Date: 14/05/2014


Believe it or not!But the ground for it had already been prepared over a
long time!The fake Independence--- since 1947 ---almost 67 years of
misrule in India by vested interests mainly the political parties (of all
colours)—has made people crippled physically and mentally.The 2014
Lok Sabha election will decide the fate of future India.Yugoslavia was
broken into four pieces,USSR had been into sixteen.Now is the turn of
India.There will be no Hindus.Only it will be a Christiandom and Darul-
Islam for ever.The coastal regions will be labelled as Christian lands
and Gangetic belt will be for Muslims.The pseudo-secularists will be
divided into two groups;one will belong to Christandom and the other in
the Islamic land.How is it possible?It’s very much possible.Iraq took
only 15 years,Iran by 17 years,Egypt by 21 years--- were totally
converted to Islam,Europe was evengelized by fifty odd years.India
couldn’t be converted by Muslims in thousand years and British couldn’t
convert it by two hundred years.But the same thing could be possible by
the fifth columnists in India within 67 years.Who are they?My M10 is
the list of Enemies here for you.The greatest and most dangerous are the
Hindu name bearing Muslim and Christian agents.M1:Maino Sonia led
Congress+UPA.M2:Mass media,M3:Marxists-Maoists,M4:Maya-
children[English speaking Hindu pseudo-secularists, so-called
Human Right Activists],M7:Multinational Companies,M8:Money

What’re their strategies brewed up in the 10 Janpath Road,Delhi?The
following are the neferious game plans they are chalking out
together.It’s an internationl conspiracy.One side is few hundreds of
Hindus and the otherside is with formidable foes of Pakistan,Saudi
Arabia,America,Britain and other Western Powers.PLANS:
P1:Modi-Removal: NaMo will be eliminated from the face of the
earth.Four methods:(i).Rocket launcher from air strike,(ii).Dashing of
convoy as is done in J & K on Indian Security Forces by
Jihadis,(iii).Poison in his glass of water which he is taking very
frequently during public address and (iv).Ricin type surface contact and
lethal poison when he is holding the railing while climbing up or down
the dias. NaMo’s assassination is a must for them. Character, Physical,
Mental and Spiritual—anything is possible!!

P2:Military Coup in India.Sikh Gen Bikram Singh,relative of
MMSingh and Air Chief Marshal Anil Browne,relative of our Defense
Minister,A.K.Antony.The dwarf avatar Shri Pronab Mukherjee[who
never won any election in his life time;from Jangipur Murshidabad
,WB,by Minority Vote-bank politics with MP,Adhir Chowdhury’s
help,so far I remember once only] is an expert actor per excellence.He
will facilitate the process and gag mouth of Hindus for ever or at least
for few years before the technology savvy Congress party gets enough
time to consolidate its power along with Muslim+Christian+Marxists

P3: Machine for voting: EVM machine is tamperable. Only in
Venezuela,India and Nigeria—this type of EVM machine is used.No
other country in the world has this type of EVM machine.Japan from
where this machine is made does not use for it’s election.The
VVPAT(Voter Verified Paper Trail System) is not coming in enough
number before April 2014.Trozan Horse is the virus can manipulate
from a cell phone to make a candidate win or loose the game of poll by
sophisticated electronic rigging. Remember the incidence of of Mr. Hari
Prasad,USA Computer Scientist was put behind the bar as soon as he
opened his mouth regarding the rigging of EVM machine last year.In
2004 and 2009 Cong won elections only by this method but nobody had
any guts to question them.The so-called Opposition is a dummy just for
show of a faked democracy.Always remember, the CEC S.R.Qureshi
and the great Navin Chawla helped Congress to win the elections many
a time.Navin’s mother,a Delhi-based Gynaecologist,helped Priyanka
Gandhi’s delivery of both children.

West Bengal,Bihar,Tripura,A.P –in all Bidhan Sabha elections it had
been used with full proof success in the past with the help of computer
scientists at Jadavpur and Delhi University,BHEL and also perhaps from
similar computer experts from Germany.Black money worth 1.2 trillion
dollars of money has immense power in implementing these ultra
modern means of winning of Elections.CPM Computer scientists had set
unparalleled record in Kerala and West Bengal over 35 years.
P4:Kill Rahul Gandhi,a nitwit and bring Mrs.Prainka GANDHI( here
not Bhadra) as the shadow of Mrs.Indira Gandhi(Iron lady of
India).Youth Congres will take another name after her charismatic
image,a shadow of the great granny(Indira) with husband Robert
Bhadra’s Vatican and Dubai based pledges.This time no name of
Congress Party.They will evolve some fanciful name of that party.Like
Janata Janardan Party,Bharat(India) Mukti or Bachao Party.One East
India company was driven out but many more number of foreign
companies were invited to loot our country by our Mirzafar Politicians.
P5:De-activate NaMo by Ishrat Jahan or Shorabuddin Case.If NaMo is
made inactive three-fourth of the battle is won.Because after NaMo there
is no leader in BJP,only bootlickers are there who will also repeat the
same as MMS is doing now for the Italian lady.Indians prefer to be ruled
by foreigners.this instinct is in their blood.This Hindu genetics have
been discovered by SoniaG long before.

P6:Call Taliban,Al Qaeda,LeT,JeM,IM.SIMI,ISI,Pakistani army for
invading our country.Mirzafar,the commander-in chief of Siraj-u-
Daullah had lost the battle of Plassey(1757AD) with 18,000 brave
Hindustani soldiers before only 300 British army of Robert
Clive.Reckon how those tricks were played in that battle!!The Pakistani
Army had not forgotten the surrender of 96,000 soldiers,the bitterest
ever expereince in their life.They will retaliate the same way they did
with Samrat Dahir,King Hemchandra and Bappa Rawal.In 1971
Bangladesh war,the main targets were the Hindus.Remember what
Razakar merceneries did with Hindus in Hyderabad on 14,15 and 16th

P7:Hindu-Muslim riots—wide spread in each corner of India.Hindus
will loose the battle as usual before rape,brutality,arson and fire.This
time Indian Police and army will also help the Muslim marauders to
facilitate their mayhem and murder spree.Remember the Direct Action
Day and Noakhali Mayhem,1947.

P8:RSS,VHP,Shiv Sena,Akali,BJP—all will be banned by another
Emergency number 2.The Mass Media will take active role to play
here.The International community will sit on the fence to see and enjoy
the mayhem of Hindus as happened in Sri Lanka.The value of Hindus
life is less than that of an Isrealite and a little more than a chicken. The
Hindu leaders en mass will be liquidated in public.

P9:Imposition of the Draconian POCA TV(Prevention Of
Communal And Targetted Violence) Bill to gag Hindus mouth for
ever.If 2014 Lok sabha poll,we loose ,remember ,this Bill will be the last
nail of Hindu’s coffin.

P10.Social media block.The Mass media played a crucial role.In 1992
Ramanad Sagar’s Ramayan serial united Hindus and helped BJP to win
192 seats.The crediblity of BJP party was lost because of the misruling
of the party leaders.All Yahoo,Google,Facebook and Twitters etc are
their pets.NDTV,CNN,ISBN-TOI,Indian Express have done enough for
them.Sagarika,Nidhi,Rahul,Rajdeep--- unprecedented loyality shown
towards their boss in the UPA+Congress Party.They were of
course,rewarded adequetely.Any word with ‘Hindu’,the Internet in my
computer is immediately blocking the message to disseminate.The
Internet bloggers will be prosecuted,harassed and intimidated by
investigating agencies,e.g., CBI,NIA,IB and RAW.I will be killed by
secret police as was done in Nazi Germany by Gestapo.Israel will also
be erased from the face of the earth by 10 years time.It’s certain.Iran will
develop Nuke,no doubt in it.Nobdy can’t stop them.India and Hindus’
existence is a matter of only 50 to 60 years.After that every thing will be
whitewashed.Glaring examples:Iraq,Iran,Pakistan and all Middle east

P11.Sonia Gandhi will be killed by some zealot Hindus and
consequently merciful Hindus heart will be melting in pity to help
winning Congress again just by wave of sympathy vote. That had been
happened many a time in the past.

P12.Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare--- are honest,naïve and innocent
people.They are afraid of the coercive forces of the administration.Their
morale will be broken down very easily just by intimidation or bullying
them.Like the Sufism which was playing the role of a pimp(or a good
cop) to convert gullible Hindus.Similarly, the disguised Swami
Agnivesh like many middlemen will infiltrate in RSS,BJP(already they
are in),Anna Hazare and Ramdev Baba’s team and will work wonder for
the equivalent party of Congress in future India.

P13:The Corrupt Politicians have already shifted their Black money
[400 lakh crore rupees]from those numerous banks of 77 countries and
made some arrangement to turn them into white to put in some other
friendly country to buy citizenship for seeking asylum in case if it’s
needed.They have made all fully safe and secured arrangement like
Ferdinand Marcos of Philipines.

P14:Last possibility that is coming up in my mind is that they will put
Arvind Kejriwal(AAP),Manik Sarkar(CPM) or Nitish Kumar(JDU)—
like PM candidates or will try to push some mole in the hole of BJP to
jeopardise its mission and vision.
Those above mentioned plans I have given here are very pertinent and
will be applied as and when required with quantum change[addition or
subtraction from each other]

All these are my mere conjectures.I am also a patriot to see my country
growing bigger than ever.But the reality is that Hindus will prefer to be
enslaved rather than fighting for survival.They will go to picnic or
picture on the elction day.Or Sachin’s IPL (SRK)match with Pakistani
team will be fixed to divert voter’s attention.Or the Election Day will
fall coincidentally[Tricks of Qureshi] in some Hindu festival day when
all Hindu will remain complacent about their sense of majority and be
happy with their cult of vegetarianism and renunciation. May God save
Hindus in the holy land of millions of Sadhu,Seers and Saints!Rishis and

Jai Hind! Vande Mataram!