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Thank you. Very comprehensive & solid views on the Muslims who are universally known as BE-IMAN, SHAITAN, HAIWAN.

Among the turncoats mentioned by you one more name can be added- that of Poet Laureate of Pakistan, Sir Mohammed Iqbal, the author of the moving patriotic poem "SAARE JEHAN SE ACHCHA, HINDUSTHAN HAMAARA!" Suddenly he changed his views and thought Hindusthan to be "rubbish" and started pleading the case for Pakistan! There he is regarded the Ideological Father of Pakistan!

We assert that any Muslim can change loyalties any time, and stab the land of his own birth in the back! America, the most powerful country on earth, found that out on Sep 11, 2001. India has already seen the TRUTH about Muslim loyalty on Aug 15, 1947. But the brave REMEMBER, the cowards FORGET.

None has more experience of Islam than the Hindus. YET MANY HINDUS DEFY LOGIC & REGARD THEM "BROTHERS", judging the perpetually hostile enemy by our own yardstick. Are we not saying, "Tiger and lamb are both animals" disregarding the fact that the lamb has no chance of escaping death if it comes near the tiger!

How can we be such fools?


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A Muslim is a Muslim is a Muslim is a Muslim.....With rare exceptions like MAROOF RAZA, Late Justice M.C.Chagla who are true Nationals...Otherwise, to a Muslim, his religion comes FIRST and then the Nation...Many Muslims openly practice Al Taqiyya (an Islamic doctrine of deception allows all the Muslims to blatantly lie and cheat non-Muslims in furtherance of Islam). and in this regard even an actor like SHAH RUKH KHAN is no exception...He is a "namak Haram".

VIDE SHARZA ILMI, how she is exhortiung Muslims to be Communal...imagine belonging to a party claiming to be SECULAR.. and the likes of AKBARUDDIN OWAISI, AZAM KHAN, MASOOD, SHAHI IMAM BUKHARI, CONGRESS SPOKESPERSONS LIKE ALVI, SHAKEEL AHMED and the whole lot of others....How can any Muslim be then trusted, even when the educated ones like MUSHARUL HASSAN, the Historian ( who turned out to be an arch COMMUNALIST), the Mullahs, Deonar Clerics, AIMPLB members and former AIMPLB / Minority Commission Members like the Kamal Farouqui, Abid RAsool Khan, Rahman Khan,and the whole lot of ALL Muslim Leaders ( with very few rare exceptions ), MANY A MUSLIM EDITOR , Muslim Milli GAzette( communalising the country )..At the core of their heart rests the main objective of DARUL ARAB / NIZAM-E-MUSTAFA and how to ISLAMISE the whole world!! Some of them want the completion of the Unfinished Agenda of Dividing India. They want personal Muslim Laws when they ought to know that there can be ONLY ONE LAW PASSED BY THE PARLIAMENT...Infact PMs of Australia, Canada, TONY BLAIR of UK, President PUTIN of Russia and others told MUSLIMS living in their countries to either accept the local Laws or LEAVE the country for some other Islamic country where they may may find themselves at ease with Islamic Sharia Laws.

Pertinent to mention that when RESERVATION TO MINORITIES was being discused and debated , Muslim Members of the then Constituent Assembly DID NOT WANT ANY RESERVATION TO MUSLIMS. So be it.. What is the ruckus now on Reservations? .If the Muslims are backward, after so many hundred years of Islamic rule, whose fault is it? Why did Muslims NOT get themselves educated? They were busy producing children with FOUR WIVES as also with illegal concubines.

Muslims want this concession, that subsidy, preference in employment ( over looking the merit of others), they do not want to practise Family Planning, dont want to sing VANDEMATRUM, They keep supporting Terrorists from across the border, their Madrasas are the focal points of breeding hate ideology and brain washing the young minds that Islam is the ONLY religion that is GOOD and allother religions are NOT good etc. etc.

Muslims ought to emulate PARSEES...Even with the dwindling population, they do not want any concessions. They have excelled in many fields and are TRUE NATIONALS AND PATRIOTS. IT IS ALSO ABOUT TIME THAT HINDUS WAKE UP TO THE REALITY OF ISLAMIC TERROR AND SAFETY / SECURITY OF THE COUNTRY AND FOSTER HINDU UNITY TO SAVE THE COUNTRY. HINDUS AND HINDUISM.

Dr.R.V.Reddy B.S(USA), M.S.(USA), Ph.D(USA), MBA(USA)


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My friends ,
Please see the open letter to one of media eminences by Mr Ram Ohri. Please note that how Hindu girls are denied bycycles but Moslem and Christian girls are given one free by government. And if you question it you are communal And in Moslem majority Pakistan too Hindus are denied equality . Secularism in India thus making India a shariat state, complete with dhimmitude and jijya- Moslems get haj benefits, Hindus have to pay pilgrim tax on top of what ever money temples get go to secular government treasury.

Hope the coming government changes all such gross discrimination against Hindus and changes India from de facto Shariat state into democracy with equal opportunities for all the people rather than keep dividing them on religion and caste basis worse than what British did. Of course once Narendra Modi govt does just that no doubt you will hear howls of protest and barks of danger to secularism from all usual suspects. Better to ignore them and let fairness and equality which were denied to Hindus of India for centuries including the last, lost 6+ decades be restored.


An open letter to Arnab Goswami whose emphasis is on fake secularism -- Ram Ohri
An open letter to Arnab Goswami whose emphasis is on fake secularism -- Ram Ohri
Posted by Ram Ohri / April 23, 2014 / Posted in Distortion Watch, Media, Slider / 7 Comments
Open Letter to Arnab Goswami

I am one who regularly watches Mr. Arnab Goswami’s debates on the Times Now T. V. Channel. In most of the debates anchored by Arnab there is a lopsided emphasis on the fake secularism, mysteriously held in high esteem by the Indian chatterati and inadequately read media analysts. Far more amusing, however, is the attempt to describe the pro-Islamic communalisation of our electoral system as an attempt to polarize the voters. In this connection I would like to ask the following questions to Arnab Goswami which he must answer – if necessary, after scratching his head:
1. Mr. Arnab, how is that you don’t try to go to the root of the malaise of communalization of Indian elections and several crudest possible attempts made during the last 8/9 years to polarize the voters ? Please recall that on December 9, 2006 (i.e. on Sonia Gandhi’s birthday) the most divisive and repulsive policy statement made by the Prime Minister was that “the Muslims and the minorities“ will have the first claim on India’s resources”. Was this not a government sponsored signal for dividing the citizens into two hostile religious groups, namely the minorities (20 %) and the majority community (80%)?

2. That wonky statement of the P.M. was followed by launching several schemes to ensure “exclusive development” of the Muslim community and four other minorities. The pariahed poorest Hindus (approximately 35 crore les miserables living below the poverty line) were thus totally excluded from any share in 20 million scholarships plus financial bonanza totaling several lakh crore rupees. Why don’t you and other media mandarins speak about the biggest mega-scam of post-independence India?

3. The most discriminatory and demeaning hurt heaped upon the Hindu school girls was that while the daughters of Muslim, Christian and Parsi parents studying in 9th, 10th and 11th class were given a free bicycle each for going to schools, the daughters of Hindu hoi polloi (mostly trapped in terminally-ill rural sector) were denied this benefit – perhaps to remind them of their ‘dhimmi’ status.

There is a long list of gross discrimination against the poorest Hindus. But is anyone bothered? Is Times Now news channel listening to the wails of the marginalized poorest Hindus?

Well done sir…
Add the following few questions as well: (YES, THE NATION WANTS TO KNOW or RATHER THE NATION DEMANDS TO KNOW!!)

a) Many times, of all the burning topics of the day, Arnab (or maybe his handlers / sponsors) pick up trivial topics and hype it up beyond proportions to do what is possibly called as ‘monkey balancing’ to sound as though they are very neutral. Recent topics include bashing BJP for togadia video (wherein Meenakshi Lekhi had to call out the bluff bluntly saying that more than anyone else, Arnab himself, was trying to twist the news and polarize the voters – which was fully true!). Compare and look how he handled the Shazia video wherein she asking muslims to be less secular and more communal – Arnab then, at times, was pleading with the muslim guys on the show! Indeed, in these two debates he PROVED that he was indeed a closet congress hatchet man doing a ‘supposedly’ professional anchor job!

b) Why is it that Arnab almost always, nastily interrupts BJP spokespersons after asking long questions and without waiting fully for answers.

And he does NOT do that (interruptions) to the congress spokespersons when they go stupidly crazy in their hatred filled obnoxious allegations against BJP or Modi or RSS unless it is very very explicitly contradictory. Watch him next time around when BJP has to defend itself. More so when sanjay jha or kesavan or surjanvala speak contorted lies about BJP..

c) Watch how many times, when BJP is made to be on the defensive, BJP spokesperson’s mike volume is deliberately reduced so they can barely be heard above that of the congress spokies! This is institutionalized bias using technological levers to muffle explanations that rips up his carefully constructed notion of the norms for India!!
wonderful letter… Hope the good sense in him kicks the TIMESNOW out of him – so he can be a lot more level headed and outright without his handlers (Times Group bigotries).