Date: 25/04/2014

This is catastrofic. (Muslim men taking away European girls and then CONVERTING them to Islam.)

But the thing that mainly annoys me, is the fact that the "kuffar" populations, do not react against these muslim hordes.

I saw a danish father walking in with a young muslim man(it turned out that he was going to marry the danish fathers daughter).

The arab muslims greeted eachother, while the father stood by wathcing. He then asked in a very excited way, "is this the son of "Abu Bakhr"(I don't remember the excact muslim name).
What the heck is wrong? Why do the danish guys do nothing to object against the muslim love jihad and use of danish girls as free prostitutes?

Why don't they kick the danish girls, who willingly bed with the muslim men, out of danish communities?

Why do they discourage danish boys from picking up muslim girls?

Only a few danish people are not like that.

Surely, a lot of kuffar genetics will simply be wiped out in an eveloutionary sense, when this crap is allowed to go on.

The message to muslims should be: Play by the our rules, or get out of our home country.