Date: 08/04/2014

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MUSLIMS are forbidden to practice democracy, pluralism, and secularism. Is there any Islamic states where there is universal voting rights, secularism, pluralism and media freedom. Only in India Muslims are allowed to participate in general election.

In General, Muslim vote acciribfg to the the whims and fancy of their Mullahs and these uneducated Imams and Mullahs frequently issue meaningless and absurd fatwas to guide, and misdirect Muslims. One Egyptian Islamic scholar issued a Fatwa that Muslims men can have sex with a dead women. What a strange Fatwa against all health norms around the world. Uneducated and uncultured Imams and MUllahs select their candidates for the election and poor Muslims have no choice other than accept them. Why Muslims are afraid of democracy?

In democracy, creative thinking is very important. Muslims students are forcefully taken to Islamic schools for indoctrination and brainwashing at an early age. Through rot learning learn all verses from the Koran. Islamic students are taught that Mohamed has told the final word on every thing and they need not learn any thing else in life other than the KOran. EmotIONALLY immature Muslims are not ready for the challenges they are going to face in the world,. They are terrible in CREATIVE THINKING. Muslims CANNOT coexist WITH INFIDELS .

AS a result, Muslims are good in terrorism, Jihad war, homicide and suicide bombing. There is no NObel price winners in Islam in Health science and scientific discoveries. There was no philosophers in Islam. There is no Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Descartes, , Spinoza, Voltaire, Stare, sankara,Ramanuja or shakespeare, Bernd shaw, or Toynbee or Kalidas in Islam.

Any country that admits Muslims is doomed. India should ban Islam to save Hindus. I hope That Indian citizens should encourage the world to wipe out this desert dogma fit only for terrorism , jihad war and looting. Wetsetern government are reluctant to join with Hindus to wipe out Islam. They think Muslims can be manipulayted and used against Hindus and India to destroy universal, uplifting, systematic Hindu Thought.