Date: 14/05/2014

From: Save India From Corruption
To: Save India From Corruption

Sent: Wednesday, May 14, 2014 10:28 AM
Subject: Fwd: URGENT ALERT on 2014 Elections - is there going to be a revolution?

Below is Anupam who alerted about the EC website with results before EC started counting in 2009!
I hope that this is not true and if it is, then the country will have a revolution....

Subject: Re: URGENT ALERT on 2014 Elections

If the information that a senior Minister from the UPA expects to retain his portfolio and the UPA to be back in power is correct, it smells of a repeat of the 2009 scenario, where elections were hijacked even as the exit Polls had projected a UPA defeat.

While we sincerely hope that this will not happen, it is important to do all possible within the next 24 hours to protect the country from such a disaster, yet again.

In 2009 we had explained that "votes polled" data from a central computer was transmitted to different constituencies to replace the votes actually polled in the constituencies. This is why many votes polled on many EVMs caught many candidates by surprise as the distribution of the centrally decided votes could not be distributed across the 1500 odd EVMs without mistakes. This year there is a PIL that has asked for only constituency data to be declared. This will mean that discrepancies across EVMs arising out of similar replacement of actual votes polled by "votes polled" data from a central computer will not be spotted.

In 2014, unlike in 2009, this election the ECI failed to provide any list of candidates on their website. This confirms the ECI did not want anyone to spot what we spotted in 2009.

Here is what needs to happen in the next 24 hours to confirm/prevent or gather evidence of the hijack of the elections in 2014 if it happens:

# the ECI computers need to be audited within the next 24 hours, if possible with a copy of the servers been taken in custody
# the exact server connecting with computers in various constituencies is replaced with a clean machine (it may be too late for this as the data could have been transmitted from the 12th onwards; therefore such a delay between last phase and results?)
# the logs of the network transmission of the central computers to the constituencies are taken to custody and audited
# All parties to insist on observers in the central control room and for copies of the logs of all machines and network traffic; have cybersecurity experts probe the data under CAG/SC supervision

I know all of these are difficult, but not impossible.