Date: 03/04/2014



(The sheep do need the wolves!)

The sheep were grazing peacefully. There were occasionally fights among themselves over a patch of grass or a mate but while the lucky ones enjoyed their rewards, the rest went back to grazing. Centuries passed.

There was no change in their peaceful way of life with the chants of “shanti, shanti, shanti”, “sab se hamri bann aayee” (All are our friends. We have no enemy on earth!), and “All mankind is one family”. Fed up with the dull routine, at last, they prayed to God.

“O Almighty Creator, You send dark clouds and thunder after we have had too much drought and sun. An occasional lightning strike makes quite a spectacle that we recall with thrill.

“Can you, please, occasionally send some predators to carry off one of us and scatter the rest in fright, creating a stampede? We desperately need something exciting now and then, for example, a dash for life, a change of pasture, the manly Khan running off with a defenceless Hindu maiden in movies, a stir in our dull veins and, at least, to watch the others perform.”

God sent the Musalman. God sent our “brothers”. We were thrilled and delighted. We found meaning in our own eventless sedate life of mutual bickering, caste system, bride burning, dowry deaths, female infanticide, child brides, and began to hate ourselves.


MORAL: Hindu Muslim “Bhai Bhai” means the two will remain inseparable. The two are complimentary. The two need each other. The one without the other is incomprehensible. The sedate life of a KAFIR is meaningless and futile without the thrust of a MOMIN.

Those seeking a proof of this hypothesis can go to Hindusthan where the Hindus are not only RECONCILED to the presence of the predators but desperately need them. Day in and day out the Musalman is threatening, converting, bullying, raping and occasionally capturing territories in order to wipe out the Infidels. Yet there is never a counter attack, never any retaliation.

However much we may wish & pray, shout and cry, and whatever we do, the sheep cannot become wolves.

The Hindu needs the Musalman, the one to prove “Ahimsa Parmo Dharma” is right, the other to give meaning to KORAN and impart Faith & Inspiration to the Jehadi and the suicide bomber.

If anywhere you wipe out one, the other will go mad in frustration, as if looking for a mate. For peace in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Arabia and Irak we do not need the NATO forces or the American soldiers but Kafirs, Infidels, HINDUS.

Restore the Law of Nature: Provide prey to the predators. Morally upright Hindus need immoral Mafia (Italian) and savage killers (Muslims). Gentle citizens of Bharat need the “baboos” (fossilised bureaucrats) for KICKS up their backs, one every second of day and night.