Date: 13/03/2013

Hindu-free Bangladesh is apparent

Even if there has not been any dearth of international concerns as regards the recent Hindu persecution in Bangladesh stemming from the ongoing Shahbag movement and Islamists’ violent opposition to it, the repression is unabated while the Hindus remain berserk with anguishes and their future in a country that belonged to them too a few days back only.

It is no secret that all political bigwigs across the globe including Mr. Ban Ki Moon, existing UN Gen Secretary and Amnesty International had made fervent appeals to all echelons of Bangladeshi society, especially the Bangladesh Government and its Jamaati foes, to let sanity rule the society there. While the UN General Secretary accentuated the need to resist the ongoing violence to protect the rights of minorities there, Amnesty International appealed to the Bangladesh government to provide its minority better protection.

“The Hindu community in Bangladesh is at extreme risk, in particular at such a tense time in the country. It is shocking that they appear to be targeted simply for their religion. The authorities must ensure that they receive the protection they need,” said Abbas Faiz, Amnesty’s Researcher.

A press statement, on March 2, 2013, released by human rights organizations, working tirelessly to uphold democracy, secularism in Bangladesh, stated categorically: “We are in a very critical crisis period, when a matter of Justice towards the settlement of anti-liberation crime has been vitiated in a communal texture. A heinous torture, murder, loot, assault, destruction of temples is rampantly done in an utter communal method to extinct the Hindu community in Bangladesh”.

All these are said as good sense is yet to return to Bangladesh yet; Islamists, backed by global network of radical Muslims in every capacity, remain invincible in the country. Albeit Shahbag movement is gaining momentum ever more, the fact that mere emotions are excessively helpless to shoot down demons is proved once more.

According to reports, more than 1500 Hindu households, 50 Hindu temples have been burnt down while 3 minority Hindus have been put to death and hundreds of Hindus remain injured. The worst affected 22 districts in Bangladesh, in this context, include Noakhali, Chattagram, Coxbazar, Kumilla, Laxmipur, Gaibandha, Brahmanbaria, Syllet, Satkhira, Bagerhat and Thakurgaon.

Hindus, as past experiences do confirm, remain the most brutal victims of any change in this Islamic dominion. While history documents their harrowing experiences during 1946-47, 1971, 1990, 1992 and 200, 2013 is a new addition.

Hindus can see writings on the wall; they, being Hindus, can’t inhabit Bangladesh any longer. Government of Bangladesh comprehends this as well and perhaps, this single factor is making them reluctant to compensate Hindus.

Where will they go then? Bangladeshi Hindus are asking this to all. What’s the answer?