAT A FAILURE OF MANHOOD WHO WAS AN ADMIRAL AND "LORD OF THE SEA" of the then world's greatest Naval power Royal Navy.

The tragedy of Indians, that, so many coolies whether still in India or left India to shine uncle Sam's boots never learn and never read the real history. Evil Brits wanted Indians to read evil McCauley's devised history and the Congis followed the same evil devise to keep the Indians coolies and crooks.

Until, Indians smash up all the status of M K Gandhi and fake Gandhis as Russians did to Stalins after the fall of Russian Empire in 1990s, India will remain a COOLIE COLONY INDIA and not BHARAT.


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Regarding the very naive and simplistic minority opinion below, "Comments on Late Nehru are very vulgur (sic) and undignified."

And another line: "While he did have many shortcomings (don't we?)". What a comparison between an ant and an elephant!

Who are "we"? One or two among us, "towing the sarkari line" vs. the powerful autocrat who was regarded top leader and had direct access to the Viceroy? He was the one expected to lead the charge into Jinnah's phalanx. What a self-bloated comparison!

Please do NOT let the traitor off the hook unless we all wish to perish like the five provinces that were dealt a lethal blow when NEHRU either got hoodwinked (infatuated) or bribed to go along with that BOGUS Partition, leaving India legless, armless and headless.

Kashmir is still in bloody turmoil because barrister Nehru had a clever idea. Has the Supreme Commander or the Prime Minister seen through that?

To the advocates of Nehru we must say, "Nehru must be condemned & criticised till eternity or at least till the breakaway affrontry called the Islamic Republic of Pakistan exists without EXCHANGE OF POPULATION, or any other condition that has to be announced & heard.

Many people may be dumb, or in coma, brainwashed, intimidated, servile, slavish or crushed but all of them are not dead yet. There is still feeble breath in the body, waiting to come out. And when it does, it will be like a dam burst. So, let us insist on having the "post mortem of partition" and be done with Nehru for ever.

The damage Nehru did to India in his flamboyant play boy manner is not confined to his life time or one century. The distorted frontiers of mutilated Bharat are FOR EVER and so are the CRIME, TREASON & GUILT of Nehru for ever, and, in a subsidiary role, of MK Gandhi, the "savvy politician turned into great appeaser" who sent dangerous signals to his blind following to go out and embrace a Mohammed, calling him "Brother". He was no better than the trusting FOOL Prithvi Raj Chauhan and paid the same price in the end.

The Hindu "mahatma's" flippant buffoonery is now extended unconditionally and unreservedly even to the Mafia Lady from Italy, Partitioned India's greatest SECURITY RISK, but not a whimper of protest, or the pain of patriotism, from any State security agency or top Neta!

To exonerate Nehru even after 70 years, or 700 years, is to consider India's lost territories and the millions who perished there or while fleeing for life, worthless like a rag.

Nehru's role model ought to have been Winston Churchill in England's darkest hour when he made his "sweat, toil and blood" speech. His England was actually being bombarded day and night then, her cream of youth dying in battlefields all over the world and people were on reduced rations while Nehru was in his luxurious house with maids and servants, having wine and dinners with Viceroy's wife. None in the Indian coolie colony was a luckier blighter.

No other native was that high and mighty then. People saw
him in the company of our White rulers and vied with each other to touch his feet. It is like the race to touch Sonia's feet in the present day Parliament (Lok Sabha) in New Delhi.

Those who betrayed the motherland were traitors then and are still the traitors, and will always remain so. People may change according to the rulers' "whip or carrot", public opinion may shift, principles dumped for selfish interests or for any other reason but a nation's ideals cannot change.

India's DISGUSTING borders are bogus and an insult today, tomorrow and for ever. Nehru accepted them without protest.

Nehru's autocratic and undemocratic "Hindu bashing" dynasty was shining yesterday. Today they are coming under dark shadow. Tomorrow they will be WIPED OUT along with the bogus "Samadhis" that defile our sacred "dharti" (land) in New Delhi.

In the "Assembly of Rats" not one stood up to OPPOSE such affront and insult to nation's honour and conscience. One of them is for Maimoona Begum who sealed the critics' lips in her democracy, and the other is to honour the Bofors CHOR!

For our dignity and self respect these "samadhis" should give way to grand memorials to honour great Hindu heroes or martyrs, instead.

Eternal Truth will prevail. This is the country's motto with which none can have any quarrel.

Now let us turn our attention to the INVISIBLE calamity for Bharat that is inherent in Nehru's act of historic betrayal of nation and country. It is about to return with vengeance like a boomerang to smite us all.

We appeal to all to pass on a clear picture to our children of all those who sat around the Viceroy's table to discuss the unconditional surrender (Mutilation) of Akhand Bharat in order to weaken the country's defences and put a question mark against Hindus' survival in South Asia.

Finally, one would throw less MUCK in Nehru’s memory and face had he just asked for Referendum before surrendering one third of India nonchalantly.

Again he could have asked for a guarantee for the safety of the betrayed Hindus in Pakistan, and finally, TRANSFER OF POPULATION.

He did none of these. Hence we sympathise with the angry outburst of the respectable elderly Hindu gentleman, fleeing Lahore penniless, having lost everything including his grown up daughters, shouted “Bloody Bastard!” at NEHRU.

We wish to convey his curse (even if considered "vulgar") to each and every Member of India’s Parliament and everyone else going under the title of "His Excellency", in New Delhi.




Just remembered another gift given by Nehru to poor India.

Before giving the details, I'm grateful and glad that most of you have liked my earlier email on the subject. One of you pointed out that it was not Gen Choudhry but Lt Gen Thakur Nathu Singh who who was the first man to take on JL Nehru. I fully agree and I stand corrected. If I remember it right, there was a meeting in which a proposal to appoint the first Indian General as COAS was to be discussed. Nehru was against it, saying that no Indian military officer had enough experience for this job. To that, Nathu Singh retorted that we now had a prime minister who had zero previous experience. There was a pin drop silence, and Nehru agreed to the proposal. He asked Nathu Singh if he was ready for the job. The reply was that yes he was ready but there were others who were senior to him and fully fit for the job. That is how and when Gen KM Cariappa was appointed as the first Indian COAS.

On a personal note, let me point out that his son Ran Vijay Singh belonged to 2JSW course and I belong to 7JSW. He was a Seahawk pilot and so was I. I and my wife had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with Thakur Saheb at a dinner get together at RV's place. A simple, straightforward and a very impressive man. He treated us affectionately, like his own son and bahu rani.

Now for Chacha Nehru and his gift. Soon after indepenence, Nehru visited New York, maybe to visit UNO. A reception was held in his honour by the mayor of New York. In his lecture, the mayor pointed out that India was a poor country whose annual budget was less than that of New York City, and that NYC would do its best to help out India. It seems Nehru was stung to the quick and decided not to have anything to do with USA. He found them to be too cocky. Or, maybe he had an overdose of inferiority complex. So, he went and sat in the Russian lap. Officially, we were non-aligned, but actually we were very much pro Russia. We hitched our economy to the Russian wagon. Not only that we adopted their model of five year plans, we made sure that the plans started and ended at the same time as the Russian ones !! We went in for Russian equipment and armaments etc and we are still paying the price for those bulky and less efficient items. The main items were 'cheap' but we had to pay for the spares etc through our nose.

India paid for its folly in yet another way. USA was follwing a policy of 'encircling and containment' of Russia. This entailed establishing bases in various countries that ringed Russia. When India refused to help USA, they turned towards Pakistan. Thus, India's foolhardy loss became pakistan's smart gain. They provided bases to USA, they received billions of dollars in US military and economic aid. They were gifted by USA with latest technology in arms and equipment -- all for free for all practical purposes. Paki forays into terrorism were ignored, they are being ignored even today. Yankee dollar is being used to inflict a thousand cuts on India. Credit for all this must go to Chacha Ji. With such people guiding our destiny, we do not need an enemy.

I would also like to point out that following the debacle of 62, Nehru wrote letters of appeal to all international leaders asking for help. USA was the first one to act and sent in many Hercules a/c to help India surmount its logistic problems. Our very staunch Russian friends did not do anything. Why? Because they were reported to have said that while India was a friend, China was a brother ( or words to that effect ).

Finally, while no one has questioned the facts as brought out in my previous mail, some friends have called me and others 'wise after the event' and indulging in Nehru bashing. I agree with them that we are wise after the event. Let us all study and learn from history, lest it repeats itself !! Nehru bashing may be bad but what he did to the country was far worse.


Fwd: Nehru's Gifts to India


During the last a coupe of weeks some of the mails are unsual of idsa character.Non Defence
issues,some times intedented to malaign some leaders toing the BJP line are appearing.Suddenly
why this spurt of of mails.We have got a secular,socialist and a democratic constitution which
restored equality to all people irrespective of caste,creed and religion.Let this be remembered
and not distroyed.The defence personnel are very respected and intellectual people.Comments on
Late Nehru are very vulgur and undignified.


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> Dear All,
Nehru-bashing seems to be a favourite pastime in India (after cricket, Salman Khan and Sharukh
Khan et al of course). While he did have many shortcomings (don't we?) it would be silly to
deny his (substantial) strong points. It is indeed cowardly to ceaselessly criticize an
individual after he has transited: and not always with valid reasons.

Let us stop the blame game and do something for our country instead of engaging in such non-
productive debates - unless we prefer the next generation to (with a valid reason) to heap
blame and abuse on us.

2. He has taken the courage to write, some aspects of Panditji.
3. Nearing the end of the innings, I realize that perpetuating of cult, no matter how great is
the Leader, is not good for the Democracy. Otherwise, it becomes negation of Democracy.

I also feel that Vedic Span of the 4 stages of life should be practiced in substance. A
Politician, a Businessman, a Teacher, even a Religious Leader, or a Father, or any other
position of Power, must shed all vestiges of Power to enjoy the end of the innings,
particularly after age 75 years. Nature is right; a tall tree keeps on growing taller but no
grass grows under his feet. But what is little known is that an American DNA Analyst has proved
that a Cluster of Trees is a family comprising brothers, children, and others. It is a related
family where instead of blood, the nourishment from mother earth comes up by capillary action
right up even above 200 feet and the leaves, fruits, seeds, but for all that Sun must provide

As the houses rise into multi-stories, every year or two, I some how get the lower branches of
tree outside our family house cut, so that during rainy season, the Tree keeps growing taller
and catches the Sun despite the numbers of high rise buildings multiplying.

4. No matter how tall is the Leader, he must reduce nourishment or nature does it for him, so
that his Children can grow up. GenX always looks wrong but with age matures.
With best regards,


Date: Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 3:34 AM
Subject: Nehru's Gifts to India

Dear Friends,

A few emails have appeared about Henderson Brooks report and about Nehru's doings.

A dear veteran friend has stated on Facebook that we should not heap all the blame of 1962
debacle on Nehru. I'll say that we should not blame him for just 1962 only. Please read on.

A .. In 1946, Mahatma Gandhi advised Nehru to give up his claim for prime ministership in favour of
Jinnah so that he could be prevailed upon not to pursue his idea of partitioning the country.
Our selfish and egoist friend refused. Of course the Congress today justifies his action.

B .. When Pakis attacked Kashmir in 1947, the Maharaja asked India for help. Once he signed the
instrument of accession as stipulated by India, our forces were sent in. They chased the Pakis
out of the valley and were in the process of clearing up whole of J & K when Nehru ordered a
cease fire. Mind you the invader was on the run then and would have cleared J&K in a matter of

a couple of days.Nehru wanted to take up the case in UNO ( as advised by his paramour's husband

viz Mountbatten ? ). He over-ruled the professional advice by the military that India gets J &

K vacated and then lodges a complaint before UNO. Our great leaderthus presented the country

with a permanent festering sore !!

C .. He ignored the advice of and insulted Sardar Patel on matters of China and Tibet. Patel
was a very practical and shrewd politician. Look what happened to India under the very
excellent leadership of Nehru, ably assisted by Menon and Kaul. Nehru totally ignored Menon's
jeep scandal - Menon could do no wrong !!

D .. Prior to the Chinese debacle, the Army Chief Gen Thimmayya, put in his papers in 1959 as
the govt just did not listen to him and Menon was insultive, sarcastic and caustic. IAF Chief
was on a visit to the UK and IN Chief, Adm Katari, was also going to follow suit and resign.
Nehru called Timmy and personally requested him to withdraw the resignation letter. Timmy
agreed, Katari also did not resign. However, the next day Nehru ridiculed Timmy in the parliament. That was a very cheap and unethical thing to do.

E .. After the 62 debacle, the MPs were livid and they wanted Menon to go. Nehru made him the
Deputy Defence Minister without appointing a Defence Minister. Menon being Menon, strutted
around and boasted that he was a de-facto Defence Minster anyway. The MPs again took up the
matter in the parliament and they wanted Menon to be relieved of all his duties. They wanted
Menon to go. Nehru retorted that if Menon went, he too would go. They all shouted 'All right,
you also go'. That shook him to the core. He hung on to his gaddi and let go of his 'dear
trusted friend'. This happened in 1963. Thereafter, Nehru seems to have taken things to his
heart and he eventually died a 'broken' man next year.

F .. After the debacle of 1962, there was a lot of hue and cry against Gen Kaul. Nehru called the new Army Chief, Gen JN Chaudhary, and asked him to 'go easy on Kaul'. Can you imagine a more blatant act of shielding the guilty just because he happens to be your distant relative? Gen Chaudhry just replied 'Mr Prime Minister, he will receive his orders, if he obeys - fair enough. If he doesn't, I'll court martial him'. This shocked the 'great man' into silence. Kaul was
transferred to Jallandhar Cantt (away from the seat of power and any interference!), and an
inquiry was done into his actions. To my mind, this was the first time that someone had been
firm and blunt with Nehru. This incident may also have hastened his departure from this earth.

G .. When Nehru died and his will was read, he wanted his ashes to be strewn over the
Himalayas and all the rivers and the two seas. What the hell did this conceited egoistic man think? Did he think India was his baap ki jaageer ??

H .. Our next PM was a very honest and humble man - Lal Bahadur Shastri. He never said anything
against anybody. However, he remarked once that Panditji was always obsessed with the idea that
his daughter should become the PM after him !!!!

So, friends, this is what I know about our first Prime Minister. Please feel free to add if you
know more. And of course, boquets and brickbats are welcome.