Date: 11/05/2014

The Hindu population of Pakistan, before partition was about 23%, now it is less than 2%, but Muslim population of India has increased over 400% now.!

Over 80% Hindu taxpayer of India, does not get any subsidy for Hindu pilgrimage, but less than 15% Muslim taxpayer, enjoys subsidy, for Hajj pilgrimage. !!


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Good questions for the Indian Muslims. We have some more questions that only a strong and united nation can ask:

1. Is there any difference between the Indian Muslims in 2014 and the Indian Muslims of 1947?

2. How is it that then you were separatists to the extreme, and showed it with your dagger and gun, but today you have become secular to such an extent that you even wish to teach secularism, patriotism and non-violence to the Hindus?

3. Then you ALL shouted "Pakistan Zindabad! Hindusthan Murdabad!" and "Le ke rahenge Pakistan. Jahannam me jae Hindusthan!"

Why didn't you shout "Akhand Bharat: Amar Rahe!" in 1947? Why aren't you shouting it now?"

4. Was Pakistan the right goal for the INDIAN Muslims then? If yes, they you should all GET OUT of Hindusthan right now and go there. But if that was very wrong & stupid then why have you sealed your lips and do not condemn Partition of India or Pakistan?"

Who on earth can believe in your TERRITORIAL loyalty to India if you have never expressed regret or shame over the permanent LOSS (surrender) of India's five provinces without any reason or referendum?

5. If Hindusthan was divided on the ONLY crude Islamic condition of "Hindus on one side, Muslims on the other side," and since the Hindus were butchered in cold blood and all driven out of Pakistan and North Kashmir, too, then why should YOU not be given the same treatment, or expected to leave for your very own exclusive Islamic Republic of Pakistan?

6. What is the CONSTITUTIONAL STATUS of the MUSLIMS in PARTITIONED India after India conceded PAKISTAN to the INDIAN Muslims to be their exclusive homeland?

7. Mr Jinnah, the Muslim leader declared the Muslims being the "SECOND and SEPARATE" nation in Bharat. No Muslim, individual or organisation in India, opposed him earnestly then. So in today's Constitution of India how can one accept the "second" nation equal to the "first" nation, that is, FOREIGNER equal to the NATIVE?

If the Hindu LEADERS, individually or collectively, show no courage to ask these questions, then the END of Hindusthan and her Secularism is in sight.

11 May 14.

PS: ISLAM HAS FAILED as a religion to give peace and progress to its own followers. Inward looking, draconian, stone hearted and rigid Islamic countries have become KILLING GROUNDS for the Muslims themselves.

Look at Libya, Syria, Irak, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Somalia, Yemen, Arabia and Pakistan. In all secular and civilised CHRISTIAN countries round the world, from Greece, Italy, America to Australia and New Zealand, borders and coast lines are being watched and guarded day and night to catch and return the FLEEING MOHAMMEDANS.

Millions of Muslims are living as wretched refugees in squalid refugee camps even in ISLAMIC countries like Turkey and Jordan. Even the Muslim DESTITUTE are welcome nowhere!

The only exception is HINDU Bharat (Hindusthan) where they are welcome from anywhere in order to boost the "vote bank" of CORRUPT DYNASTY and their Congress Party!

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I want to ask the Indian Muslims only one question. All-India Muslim Conference why did you not open your mouth on Kashmir? Why did you not condemn the action of Pakistan? I want to tell you very clearly that you cannot ride on two horses. You select one horse, whichever you like best.