Date: 03/05/2014

Dr. Babu Suseelan

As an Indian Hindu born in Kerala, the land of SANKARA ACHARYA, CHATTAMPI SWAMIkAL and SRI NARAYANA GURU, I have learned that upholding the right, opposing the wrong, be a spokesman for the conscience of the the world is very important . As an Indian born Hindu I have learned that freedom, keeping and following our DHARMA in the world is very important for everybody being born in the world. I have seen great social revolution going on in the world,. And the wonderful thing in the world world is that thinkers, revolutionaries, can be found anywhere in the world. CReative thinkers, of the world who upholds freedom will shine and their fight is for RIGHT against wrong.

THOMAS JEFFERSON, the GREAT AMERICAN thinker and statesman said "Equal Justice to all men of whatever state or persuasion, freedom of persons will guide their steps through an age of revolution and reformation".
There is no lack of books, articles, op ed pieces, speeches, tweets letters to the editor, and other means of communications discussing the issues, problems in India. ACADEMIC practitioners, intellectuals, political leaders, policy experts, media pundits, and evangelists, and even Islamic imams and even Italian sailors:--- all seem to be commenting on what is wrong and what needs to be done in India,.

Unfortunately, the comments are not always useful for those who care about the continuous improvements in INDIA's political, social, economic development. For example, one can conclude that certain evangelists are motivated more by the need for promoting coercive conversion, by the need for increasing their numbers in india, Others who professing to be developing new theories for the education of our youths with new theories are merely preseting thinly disguided idelogies as theories for social destruction of india.Many power hungry politicians, appeal to specific voting blocs in an effort to get elwcted and continue looring our hard earned wealth. Such political leaders can be seen all over India. Mayawati, Mulayam sing Yadav of UP, Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad yadav of Bihar, Samuel Rajasekara Reddy and her christian cronies of Andhra Pradesh, Jayalalitha, karunanidhi, Kanimozhi, Raja, Stalin of Tamil Nadu, Tamil Tigers, Maoist Criminals, Dalit Revolutionaries, Naxalite social destructors, and corrupt and criminal politicians are pulling the punches, and selling thinly disguised alien ideologies to destroy our culture, education and spiritual practices.


People who write (MODI., NRI HINDUS, and BJP) with no motivation other than to use their knowledge, skill , and commitment to write about what they have learned from their personal experience, training, for the preservation of our SANATTHAN DHARMA are ridiculed, insulted, labeled as communistic .

As an NRI, I take issues with widely held western intellectual's view that election of MODI and BJP may under the present circumstances will result in a rash of Hindu nationalist war of liberation, conflict with militant islamists and converted christians. They exaggerate GODHRA ISLAMIC carnage and after the Islamic carnage in Gujarat in 1992, THE western Media tend to forget that the security and stability in Gujarat has substantially increased, NRIs can vouch the veracity of events in Gujarat Not a single Muslim or converted christian has left gujarat fir safety and security,. Hostile Muslims and converted christians can exert only marginal influence in Gujarat, regardless of the outcome of GODHRA carnage.
NRI's usually discuss issues with the western Media and it is being suggested that the western media presents negative images of Hindus and India as certain unfavourable effects of indian government and journalists, Unfavourable effects of such actions could be ameliarated,

The crucial question, in terms of western governments involvements
in INDIA, is: what are the vital western governments interest in INDIA? I would suggest that the defense , safety and security of Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia , and the easing of tension with Islamic nations are vital interests. Indonesia,Singapore, BURMA, Vietnam Cambodia and LAOS represent undue interests of capitalist west. Under MODI, India should examine what policy decisions are required with respect to each country.
The time is propitious for a complete reassessment od India's role and the responsibilitities in soth eastern countries.By more soecifically, defining the scope and nature of india's concern, new ways may be found to preserve the national cultural interest and influence. A reduction of west's undue influence in Southeast nations must be the major concern for Modi administration.

Additionally,major regional issues should be explored in detail. Islamic nation's oil wealth,nuclear weapons, productions of weapons of mass destruction, creation, training, and financing of Jihadi terrorists to destabilize India and southeast Asia should be considered as a serious threat. to the region. India should not permit any NGOs to interfere with India's internal affairs. Intelligence agencies should explore and analyze who is financing, training Tamil Tigers, Maoist miscreants, Dalit Criminals to destabilize and destroy the social fabric of India.

Jihad against Hindus should be stopped. Jihad is an Islamic plan to Islamise India, Jihad against innocent Hindus, supported and financed by Pakistan is a real and running menace of the present congress party and the Pakistan ISI. I S I agents should not be allowed to interfere India's internal affairs. There are Hindu women in India who are afraid to drive alone due to love Jihad. Muslims appear in different disguises . Land Jihad, Land Jihad, Jihad terrorism,harassment,
intimidation and manipulation are usual behavior of Muslims in India. Congress culture courageousness and motivates Muslims to indulge in these anti- social behavior as a means of solidifying an their power strength,

Thos a=who are interested in Keeping our tradition, name and prestige, reputation and wreath should pool their resourcefulness and elect sri MOD as the Prime Minister of India.