Date: 13/03/2013

When the Italian marines were arrested in February, 2012 consequent upon their shooting and killing Indian fishermen on 15.02.2012, chattering with my associates I causally observed that nothing would eventually happen in this case and the marines would be let off ultimately.

Some called me a Cynic, a Pessimist, a Sceptic and whatnot !

I actually wanted to send an e-mail to all my contacts in this regard, but somehow neglected to do so.

Well, prophesy has personified itself as a cardinal truth.

Is it pessimism to know what is in store for us? After all, we can foresee certain things based on our experience.

Now, why and how the marines escaped the dragnet?


There is no dragnet in the first place.

India doesn’t have a previous record of doing anything sensibly.

Since we don’t have anything that can be called HONOUR,

There is no question of defending honour.

Moreover we are under Italian rule.

Our empress is an Italian. How on earth can we act upon on our own Empress?

Now, our Government “is-carefully-examining-the-issue”. (Sic Sic Sic)

God knows what that means.

In the recent past we let go a Pakistani criminal who was serving a long sentence in a Rajastan Jail on the assurance that he would return back to the jail after sometime.

Does it not sound a cruel joke ?

How many innocent Indians incarcerated Paki jails are released?

Did we ask Pakistan for release of even one prisoner before we released the criminal prisoner of Pakistan lodged in Rajastan jail?

Finally, British occupied our country by deceit.

We enslaved ourselves to Italy by inviting an Italian and making her our Emperor.