Date: 07/04/2014

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In Denmark, homegrown Islamists(some converted) travel to Syria in order to aid in combat.
Pakistanis and other muslims are keeping their women for themselves and using willing danish girls as free prostitutes or as wombs for new muslim babies to be born, and a not so small number of tthese girls are converted. Young teenage girls are now converting to Islam. A smaller percentage of danish males also do that, altthough they can't possibly recieve the same ammount of recognition among fellow muslims, from the conversion, bearing in mind the cowardice of an act like that.
What these people do, is that they themselves fight for muslim group-interests, all the while, they persuade the politically correct brainwashed danish people, into supporting the muslim immigrant cause, while simultaniously supporting anti-nationalist causes among danish people.

They do that by playing on the guilt stemming from PC indoctrination among danes, and making it appear as the pro-muslim cause is for the benefit of all sane people, muslim or not. And they do this without a single trace of shame.

Among muslim youth, an anti-western and anti-danish opinion is often a part of their collective identity. Even being anti white. And they expect the race-shamed white danes to agree with them.
It's normal among danish girls to go out with muslim boys.

Many danish guys do not object to that while simultaniously objecting to a danish guy being with any non-danish girl. I've once got a remark from a danish guy for looking at a pretty muslim girl. The same guy who tried to persuade a danish girl into a threesome with him and a muslim guy... . How ironic. This must be a pleasing condition for the muslim immigrants. This should be reversed. Denmark seems to love being collectively cuckolded by the mujahideen. Left wing masochism. Some thing IS rotten in the state of Denmark. I have encountered this type of incidents many times: they do not object to danish girls dating muslims, but if I go out with any non danish girl, I will get negative remarks.. Out of hatred for muslims, I have tried to seduce muslim girls some time ago. I have not succeeded, but I did visit and touch the girl of a somali Imam. HAHA. But most danish guys are too scared, to do something like that. That is the general picture.

In order for this to stop, we must fight political correctness, stop playing so many god damn movies about slavery in the US making white people ashamed of themselves and legitimizing anti white hatred.

Perhaps danish people need to stop trusting the muslims, when they are obviously lying.
Danish fathers need to ban their daughters from dating them, and danish women doing so should be completely ocastrized from danish society.

One thing that should be noted about Islam among non-arab muslims, is how the religion obviously is some sort of arab-supremacism. I have numerous sources, hadeeths and official islamic rulings, to prove how sunni islam is being used as a tool for that.

What has happened with Luton, is not that unfamiliar to me. Sharia guards has also been patroling in a danish area called Tingbjerg.

I have put some files in this mail, that will show you the arab supremacism inherent in Islam. It seems that this religion is a hierachy, with muhammed at the top, then his clan, then arab muslims, then non arab muslims, and so on.

A danish woman put together a secret facebook group, for danish women who are now in the hands of the arabs. But I discovered that. It's in danish, but I have also put that in this mail.




May be, there are no more ships to hijack. May be, it has become too dangerous to be a pirate in the Indian Ocean that has swallowed the Malaysian Airlines plane with full load on board.

The Somalis have reached Delhi as we heard today of a wild Somali man raping a female in that city that is already known as the "rape capital" of the world.

Somalis have reached France and England, too, as reported in the press for bag snatching and burglaries. And the Somalis have reached Denmark.

Aljazeera TV broadcast an interview with a Somali young man yesterday (31 March, 2014) in which the Somali boasted, “Muslim families are large. I have THIRTEEN brothers and ONE sister!”

The female reporter might have envied his mother but anyone else with average intelligence will now fear for Denmark where the “LOCUST HAS LANDED” and the “green” will soon disappear.

For Eastern India (now Bangladesh) her Islam proved to be gangrene and for Western India (now Pakistan) it was the cancer. On both sides India had to be amputated in 1947 in order to save The Rest.

From now onwards people and the media in Denmark will be kept busy with the news of their activities, mostly anti social and destructive, including rape, drug smuggling, more illegal immigrants, vice parlors and prostitution. Neighbourhoods will change with the Somalis moving in and the natives moving out.

Soon there will be Saudi money for mosques, mixed marriages, inclusion of Sharia Law in the prevailing legal system, child grooming, seduction & conversion of girls, heightened Islamic propaganda and "tableegh" at schools, colleges and universities, and the arrival of foreign Imams.

Resistance against Mohammed's ever increasing footprint will mount. There will be confrontations in streets and minor clashes. The police and the security services will be overstretched. Immigration staff will become more vigilant to discover fake passports, counterfeit currency notes and false identity cards, bogus educational certificates and illegal immigrants. Social tolerance will reach the breaking point, and in the end there will be either civil war or partition.

Once Bharat, too, was naïve, unprepared and very soft & stupid- and welcoming. She was punished for her disunity, ignorance and cowardice in 712 AD, countless times since, and finally in 1947 when the country broke up in pools of blood. See the map of India, 1946 and 1948. Let Denmark see it, too, and draw her own conclusions.

The view from distance is amazing: Soft Christians, living in comforts and all well-educated on compulsory schooling provided by State, enjoying freedoms of expression, free debate and discussions, girls moving about freely in miniskirts and women seen in bikinis on beaches, offer a sheer contrast to those living in societies of male domination that have driven women to hide themselves, head to toe, in burkas, families existing on boiled rice and mutton, boys playing with guns and going on suicide missions, killing humans with the ease of doing halal of a sheep or cow in the open, and then take to rough roads or leaky boats to come to Europe with its brightly lit streets and homes, in order to share the same streets, shops, schools and parks.

It must offer a challenge to the natives who see losing their battle to defend Land, Jobs, Women, Religion and the long settled way of life. They can already see the difference between London and Lahore, Mogadishu and Manchester and between Copenhagen and Karachi.