Date: 22/05/2014

Re: 1. Biggest post Partition Fraud.
2. Fraud of bogus Secularism.


We delivered our sacred "Matribhumi" to the robbers, rapists, marauders, plunderers, converters & killers from the "Wild West" and the crude & barbarian "Kafir-killers" from the Middle East.

We accepted slavery, exploitation and degradation for one thousand years till one (Narendra Modi) appeared like an "Avatar" to show us the real "GLOW OF FREEDOM", the phrase originally uttered by "Bandit" Nehru one minute after surrendering Karachi, Quetta, Lahore, Peshawar and Dhaka to his secret allies MOHAMMED Ali Jinnah and HUSSAIN Shaheed Suhrawardy- the former to "go" for LAHORE, the jugular vein of Bharat, the latter to carry out "Direct Action" to kill, rape and mutilate thousands upon thousands of innocent and non violent Hindus, that invited absolutely NO response or retaliation (except "forget, forget and forget"!) from the DESPICABLE duo, masquerading as the nation's "Chacha & Bapu".

They made us forget PARTITION, too. Do we find it mentioned in the Constitution? Do we see it in school books? Do we hear our politicians utter the word? Do we find a Memorial to the Dead at Partition anywhere?

22 May 2014.
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The Majority Report


Have you ever heard of a country’s top leadership cheating the poorest of the poor? Well a research study published by two retired officers of Indian Police Service has highlighted the gross discrimination practiced by the UPA government against poorest sections of the majority community, namely the Hindus. In their seminally researched book, ‘The Majority Report’, Ram Kumar Ohri and Jai Prakash Sharma have laid bare the conspiracy hatched by our communal-coloured politicians to rob the daughters and sons of at least 35 crore poorest Hindus (living below the poverty line in villages) of their legitimate share in 20 million scholarships and financial largesse worth several lakh crore rupees showered on five minority communities, viz., the Muslims, the Christians, the Buddhists, the Sikhs and the Parsis in the name of inclusive development of minorities.

It will surely surprise you if we were to inform you that in sharp contrast to the fabricated findings of Sachar Committee in four out of the five globally recognized major human development indices the Hindus happen to be the most disadvantaged religious community in India? The five major globally recognized human development indices are Infant Mortality, Child Mortality, and Life Expectancy at Birth, Degree of Urbanisation and Literacy. It stands conclusively proved by the data available in the public domain that the so called five minorities privileged by the UPA for extraordinary favours which include the Muslims, the Christians, the Buddhists, the Sikhs and the Parsis are far better placed than the Hindus in Infant Mortality, Child Mortality, Life Expectancy at Birth and Urbanisation. Only in Literacy the Hindus with an average of 65.1 per cent are better placed than the Muslims who have a literacy average of 59 per cent. But the four
minorities, i.e., the Christians having 80.3% literacy, the Buddhists
having 72.7%, the Sikhs having 69.4% and the Parsis having 97.7
literacy averages are the real show stealers in education and
literacy. Yet millions of scholarships were showered on them, too,
along with Muslims. The reason best left unstated - just to make you
scratch your head!

Dear reader, it will shock you beyond belief to know that according to the data released by the former Minister of Minority Affairs, Salman Khurshid, in a Press Conference on May 29, 2012, approximately twenty million scholarships (i.e., two crore freeships) were awarded to the students of the five minorities, while the poorest of the poor children among the country’s 80 per cent population were not given even one single scholarship simply because they belonged to the politically-pariahed majority community, i.e., the Hindus? In the garb of ‘inclusive development’ a ruthless and soulless programme of ‘exclusive development of five minorities’ constituting 20 per cent of India’s population was implemented by the UPA government for six years by trampling upon the Right to Equality of the majority community comprising 80 percent of the nation’s population!

According to Prof. Suresh Tendulkar’s report, duly accepted by the Planning Commission, nearly 37.2 per cent Indians live below the poverty line. Therefore, on a rough count approximately 8 crores, or 8.5 crores of India’s 21-22 crore minorities should be living below the poverty line for whose children 2 crore scholarships were provided by the government. On the other hand, there are nearly 98 crore Hindus out of which at least 37.2 per cent (according to Suresh Tendulkar Report) are believed to be living below the poverty line. The approximate number of the Hindu les miserable’s whose children ought to have been provided scholarships and a cheap educational loan comes to a whopping 35 crores. What the UPA has done is unprecedented discrimination against the poorest section of Hindu society. While two crore scholarships plus financial concessions worth several lakh crore rupees were showered on five minorities, not a single scholarship has been
given to any poor Hindu child, nor a penny worth financial concession
extended to the poorest Hindu youth.

What Salman Khurshid and the NAC have done is much worse than what a robber does. Normally a robber targets a rich or well-to-do person. But what the ruling political dispensation has done is much worse. They have robbed the poorest Hindu children, after regular advertising campaigns and through public fanfare. Another ugly aspect of this heist is that it has been committed in broad day light. Most interestingly the robbing of the poorest Hindu children was done by issuing repetitive advertisements praising the showering of millions of scholarships and incalculable largesse of financial concessions on five specially selected minority communities.

This book reveals the conspiratorial shenanigans of self-anointed secularists to favour the minorities at the cost of the poorest sections of the majority community by using the medium of the fabricated findings of Sachar Report. Even a casual reading of Chapters 4 and 6 of The Majority Report will send you reeling into the surreal world of shock and disbelief! The two explosive chapters which are a must read have been captioned, ‘If You Are a Hindu’ and ‘Sixteen Simple Questions which Justice Sachar, Salman Khurshid and NAC Must Answer’.

The Majority Report gives a summarized authentic account of the unprecedented discrimination being practiced against the poorest sections of Hindu society. In fact, eight Appendices have been added to the book in support of the findings of the in-depth research of the two authors. Unfortunately, most Hindu leaders being well-to-do members of the community have ignored the indignities and scorn heaped upon the children of 35 crores Hindu poorest scattered across distant villages in rural area. Just imagine that for educating the children of 20 per cent minorities two crore scholarships were provided exclusively by Salman Khurshid. The gross enormity of the fraud and grave injustice done to the poorest can be gauged from the fact that for recompensing several crore unwashed and apartheid Hindu children in education a provision of 8 crore scholarships will have to be made. That is a mission impossible, you will surely admit! In any case the UPA
government will never do it.

Through their bomb of the book the authors have sought a public debate on the deprivation and discrimination heaped on the daughters and sons of the poorest of the poor - perhaps merely because they happen to be Hindus!

The aforesaid book making an explosive exposure of the gross discrimination against the poorest Hindus was released on October 18, 2013, by Dr Subramanian Swamy with Shri Prafull Goradia and Shri Mayank Jain in a function at the Constitution Club, New Delhi.


A very thought-provoking article that tears off the mask of pseudo-secularists in India,mainly from the congress and some regional parties,who continuously placate, favour and prop up minority communities for gaining their votes.
It is high time such anomalies are corrected and all communities are treated equal.That is real secularism.

I have not come across an article like this in the Indian press from any Indian intellectuals !!

Indian Secularism is not secular
---by Maria Wirth blog May 2, 2014

For years I did not know what opportunities to practice equanimity I had missed, till I finally got a TV set some 3 years ago. In the beginning, I certainly did not remain calm under all circumstances. What intense emotions in just an hour of listening to panelists on the news channels! However, slowly I learned to sit back. I could admire the quick-wittedness and the amazing ability to talk (or rather shout) while listening.

These anchors and panelists are no doubt intelligent, nevertheless their choice of topics is often pathetic, and they get some points consistently wrong. One such point is ‘secular’ or ‘secularism’. Since secularism is mentioned daily in Indian media and since it is a western ‘invention’, I would like to put it into perspective:

Contrary to the general perception in India, Secular is not the opposite of Communal. Communal as such is not objectionable either. It simply means ‘pertaining to a community’. In Germany, elections to local bodies are called “communal elections” (Kommunalwahlen).

Secular means worldly and is opposite to ‘religious’. Now ‘religious’ in this context refers to Christianity, i.e. to a well-organized, dogmatic religion that claims that it is the sole keeper of the ‘truth’, which God himself has revealed to his Church.

And what is this revealed truth?
In short: the human being is born in sin, which dates back originally to Adam and Eve. But fortunately, some 2000 years ago, God had mercy on humanity and sent his only son Jesus Christ to earth to redeem us by dying for our sins on the cross, then rising from the dead and going back to his father up in heaven. However to be able to get the benefit of Jesus’ sacrifice, one must be baptized and become a member of the Church, otherwise one will be singled out for eternal hell on Judgment Day.
Understandably, such claims did not appeal to those who used their brains, but for many centuries they had to keep quiet or risk their lives. The reason was that for long the Church was intertwined with the state, and harsh laws made sure that people did not question the ‘revealed truth’.
Heresy was punished with torture and death. Even in faraway Goa, after Francis Xavier called the Inquisition to this colony, unspeakable brutality was committed against Indians.
In many Muslim countries till today, leaving Islam is punishable by death.

Significantly, those centuries, when Church and State were intertwined, when the clergy prospered and the faithful sheep suffered are called the dark ages.
And the time when the Church was forced to loosen its grip, is called the age of enlightenment, which started only some 350 years ago.
Scientific discoveries, which could no longer be brushed under the carpet, played a crucial role for showing the Church her place.
Now, more Europeans dared to oppose the stranglehold of religion. Many went to prison for doing so.

Slowly, the idea that reason, and not blind belief in a ‘revealed truth’, should guide society, took root and this lead to the demand for separation between state and Church.
Such separation is called secularism. It is a recent phenomenon in the west.

Today, most western democracies are ‘secular’, i.e. the Church cannot push her agenda through state power, though most western democracies still grant Christianity preferential treatment. For example in Germany, the Constitution guarantees that the Christian doctrine is taught in government schools. Further, the Churches have retained special labour laws that make it obligatory for Church employees (alone in Germany over one million) to conform to Christian norms. Nevertheless, the present situation is a huge improvement over the dark ages when one had to pretend to believe unbelievable dogmas.

In India, however, the situation was different. Here, the dominant faith of the Indian people never had a power centre that dictated unreasonable dogmas and needed to be propped up by the state. Their faith was based on insights of the Rishis and on reason, intuition and direct experience. It expressed itself freely in a multitude of ways.
Their faith was about trust and reverence for the One Source of all life. It was about doing the right thing at the right time according to one’s conscience.
It was about The Golden Rule: not to do to others what one does not want to be done to oneself. It was about having noble thoughts. It was about how to live life in an ideal way.

However, this open atmosphere changed when Islam and Christianity entered India.
Indians, who good naturedly considered the whole world as family, were despised, ridiculed and under Muslim rule killed in big numbers only because they were ‘Hindus’ (which is basically a geographical term).
Indians did not realise that dogmatic religions were very different from their own, ancient Dharma. For the first time they were confronted with merciless killing in the name of God.
Voltaire, who fought the stranglehold of the Church in Europe, had accurately observed, “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities”.

Guru Nanak left a testimony how bad the situation was, when he cried out in despair: “Having lifted Islam to the head, You have engulfed Hindustan in dread…. Such cruelty they have inflicted, and yet Your mercy remains unmoved…” (Granth Sahib, Mahla 1.360 quoted from Eminent Historians by Arun Shourie).
During Muslim rule Hindus had to lie low for fear of their lives, and during British rule they were ridiculed and despised by missionaries, and cut off from their tradition with the help of ‘education’ policies.
Naturally, this took a toll on their self-esteem. In fact, till today, this low self-esteem especially in the English educated class is evident to outsiders, though it may not be so to the persons concerned.
Swami Vivekananda’s efforts to give Hindus back their spine did not impact this class of people. Nevertheless, it is a great achievement that Hindu Dharma survived for so many centuries, whereas the west succumbed completely to Christianity and over 50 countries to Islam in a short span of time.

Coming back to Secularism. Though Hindu Dharma survived and never dictated terms to the state,‘Secular’ was added to the Constitution of India in 1976.
There might have been a reason, as since Independence, several non-secular decisions had been taken. For example, Muslim and Christian representatives had pushed for special civil laws and other benefitsand got them.

However, after adding ‘secular’, the situation did not improve. In fact the government seemed almost eager to benefit specifically the dogmatic religions (for which secularism was coined) and occasionallyhad to be restrained in its eagerness by the courts.

This is inexplicable. Why would ‘secular’ be added and then not acted upon?
And the strangest thing: ‘secular’ got a new, specific Indian meaning.
It means today: fostering those two big religions which have no respect for Hindus and whose dogmas condemn all of them to eternal hell.

It is a sad irony.
Can you imagine the Jews honouring the Germans with preferential treatment instead of seeking compensation for the millions of Jews killed?
Yet Islam and Christianity that have gravely harmed Indians over centuries get preferential treatment by the Indian state, and their own beneficial dharma that has no other home except the Indian subcontinent, is egged out. And to top it, this is called ‘secular’!

Obviously Indians have not learnt from the European experience. Hindus have not yet realized the intention of the dogmatic religions, though they say it openly: Finish off Hinduism from the face of the earth.
Hindus still ‘respect’ them, though this respect is not and cannot be reciprocated as long as those religions claim that their God wants everyone to worship exclusively Him.
Hindus don’t realize that an ideology that uses God as a front does not become sacred, but all the more dangerous.

Media and politicians do their best to muddy the water. They call parties that represent a religious group, ‘secular’, instead of ‘religious;’ which would be the correct term. When the state gives in to demands by the big religious bullies it is also (falsely of course) called ‘secular’. But WHY would the government do this? It clearly plays with fire. Does it want to give its citizens a firsthand experience of what the dark ages were like?
In the interest of all Indians it would be wise for the state to simply ignore the powerful, dogmatic religions and focus on all its citizens equally. This means being ‘secular’.

However, western secular states are not role models either. There is a lot of depression, drug abuse, alcohol and people are generally not happy in spite of doing everything to ‘enjoy life’.
Here, India has an advantage over the west. Her rishis have left a great heritage of valuable treatises not only dealing with how to live life in an ideal way, but also how to conduct economy, politics, management, etc.
If those guidelines are considered, and if India becomes a state based on her ancient dharma, she has good chances to regain the lost glory as the wealthiest and most advanced country in the world whose citizen are open-minded and contented.
If not, probably the west discovers this treasure trove and adopts it…..first.

by Maria Wirth