Date: 14/05/2014


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Dear Friends,

Our mother land Bharat is seized by foreign forces and now it’s almost out of our hands.
Our enemies are M10.

1. M: Missionaries: Foreign funded NGOs[700 NGOs are working who are funded by Christian Missionaries. They want to dehinduize India. They want to break India into pieces. Evidence in Rajiv Malhotra’s Book: Breaking India. Maoists-Marxists-Muslim-Christian unholy allainace.Trust me.All are now being exposed gradually.] are backing them.

2. M: Maulavies: Saudi Arab’s petro-dollar and Pakistani ISI’s logistic support.

3. M: Maoists-Marxists: Again Foreign NGOs are providing fund support.

4. M: Maino Sonia Gandhi--Led Congress Government: Anti-Hindu: Vatican Pope inspired “Breaking India” and looting India agendas of this millennium.

5. M: Maya-Mulayam-Mamata: Pseudo-secularist-Power hungry-politicians.[Mamata statement in Indian Parliament during BJP rule: “Beef eating is my fundamental right. I strongly oppose anti-Cow Slaughter Bill”.].What for Nitish Kumar goes to Pakisthan? Why he doesn’t allow Modi to enter Bihar? Have you ever thought of? Do you know North Bihar is the sleeping cell of Lasker-e Toiba and Indian Mujahedeen? Where from Hyderabad MP Akbaruddin Owasi[MIM party] get instruction to deliver inflammatory anti-Hindu speeches?

6. Macaulay’s children: Hindu-name bearing-Pseudo-secularist-English-speaking Intellectuals like Mahashweta Devi-Arundhati Roy-Nirmala Deshpande. Do you know wives of many Congress leaders like Manish Tiwari,Ananda Sharma etc. are Catholic Christians?

7.M:Mass Media[TV,Newspaper,Radio]:Burkha Datt[married twice with two Muslims];Arnab Goswami,Rajdeep Sardeshai;Karan Thapar;Kushwant Singh[Kushwant’s books are full of anti-Hindu writings. That’s the reason they are sold in Pakistan’s market as hot cakes.] are only few to name. They have chosen prosperous career of Hindu-bashing and attached to Hindu-Hating machinery. They are traitors.

8.MP,MLA,MLC:They are the pot-bellied, power hungry politicians. They can sale their mothers, sisters and daughters[Jai Chand, Man Singh] to foreign forces just for personal petty gain. But they don’t know the story of Jogesh Mondal,the only Hindu Schedule Caste Minister of Muslim League during the partition and had to run away from Pakistan to take refuge again in West Bengal. So these politicians will be butchered by these Muslims after the goal is achieved by them.

M9:Money Launderer:Via Dubai,Pakistan,Bangladesh,Mauritius.

M10: M9:Multinational companies[Most of the daily consumable products,starting fom CocacolaThumps up.

Now, India is sold to them. It’s no more a land of Hindus. What Mohd.Ghori and East India Company could not do despite their utmost efforts over 1200 years; these alien forces easily and subtly could do the same thing in just by 65 years.
Read the following lines below and know where you are:
Sinister efforts and designs are underway to selectively appoint the Christians and Muslims in sensitive and powerful positions within the administration. Here are only a few glaring examples of it:
1. Chairperson of the country’s ruling political alliance UPA is Maino Antonio Sonia Gandhi, a practicing Catholic Christian.

2. Her son Vincci Rahul [Raul] Gandhi, another Catholic Christian, is being groomed to be the next Prime Minister of India.

3. Country’s Defense Minister A.K. Antony,

4. The Foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai, and

5. Head of the Air Wing of military Charlie Anil Kumar Browne,

6. P.J. Kurien – Dy. Chairman Rajya Sabha,

7. P.C. Chacko, newly appointed Congress Spokesperson,

8. P.J. Thomas, 14th Chief Vigilance Commissioner (appointment subsequently quashed) are all Christians.

9. The country’s Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid,

10. Minister of State for External Affairs E. Ahamed,

11. The Chief Justice Altmas Kabir,

12. The nation’s Vice President and Chairman of Rajya Sabha Hamid Ansari,

13. Chief Election Commissioner S.Y. Qureshi,

14. Attorney General of India, Goolam Essaji Vahanvati,

15. K. Rahman Khan, Minister for Minorities Affairs and

16. Rashid Alvi, Congress Spokesperson are all Muslims.
To add an insult to the injury

17. Syed Asif Ibrahim, a Muslim IPS officer has been appointed as Chief of Intelligence Bureau (IB). Many Hindu leaders believe that his appointment could endanger India’s internal security. In this connection, readers should note that in order to pave the way for Asif Ibrahim to be the Chief of IB, at least four of his senior Hindu officers (R.N. Gupta, V. Rajagopal, S. Jayaraman and Yashovardhan Azad) were transferred to insignificant posts.
Closest political advisors of Maino Sonia Gandhi are:

18.(a)Margaret Alva, a Christian, (b)Ahmad Patel, a Muslim and(c). Osar Fernandez, a senior Indian National Congress leader, a Christian.

19. The country’s Minister of Health and Family Welfare Gulam Nabi Azad is a Muslim.
For all practical purposes, the overall Hindu people [80%] and India as the country are presently under a state of siege. Unknown to the common public, that siege has been laid with the help of radical Islamists, Jihadists, and Marxists. The chief aim of this insidious conspiracy is to demoralize and denigrate the Hindus and their organizations… and encourage the centrifugal forces to balkanize India into several mini-Pakistans.
Almost all Hindus have already been driven out of Kashmir. Over 30 million Bangladeshi Muslims have infiltrated into Assam, West Bengal and other neighboring states. The states like Assam, Bengal, and Kerala are witnessing a big demographic change. No matter how strongly we deny it, the unfortunate fact still remains intact that the “demographic conquest of any land is the most permanent form of a conquest.”

Therefore, if you are still ready to fight them back; join with the Hindu organizations and embrace the precious and prestigious life of a martyr like Netaji Subhash or Vagat Singh.

Solution:(i).Identify your foes and friends,Swadeshi and Videshi things,
(ii).Unite among yourselves,
(iii)Join TODAY in local Hindu organizations,
(iv).Always cast Vote [2014 Lok Sabha ]only to Hindu organizations,
(v).Physically, mentally and spiritually be strong,
(vi)Leave aside Selfishness and petty gain. Leave aside your E=Ego,F=Fear and G=Gain[personal] and fight for your own sake.

Benefits :(i).You are protecting your own land and livelihood,(ii) preserving the honor of your mother land,mother,wife,sister,daughter and your religion. They will be gangraped in front of your eyes.They will be sold in Arab world.Your testes will be cut first and your throat after will be slit at the end. All these things were practiced for the last 1400 years and still the same tradition is going on and will be continued till a single Muslim and their Koran-Hadith-SunnaH and SurraH remains on the earth. We have only 5 minutes to 12.00Hours.

Warning:if you don’t ;you and your family will be doomed :Awaiting the fate of Kashmiri pundits and Bangladeshi and Pakistani Hindus.

Join immediately and give the clarion call.
Vande Mataram! Jai Hind!!