Date: 20/04/2014

Yes, please do see the video that will tell us few things at the critical time of granting of independence to India. You may form your own impressions. Following are some of mine.

Moutbatten declared that there will be a homeland for Moslems of India while India itself will remain secular. Thus Moslems are given both cake to eat at the same time keep one too. British were very good at self serving explanations. Mountbatten statements and narration subsequently to the world , paint a picture of British being helpless spectators of the carnage of savage Indians killing each other. And Mountbatten himself says ruefully of course that his attempts to keep India united failed. Perhaps, may be his feelings were genuine or fake. But actual events that took place some with him participating tell a different story. British not only invited nay encouraged Jinnah to demand his pound of flesh of mother India but also invited Parsis, Sikhs and Anglo Indians encouraged them to demand separate states . Their demands to divide India 'will be considered sympathetically' by British. And only after not only
dividing five provinces away from India to make Pakistan, they also further carved remaining India into 562 princely states, perhaps hoping they can step in again in near future if these tiny and big states end up fighting each other, exactly the same situation that prevailed before they built their empire.

In a way there is nothing wrong in such designs in the sense after all they were imperialists and that is what they do. But to dish out shibboleths as if they were some kind of do gooders to bear the burden of civilizing savage natives, as indulged by likes of Churchill the foremost of imperialists, is not right. What is more important this white wash version is lapped up by many in India, the mind sons of Marx and Macaulay and in turn even taught in schools. Karl Marx was supporter of British empire in India, so were Communists of India.

To date such elements are in charge of academia and school texts.

Instead some one should bring up and teach students of India what Will Durant wrote in 1931 about savage raging loot of India by his and her majesties and their touts . Such books will give proper perspective and may help change the mindset. 'After all they looted so what , they did some good' is a prevailing mentality in general of many people with low expectations for themselves and India. That in turn is permitting massive corruption. Rajiv Gandhi estimated 80% of all public expenditure goes into pockets of corrupt. Now of course there is tremendous progress with almost 100% take. Eg: Irrigation project in Maharashtra, 7000 Cr rupees were gone but only 0.1% got irrigated !

The antidote is Hindu nationalism. It is what kept what ever remained of India still one of the largest countries in the world, the devotion and adoration of mother land kept centrifugal forces in check from rising their ugly heads again. And the same kept also India a country of unity in diversity, not British legacy, not burka secularism and such.

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Partition A rare film clip

showing prominent Indian leaders like Nehru, Sardar Patel, Mohd Ali Jinnah , Mountbatten (last Viceroy of India) , Lady Mountbatten, and some other Indian leaders at the time of India's independence in 1947. Not to be missed,