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Shocking Expose of Raj Mohan Gandhi (AAP Candidate) by Madhu Kishwar: Watan Ka Dushman: Rajmohan Gandhi Charged with Working for CIA to Promote Secessionist Movements in India? Sai Lal alleges Rajmohan used him & his sisters for beggary in Europe

Shocking Expose of Raj Mohan by Madhu Kishwar. Revelations on Rajmohan Gandhi by Sai Lal Jediya

Click for video interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbIKpk9w3t0#t=45

Watan Ka Dushman: Rajmohan Gandhi Charged with Working for CIA to Promote Secessionist Movements in India?

Sai Lal alleges Rajmohan used him & his sisters for beggary in Europe

Author(s) : Madhu Purnima Kishwar

The allegation of Rajmohan Gandhi being a CIA agent working for decades to promote secessionist and terrorist groups in India at the behest of CIA is based on a video recorded interview with Sai Lal Jediya, son of a Gandhian freedom fighter, Late Hira Lal who lived in Panchgani where Rajmohan's MRA headquarter is also located. MRA has long been suspected of being a CIA outfit.

Sai Lal came and met me at my house last week sought help in bringing the truth about Rajmohan Gandhi to public notice. Since Sai Lal has documentary evidence to back up his charges, some of which are made avaialable in this videorecorded interview, I thought it best to put them out in the public domain so that Rajmohan can be called to account. We will gladly publish Rajmohan's version and hope he will choose to respond to these serious charges. (Click for video interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbIKpk9w3t0#t=45 )

Sai Lal has known Rajmohan Gandhi from age 10 when Rajmohan took Sai Lal and his two sisters to Mumbai on the false promise to Hira Lal that that he would provide his three children value based education of the kind Mahatma Gandhi had propagated. Instead, Sai Lal and his sisters were made "theater actors" and put in the roles of destitute Indian children to accompany Rajmohan Gandhi on his fund raising tours in Europe ostensibly to set up a college for poor students in Panchgani.

Sai Lal provides solid evidence in this video recorded interview of how Rajmohan used them for "beggary" in Europe and forced 10 year old Sai Lal to convert to Christianity while in Europe.

This betrayal has left Sai Lal traumatised. But worse was to come. Sai Lal says, on returning to India Rajmohan tried to get Sai Lal's father Hira Lal involved in instigating separatist movements in Nagaland and other border areas of then North East.

This caused a permanent rift between the two and Hira Lal wrote a small book in Hindi entitled : "Watan Ka Dushman: Rajmohan Gandhi" to expose the sinister politics of Rajmohan who he had initially trusted blindly on account of his pedigree.

This charge of involvement with secessionist movements seems to be in line with Rajmohan Gandhi's known closeness to US based ISI agent Gulam Nabi Fai-- who is currently in an American jail on charges of ISI inspired conspiratorial activities. Fai had for years run campaigns in support of secessionist movement in Kashmir in collaboration with well known "human rights" activists in India --who have all been likewise funded by US foundations and donor agencies.

Rajmohan Gandhi has been a lead player in this game. This was exposed when Fai was arrested, tried and sent to jail in the US on charges of indulging in illegal activities on behalf of ISI and Rajmohan was one of the prominent signatories to the petition in defence of Fai and demanding his release.

Sai Lal alleges that Rajmohan and the MRA headquarters built by Rajmohan in Panchgani, Maharashtra are centres of CIA backed anti national activities in India, including holding training camps for terrorist groups.

Sai Lal's father refused to fall into Rajmohan's trap. Instead, he published a small book called "Watan ka Dushman--Rajmohan Gandhi" in Hindi and incessantly campaigned against Rajmohan Gandhi to expose his CIA links, his unethical ways of raising funds and his role in fomenting separatist movements in India.

Sai Lal alleges that Rajmohan--though based in the US-- lands in India before every key election, be that of JP led Janata Party in 1977, VP Singh's Janata Dal in 1989 or 2014 election in which AAP has been propped up by Congress to trip Modi's rise to PM's post. It is not a coincidence that AAP's core team members like Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav and Kejriwal are known supporters of secessionist forces in Kashmir and North East and Maoists in Central India.

It is well known that Rajmohan has also been a close associate of Teesta Setalvad, Shabnam Hashmi, Gautam Navlakha, Colin Gonsalves, Father Cedric Prakash and a host of US supported NGOs that have made a full time career out of BJP bashing, demonizing Modi and building a hysterical campaign against India by projecting it as a country that is hostage to “fascist” forces who are allegedly crushing Muslims and Christians in India.

Sai Lal also alleges and shows evidence how MRA was given an American air force plane for its activities, indicating that Rajmohan's links with the US establishment are rather dubious.

MRA has long been suspected of being a CIA outfit. Rajmohan has been the prime mover of MRA in India. He needs to respond to all the charges being leveled against him by Sai Lal. (Click for video interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbIKpk9w3t0#t=45)



*MRA (Moral Re-Armament) – now known as “Initiatives of Change”. MRA has long been suspected of being a CIA outfit.