Date: 13/03/2013

Indeed, VOI has understood the magnitude and the seriousness of the historic challenge, the resolute vicious tenacity of the enemy and the dire need of the Hindu nation to UNITE and strike back at last, having been struck a MILLION times so far.

Our well resourced and well backed, crafty and ruthless enemies are waging an undeclared WAR against the decimated (wounded) Hindu nation.

The outcome of the ensuing struggle will be "takht ya takhta!" that is, "either HINDU RASHTRA or eternal slavery thereafter". Bharat (less ONE THIRD surrendered in 1947) is at the crucial corssroads of history.

It's a great SHAME that the Lok Sabha, that ought to have been true representatives of PEOPLE, is indeed reduced to "servants' quarters" of the Italian born Sonia Maino-Gandhi who has yet to declare the Bofors commission.

The next immediate step at this end will be to give a call for the Supreme Commander of India to personally attend the FUNERAL of each and every Jawan and Officer who is killed in action. He is obviously very WEAK if he is always INVITING aggression.

If the world's most powerful man, President Obama, can do this in full glare of world media, WHY CAN'T THE SUPREME COMMANDER OF "BROKEN" BHARAT?

Let that be the call from "Pravasi" NRI's (non resident Indians).

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I say it with responsibility that VOI is the solution to it which wants to send 1 million members to rehabilitate Kashmiri Pundits and also to retrieve POK and also to abolish Article 370 of Constitution.