Date: 13/01/2013


Since 1947 India has been under virtual occupation by ONE Party and ONE dynasty, exercising full POWER over the country. It is said, “POWER CORRUPTS.” But absolute power over six decades has corrupted not only the Government but also the PEOPLE. It is seen from the fact that the State PROPAGANDA is not challenged by anyone out of fear.

Among the countless victims of this State propaganda and spread of falsehood, there was the “Indian National Army”, or INA, raised by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and General Mohan Singh in Burma (Myanmar now).

There seems to be false impression created by despicable and unscrupulous INDIAN media that “Pandit Nehru personally pleaded the case of INA during the hearings at Red Fort.” NOTHING OF THE SORT! This is absolutely false.

Pandit Nehru was extremely loyal to Britain and a close friend of the Viceroy and his wife. He is said to be an illegitimate son of a Muslim landlord and money lender. During his education in England he further acquired deep seated contempt for the HINDUS.

He saw the INA through the eyes of the Viceroy. Thus in his eyes the INA were criminals. Pandit Nehru criticised them for deserting the army and betraying the Oath of Loyalty taken to the king. Pandit Nehru INSISTED on their being tried by court martial and then punished.

By now we should see his motive in condemning an Army that wanted to break the shackles of slavery and liberate India under the motto, “DILLI CHALO!” Another reason to condemn them was his bitter rivalry with Subhash Chandra Bose who was much more elegant, upright, honest and honourable politician & freedom fighter and a lot more popular among the people than Nehru.

Nehru did not wish to see a UNITED India under Hindu majority after the departure of the British. He wanted to help himself with the post of Prime Minister and his fellow Muslims with vast TERRITORY. To further degrade the Hindus he imposed his Secular Constitution upon them, having fully supported ISLAMIC Constitution in Pakistan! Subservient Indian “coolie” media do not probe into such issues that would tarnish the image of Nehru.

Nehru felt safe and comfortable with the Indian army raised by the British due to their dog’s loyalty to the colonial Masters but did not trust the patriotic one raised by Netaji whose loyalty was towards UNITED India.

Nehru’s descendants have succeeded brilliantly in maintaining and pursuing his strategic vision of the Indian armed forces.

The post-Partition Indian army proved to be as loyal to Nehru as the German army was to HITLER. Accordingly, they have commissions and omissions to their utter DISCREDIT that have betrayed the country but SERVED the interests of the most corrupt Government on record.

The INA soldiers were given a rotten time when Nehru became the autocratic prime minister of BROKEN Bharat. (It broke because Nehru led the third class "patriots" around him into believing that Partition was the BEST thing to do at the time.)

INA personnel were treated like outcastes by Nehru’s administration. They were neither given any pension nor properly rehabilitated. Left to their own devices some survived while most PERISHED.

It should be pointed out that even the lawyers at the time did not wish to annoy Nehru and the Viceroy, and REFUSED to defend the imprisoned INA personnel in courts. They remind us of the ones now who are not willing to defend the six rapists of New Delhi bus gang rape (16 Dec 12). That is how Nehru and his ruling establishment really regarded the INA soldiers.

Sadly, as stated above, the Indian journalists are absolutely rotten and none has followed up the lives & fate of the INA patriots, THE REAL HEROES, who were true patriots and true fighters for independence.

Nehru hated the men in uniform and passed on the sentiment to Indira, Rajiv and Sanjay, even down to Rahul. They all SHUNNED the uniform though our army chiefs did not care about the snub.

If we really try surely there are some survivors who can be interviewed on this point. When it comes to England and America even 90 year old veterans are continuously being shown on TV and Radio and being interviewed. Just today, 13 Jan 13, BBC 2 television showed two films where old veterans were shown, one on MALTA campaign and the other on D Day (6 June 1944) operations.

INA were fighting at about the same time but NOT A WORD on any Indian TV or Radio channel! Even the Supreme Commander will show his embarrassed “donkey grin” if questioned about the bad treatment meted out to the INA veterans by Nehru administration.

Even after the departure of the British “BANDIT” Nehru did not invite the founders, Netaji Bose, General Mohan Singh and Brigadiers Sehgal and Shah Nawaz, for a cup of tea, leave aside decorating them for bravery and courage for standing up for India, or having their stories written up for posterity!

So we request all to expose Nehru for his loyalty to Crown and his contempt for INA. Every other leader on earth would have taken a lot more time in surrendering even one village to the enemy while Nehru surrendered FIVE Provinces overnight and drastically degraded the army with regard to protocol and pay!

Due to continuous propaganda blasts from “DYNASTY & CONGRESS” everything that emerges from (Congress) occupied Bharat is only to put the traitor NEHRU in favourable light.

Even foreign heads of State have well identified Nehru's character, morality and personality in the following lines:

Apparently this was what President General Eisenhower was alluding to in his biography that “they exploited the weakness of Pandit Nehru for women. Even PM Atlee in his Bravo Zulu cable asked Mountbatten to convey their appreciation of the role played by Edwina for her part.”