Date: 25/04/2014

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1. r u ready to take one more scam ? Will Petroleum Minister Mr. Mohily, CM of Maharashtra, Maharashtra Petroleum Minister and all sitting MP of present LS election explain and answer why he and his ministry is cheating innocent 6 Lakhs plus Mumbaikar who r their Pipe Natural Gas (PNP) consumers across the city.
Mahanagar Gas website says PNG is 'Economical – Higher savings than any other conventional fuel' this should be true since pipe gas has absolutely no transportation charges as it travels through pipes and reaches homes of consumers but truth is totally different. 6 lakhs Mumbaikars r being cheated and made to pay gas charges manty times more than even non subsidies LPG case.

PNG billing is done by-monthly (Bill is for 2 months). Bill has has 3 stages.

In first stage, for up to 30 units consumed there is fix rate of Rs. 21.42 ( rate From 1 unit to 30 units rate )

In second stage, for next 24 unit consumed there is a fix rate of Rs. 23.70 (rate From 31 unit to 54 unit consumed ) Rate for 3rd slab may be anywhere between Rs. 54 to Rs. 70 /-

In last stage, for units consumed from 55 unit till upward, rate is fluctuating depending on international market so depends on rate of dollar on that day so each bill may have this rate different.

I have in my possession bills of a family who has been consuming around 60 units per 2 months and was paying around 16,00/- per month as gas expenses for 2 months which is much higher than a consumer who is using LPG and even if 2 cylinder r consumed in 2 months by same family, the cost would just be Rs. 900 /- for 2 govt. subsidized cylinder.

The same family happens to receive its current month bill where consumption had increased just by 24 units that means current month bill is for 84 units but the Bill amount had doubled because now from 55 units till 84 units the charges fall under last stage and bacause of this the Bill amount has gone double.

1. Company website fails to give any billing rate details. Above mention details i got from consumer helpline number 1917.

2. Though Mahanagar Gas LMT which is supplying PNG Gas to Mumbai is a indigenous product found in BOMBAY HIGH and not imported product then why the rates for 3rd stage billing is kept fluctuating depending on International market rate of gas and depending on the rate of value of Dollar. This is cheating with mumbaikars and even educated innocent people r hardly aware about it as no media has ever covered this scam.

3. Consumer helpline executive fails to explain how the rate of last stage is decided, whether it is the international rate and dollar rate of the day when the bill is prepared or whether it is average rate arrived after taking into account of international rate and dollar rate for the entire 60 days billing period.

Mahanagar Gas is joint venture of GAIL (INDIA) LMT, BG Group (UK) & Govt. of Maharashtra.

Will Mahanagar Gas limited, GAIL (India ), Petroleum Minister Mr. Molhily, Chief minister of Maharashtra and Maharashtra petroleum minister all sitting MP of present LS election explain,

1. why there is lack of transparency neither website explains nor customer executive could explain the calculation date and method of rate calculation of 3rd stage ?

2. when PNG supplied by MGL is indigenous produced by Bombay high, why international rates r applicable with taking in to consideration dollar rate and increase the cost for Mumbaikars many folds when PNG should be much less than LPG ?

This issue of PNG billing is never covered by media may be because of lack of transparency being played by authorities.
Hope this scam be exposed by media and issue becomes a important election issue. Will mumbaikar except this scam played on them ?

2. Will AK explain where is the public commission report till today, a commission to which he was also a member, along with Medha tai. Promises made during Agitation of Azad Maidan on 14th October, 2008 was neither kept by Govt. nor by activist.

1. After drama of 8 days fast, Ms. Medha Patkar, the agitators met the State Home Minister and Deputy Chief Minister Shri R.R. Patil and later the State Rehabilitation Minister, Shri Patangrao Kadam and had a detailed discussion on many of the issues and Shri Kadam took a decision to institute a high level official investigation by the Secretaries of the concerned Ministries, including the Revenue, Rehabilitation, Forests and Irrigation Departments.

The Committee was supposed to have been headed by Ms. Neela Satyanarayan, Additional Chief Secretary and comprising of Shri Ramesh Kumar, Secretary, Rehabilitation; Shri Dange, Secretary, Revenue and was required to invite Report from the District Collector, Pune and Divisional Commissioner, Pune. It was decided that all allegations of force, fraud and unlawful practices in the land acquisition and rehabilitation of the displaced in the cases of the Tata dams (Siravta, Somwadi, Valvan, Bhushi, Thokalewadi and Mulshi) and also the Pawana, Kasarsai, Malwani, Andhre, Jadhavwadi and other dams and Projects like the Lavasa City and Sahara City. All these decisions were taken in the presence of displaced farmers and adivasis and Medha Patkar, Ulka Mahajan and other activists. WHERE IS THIS PROMISED HIGH LEVEL INVESTIGATION REPORT TILL TODAY ?

2. When Govt. failed to present it report, a PEOPLES' COMMISSION OF INQUIRY INTO PUNE DAMS, LAND DEALS & TRANSFERS AND DISPLACEMENT ANNOUNCED which included various people’s organizations, concerned and involved with the issues including India Centre for Human Rights and Law, Mumbai, National Alliance of People’s Movements, Shoshit Jan Andolan, Maharashtra, National Centre for Advocacy Studies, Pune and Manav Hak Abhiyan, Pune decided to initiate a People’s Commission of Inquiry with Shri Arvind Kejariwal, Right to Information and Anti-Corruption Activist, Magsaysay Award Recipient, Shri Y.P. Singh, Advocate, High Court of Mumbai (Former CBI Official), Shri S. M. Mushrif, Former Inspector General of Police, Mumbai and Shri Nirmal Suryavanshi, Senior Advocate, Dhule as members of the Commission. WHERE IS THIS PEOPLES COMMISSION REPORT which was suppose to end its 2 months Inquiry on 31-12-2008?