Date: 16/05/2014

Unique rise of a man from rags to riches. The victory of Narendra Modi is an epoch making event of millennium. It still seems to be a dream. A nation, crushed under slavery since 1192 AD and deceived and betrayed since 1947, showed little sign of awareness or revolt against the oppressors- The Dynasty, the Fifth Column, the Traitors and the Corrupt.

The evil rulers had no heart in either the country or the people, especially the Hindus. Those who wish to avoid the misfortune of the past must recall the blunders of the past. The first lethal sin is "trusting the enemy" and the one even worse, is "not even knowing who the enemy is!" Since 1947 it has been considered "dangerous" to recall or mention PARTITION! They ruled by deceiving, dividing and plundering the nation. Why does the State of J & K have special and separate status as per Constitution (Article 370)? Why should Hindusthan's most sacred Temple in Ayodhya be kept as a ruin to remind us constantly of our defeat and humiliation?

Why should history books be sanitized? Why should each and every Hindu girl marrying a Muslim convert to Islam and produce more Muslims to subvert the native culture eventually? Why should Hajj subsidies be given to the Muslims but nothing of the sort to the Hindu and Sikh pilgrims? Why should the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh be used as "vote bank" by the rulers? Why should the sensitive key posts AT THE TOP be given to non-Hindus? Why should nobody ask, "What are the Muslims doing in Partitioned India after taking out their Islamic Pakistan where the Hindus were slaughtered in their millions and forced out of their homes in tens of millions?" Why is there no memorial to their sacred memory? Why no action has ever been taken against a minister or governor who took bribe or commission? How could trillions of dollars of national wealth be remitted abroad and deposited in foreign banks without any action by the government? Why do we hear of "Hindu bashing" and confiscation of temple money while mosques are exempt? Why should an NRI, born in Bharat but living in Britain, pay hefty visa fee (£90) to go to Mother India (Bharat Maata) while he can travel to Ukraine visa free? There are many more questions that the ordinary people wish to ask but are afraid to do so.

In Northern Europe there is a small country called Lithuania. They trace their roots to ancient India of Sri Rama and Sri Krishna and worship in forests. They have yearned to come to Bharat for her spirituality but the cruel anti Hindu rulers discouraged them in every possible way by maliciously forcing them to travel for visa to Minsk in Belarus and more recently to Warsaw in Poland. They have been hoping to see the embassy of Bharat opened in Vilnius where already SO MANY countries, as follows, have their embassies. The only shameful EXCEPTION is our enslaved Bharat under the foot of Italy & Islam:

Embassies in Vilnius, Lithuania: Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Holy See (Vatican), Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and the United States.

The Lithuanians regard the ancient Bharat of Rishis and sages as the land of their own ancestors. Thus the only reason for “Occupied” (and Partitioned) India NOT having her embassy in Lithuania is the malicious thought that the “Hindus will feel good about it!” This just shows the act of deliberate hostility against our Hindu nation on the part of our enemies who rule us.
The resounding victory of Narendra Modi will put an end to such slavery at last. For the first time we can distribute sweets and shout, “REJOICE O’ HINDUS, CHILDREN OF SOIL. OUR DAY HAS COME AT LAST!”