Pracharak to Prime Minister

Date: 20/05/2014

Pracharak to Prime Minister journey Sri Narendra Modi made is now matter for history books of India. Please see maiden speech of Narendra Modi from Central Hall of Parliament.

For this momentous occasion to become possible there are many forces at work, penance of sage, Madhava Rao Sadasiva Rao Golwalkar, second sar sangh chalak of RSS,known popularly as Guruji, dedication of countless swayamsevaks besides blessings from hand of providence and tireless hard work of Modi himself followed by again countless people of India who got tired of coterie of corrupt crooks holding reins of power weakening the nation while keeping millions in poverty .

And also we must not forget the sinister, spineless role of Congress party led by Nehru along with cowardly members of parliament then in 1948 when Nehru banned RSS using the excuse of assassination of Gandhi by Nathuram Godse. Every one knew, even Nehru that RSS had no role in that assassination.

More than during any Congress led agitation against British, members of RSS were incarcerated , made them suffer along with their kith and kin over biggest lie manufactured by Nehru and his coterie, jealous of growth and popularity of RSS, especially since he became party, guilty of participating in foul deed of partition. When RSS was banned ,not a single member of parliament rose to its defense, against unjust action of Nehru government. Remember there were many members in parliament then who participated in freedom struggle against British rule, precisely protesting against such actions against people, organizations of India by British. Yet they chose to remain silent.

Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh, RSS then led by Guruji decided , determined that there should be voice for justice which should be heard in Indian Parliament . RSS protest against Nehru's unjust ban was as disciplined as its functioning. All political parties indulged in vandalism , destruction of public property in their agitations but not RSS then in 1948 or during subsequent bans either. Guruji said , if tongue gets bitten by teeth we do not knock out teeth. This is our government. So stay calm at all costs. This was the message he sent out. And RSS conducted accordingly with no violence . Courts have lifted the ban unconditionally.

Shayma Prasad Mookerjee started Jan Sangh which received support from Guruji who sent some of dedicated swayamsevaks like Deen Dayal Upadhya to help Mookerjee. In the very first general election in 1952, Jan Sangh participated it won just four seats in Lok Sabha, yet got recognized as national party. Jan Sangh became Bharatiya Janata Party, BJP. Things have changed so much since those bleak days of 1948, over the time it was RSS inspired BJP which grew,in direct proportion of decline of Nehruvian Congress party complete with its empty slogans,bogus isms providing cover for corruption rather than for progress of people or development of nation, so much so not even SoniaG's UPA with all its secular allies could even think of banning RSS any more.

RSS voice is heard inside and outside parliament loud and clear through its most effective spokesman, who served as 'Pracharak' (Promoter) for 2 decades . To day that Swayamsevak(Volunteer) is Prime Minister of India. And he delivered his first speech in Central hall of parliament. As Sri Kalyanaraman says it is, a speech filled with emotion, coming straight from heart of a patriot and moving MPs and members present to tears, a stunner , a performance only a Narendra Modi could deliver.

Do listen to the history being made. Good times are ahead.

G V Chelvapilla