Date: 13/05/2014

We would wish to add the following TEN points to the list by the esteemed writer (below):-

1. People born in India be granted irrevocable citizenshiip of Bharat so that they could travel to Bharat without paying for the visa in order to visit Mother India.

2. The year of Unconditional Surrender of Akhand Bharat by All India Congress Party, led by Pandit JL NEHRU without Referendum, to the INDIAN Muslims (1947), to be designated the "Year of Partition".

"Post mortem" on the murder of Akhand Bharat (mutilation of India) must be held.

A befitting Memorial to the millions of Hindus KILLED, injured, abducted and raped, and forced out of their homes as wretched refugees must be built in Amritsar, the border town where most refugees arrived to seek safety and shelter in "Guru Ram Das Nagri".

3. Article 370 in Constitution regarding special privileges to the state of J & K to be repealed immediately. The State should be INTEGRATED with the rest of Bharat like Bihar, West Bengal and East Punjab.

4. Hindusthan's sacred cities, Ayodhya and Amritsar, to be made WORLD CENTRES of pilgrimage and re-built and improved befitting WORLD religions that sprang forth from the divine soil of Bharat.

5. Anti corruption measures must be devised on top priority. This mortal "disease" must be eradicated on top priority.

6. In all areas where the natives (Hindus) fear for life, e.g., West Bengal and South Kashmir, the Hindus must be trained in self defence and issued with weapons.

7. In all MIXED MARRIAGES the Muslim groom must be required to embrace the native religion of his bride. At present we have the despicable practice of every "Mohammed" "capturing" a Hindu maiden and then converting the bride at marriage to ISLAM and also bringing up children as MUSLIMS praying in Arabic and looking towards Mecca for treason and separatism.

8. Any Hindu who manages to ESCAPE the Islamic republics on both sides of Bharat in order to come to Bharat must be entitled to the grant of political asylum and Indian citizenship immediately. (Such was the case when we had West Germany and East Germany, two separate countries). At present the Government of "Italian MAFIA" regard them "aliens" and insist on their return to the Kafir Killers.

9. The mischievous and provocative name of the New Delhi International Airport must be changed. The present name of a malicious political "WITCH" who divided the nation, declared emergency to crush freedom of expression and schemed to eliminate the elder son Sanjay in order to elevate the Italian born "White Elephant" SONIA MAINO, married to Rajiv "Gandhi", as the "Mother of Nation" and scheming to wipe out the Tamils of Indian origin in Northern Sri Lanka, is both disgusting and offensive, and degrades the image of Bharat in the eyes of millioins of passengers using the airport. To look decent and honourable the Airport ought to be named after Prithvi Raj Chauhan or Guru Tegh Bahadur who need no introduction.

10. The two "bogus and ludicrous samashis" of MAIMOONA BEGUM and the "BOFORS CHOR" Rajiv Khan in the capital of the country should be replaced by recreational parks or Institutes of learning named after famous and worthy HINDU men or women.

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Subject: Hindu vote counts

Date: 12 May 2014 20:02:03 GMT+01:00

Modi's splending victory , unless the eletion is stolen again, shows that Hindus cannot be marginalised as Mayawati, Mulayam, Mamta want to do. Fool them with talks of secularism and ignore the demographic threat from rampant Islam.
Modi should put forward the following agenda

1. Hold a referendum to declare Indian origin religions Hinduism, Sikhism , Jainism and Buddhism as official state religions of India

2 Uniform civil code. No more sharia laws and multiple wives

3 End of Haj subsidies

4 End of food rations which is encouraging runaway population growth , again in Islamic groups , while Hindus are at replacement level and replace it with equivalent amount of crash grants , a universal citizen allowance , rich or poor , in or out of work to be paid for duties on fuel imports.

5. Identify, collect and expel all illegal immigrants [ Bangladesh, Pakistan, Middle east, Russia, Europe and America,Myanmar,Afghanistan, Africa] and those over staying when the visa has expired.

6. Secure borders between Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, China and Mynamar.