Date: 02/04/2014

It's not only the British but ALL conquerors have to be savages, barbarians and heartless beasts when it comes to treating a nation that is defeated and lies at their feet.

Hindu mind is too soft to comprehend the fact that the relationship between the conqueror and the defeated is the same as that between the butcher and the sheep under its knife.

After the crushing defeat and the resounding victory take place, the relationship between the conquerors and the victims gets fixed. The former go for more victories and the constantly defeated side starts secretly aspiring to receiving more blows, cuts and stabs. That is why many Hindus, like my dear friend, keep repeating, "We Hindus need even more beating and thrashing before we all wake up at last!"

The Jehadi craves for the thrill of killing while the Kafir, too, craves for the thrill of being killed. The lamb in the mouth of the tiger has the thrill of being eaten up as much as the tiger has the thrill of its kill. That explains why in the past countless millennia the Hindus never crossed the frontiers to invade Turkey or Arabia, leave aside France or England. WE CRAVE FOR SLAVERY. Like the "SILENCE OF THE GRAVEYARD" we have "PEACE OF THE SLAVES" IN HINDUSTHAN.

In 1947 the top native leaders secretly desired the thrill of the grand surrender while Bapu Gandhi craved for more and more Hindus to be slain or forced out of their homes, and women and girls raped. Both Nehru and Gandhi had their inner wishes fulfilled at Partition.

When will we become smart to see the mindset of the killer and the victim separately? On that day we will understand the simple truth that Sonia Maino Gandhi, a Catholic from Italy looks at her Hindu subjects with the eyes of the tiger looking at the goat or the with the eyes of the Taliban ogling the virgin.

The slave nation, individually and collectively, is INFERIOR, CONTEMPTIBLE and WEAK, and ultimately comes to behave "as expected"!

Neither the past Muslim nor the earlier Christian RULERS of Hindusthan treated the natives with respect & dignity as equals. Those dared to stand up for Freedom were whipped and flogged, shot or hanged to death. HATRED & CONTEMPT for them ran through the minds of the rulers.

Up to the last days of Raj there was SEGREGATION. Train compartments for the Europeans were separate, dancing halls were "Whites only" and there were "no go" places, notably The Mall in Simla (Shimla now) where no natives were allowed to come for a stroll in the evening. There was apartheid across India, although not as strict as in South Africa and the USA at that time.

It was for this reason alone that the Muslims, whom Bapu regarded his children and Nehru called "brothers" considered themselves SO SEPARATE and SUPERIOR that they considered it utterly LOATHSOME to share the same country with us. They insisted on the MUTILATION of their own Land of birth only in order to live away from the "FILTHY" (their perception!) Hindus, defined as KAFIRS in their "holy!" Book.

That is what the Italian born First Lady of Bharat thinks of the subjugated natives when cabinet ministers and senior generals seek her approval. Most of us have never asked ourselves, "What contempt must Sonia have to LOOT & PLUNDER the "land of donkeys & baboons" (her perception!) who are not only from the ex British slave colony but also HINDU!

Where is the wealth of the SLAVES going? It is going where she perceives the people to be her own, equal to her, related to her, and to the land that she puts FAR ABOVE the land of the subservient & supine natives of Bharat.

The implications of these statements are horrendous since today our Hindu nation is lying at the feet & mercy of ITALIAN FEMALE of dubious background and alien reliigon, the biggest SECURITY RISK.

Yet the people, the Parliament (Lok Sabha) and even the generals, follow her blindly, trusting the affairs of the nation in her hands.

To spread awareness and knowledge, we must give the highest priority to COMMUNICATION, i.e., SPREAD OF AWARENESS. We must trust in the increasing use of COMPUTERS. They are the gift of God when we are barred from reaching the masses.

Guru Gobind Singhji gave five "K's" to his followers to make them brave like "lions". But it was easy for the enemies (NEHRU INCLUDED!) to deceive them in 1947 and "hunt" them by proxy and see them scatter like the Kashmiri Hindus since 1989.

The government was not moved when the Hindus fled Srinagar and they were not bothered when the genocide of the Sikhs was going on in November 1984. But all Hell was let loose on Mr Modi over the massacre of Muslims. Muslims are perceived to be very special people while Hindus and Sikhs, being natives, are considered "rubbish". The reality is more than mere "Hindu bashing"! They are crippling, weakening, demoralising and destroying the Hindus, all the Hindus- all the time.

Our bad luck is not difficult to spot. What you say is most valuable for the nation but very few will read it. Yet if the Italian born First Lady utters even TRASH everybody will hear it. That is the power of MEDIA at her command.

Today the patriots are denied access to the people (masses) since the media are either sarkari or afraid of sarkar. But here is the way out:

We ought to empower the nation by spread of COMPUTERS (INTERNET). By this means we will reach people in the farthest corners of the world. Had the Sikhs been smart, they would have declared "Komputer" the SIXTH "Kay"!