Date: 23/05/2014


During the 67 years that Congress Party, an anti national treacherous Alliance of (Nehru) DYNASTY, ITALY & ISLAM, has misruled Bharat, the political, social and ideological "MUCK" was gathering day and night across Bharat. Today it is the size of a mountain. People power and Will of God have suddenly placed Shri Modi and his BJP on top of this "rat infested stinking" mountain where every rule, intention and practice is crooked and meant to divide, demoralise, weaken and destroy the Hindus.

We have to sympathise with the new cabinet ministers and the Prime Minister. They all must still be dazed, looking around the stinking mess and unsure as to where to begin!

Each government department, ministry and cell, and all officials from top to bottom, governors and ambassadors are seen bent in character & conduct - the way Nehru and his offspring, down to the all powerful "Madam from Italy" wanted to see.

"Bandit" Nehru, being openly pro Islam and anti Hindu, had the last word over which countries to favour and which to ignore and negelct for putting our embassies there. On top came the Arabs for whom he had special love. Perhaps he had smelled their camels! Then he adored the Indian Muslims who at the same time terrified the Father of Nation, MK Gandhi, so much that he held them as role model for his own son Hira Lal.

Nehru picked and chose the countries with whom India was to be friendly and those that had to be ignored and treated like dirt. He held power over life and death of his slavish subjects and none could question him, "Why open a Consulate in Herat and keep it going when even the Central Government can neither guarantee the safety of our Embassy in Kabul nor of their own lives from the Taliban?"

Nor could anyone dare to question the presence of Pope's Nunceate (Embassy) in New Delhi! What does Hindusthan import from The Vatican except Bibles and missionaries? And is it fair when Hindusthan in turn cannot send a single copy of Gita or Granth, or even a Hindu preacher, either to Herat, or to Saudi Arabia or to Vatican? Where is the reciprocity, so essential in all diplomatic relations?

Nehru's foreign policy was based on the premise of Italian Master, Indian "Nigger"!

What is the use of a full fledged Embassy in Saudi Arabia except receive, welcome, accommodate and look after the Hajj pilgrims from Bharat? And what is the main import from the Wahabi Kingdom apart from millions of dollars to build new mosques all over Bharat and see Wahabi literature and preachers coming from there to convert the impoverished Hindus? Nepal, on the other hand was so shabbily treated and finally subjected to food blockade that the only Hindu Kingdom on earth died for "lack of oxygen"!

Nehru felt honoured to embrace President Nasser of Egypt and Suekarno of Indonesia but we never saw him welcome and embrace any Buddhist head of State. The "son of a bi*ch" sent millions of rupees to feed the starving Islamic countries but not one rupee towards the construction of a Buddhist Vihara or the historic Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

To fill his own pockets with dollars and pounds he often went to Washington and London with a begging bowl in his hand. After his return the Indian "coolie" press praised him sky high for getting huge donations from the USA and the UK but none checked where that money went!

The new government of Mr Modi has to look at all the Indian embassies, consulates and high commissions on earth and then drastically reduce the ones in Islamic lands where Hindus have nothing to look for, or up to, and even fear death any second.

Proud and strong Bharat ought to close down the ones in Vatican and Herat. At the same time Indian embassies and diplomatic missions in Nepal and the Buddhist countries to the East ought to be strengthened and better resourced to improve tourism, mutual trade and student exchange. The proud Pagans of Lithuania have been waiting, in vain, for an embassy from Bharat since 1947 in order to facilitate their travel to the land of their spiritual ancestors.

Nehru and his "haraami aulaad" had free hand for decades to isolate the States, some as large as France and Spain, from the rest of the world, ensuring their stinted and retarded growth reducing them to poor standards of technical education & manufacturing skills. How many products "Made in India" do we see in the markets across the world as compared to "Made in Japan, Made in Korea, Made in China," and "Made in Germany"? Had Nehru not covered the Indians under tons of his socialist "MUCK", today we could have even seen "Made in Bihar, Made in West Bengal, Made in Karnataka," and even "Made in East Punjab"!

Worst of all, the anti India and anti Hindu rulers sharpened the divide between urban and rural folk, Brahmin and Dalit, Sikh and Hindu, Southern and Northern by dividing the communities, setting one against the other.

The embassies and diplomatic missions of his Indian colony were opened with a view to serve the West and the Islamic countries while ignoring Hindu Nepal and all the peace loving shining Buddhist lands to the east where the religion had gone from Bharat nearly two thousand years ago. To Nehru they seemed to be aliens. To him they were the dark civilisation having their ancient roots in Hindusthan but the West was his own "way of life" and Islam was close to his heart. One could ask, "What did we get from, or give to, Saudi Arabia? We got billions of dolars for more mosqes to be built in Bharat and billions of dollars for the conspiracy to replace our native religions with those from the Middle East, foremost ISLAM.

Bharat established a big embassy in Saudi Arabia not to care for the non existent Hindu community in that hostile country but to faciliate the Hajj pilgrimage by the Indian Muslims who could easily go there through their own Islamic homeland Pakistan.

The diplomatic missions in places like Herat are only to see them blown up one day by the Taliban due to irresponsibility of our own anti Hindu government with their own "secular stooges" given key posts at the top.

We earnestly hope that the new nationalist government will review all these embassies and diplomatic missions set up to serve Islam, and re-assess the new sites for them where they could protect and further Indian interests and take care of the Indian diaspora rather than grind the Islamic axe as in Bharat itself.

23 May 14.

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I completely agree withxxxxxxxxx. I would also like to add KASHMIR where millions of rupees have gone down the drain.The end result is for all to see. In Kashmir Valley, the majority of the people (Muslims) would like to go with Pakistan or want an Independent Islamic Kashmir. How long can be keep on pumping in the tax money of Indians when inherently atleast in the VALLEY the mentality is Anti-India. To rectify this anomaly, perhaps India should ask the retired Military persons to go and live in Kashmir, and thus by changing the demography of the Valley, we would be able to counter any Anti-India activities.

Afghanistan is another example where we have been badly and wrongly involved. If there is a threat of Taliban, so be it. We will fight Taliban from our own country. How long can be keep pumping in millions of rupees into Afghanistan with the fake hope to contain Taliban in a foreign soil. . America is cleverly pulling out of Afghanistan. So should we. Enough of millions of rupees doing down the drain. As a matter of fact and on the contrary, India has unnecessarily developed / built Anti-India feelings in Afghanistan due to the feelings generated in Afghans by Pakistan that India is against them....Remember the good old days with FRONTIER GANDHI== KHAN ABDUL GHAFFAR KHAN==. How has the goodwill melted away...Today we are spending billions of rupees and in return for only brickbats !!! For what? Let us save these funds and use them, with better equipments to fight the terrorists/ Taliban, here on our soil, Why fritter the huge sums of money??There should be re=-think due to the Global Political changes, in our Foreign policy towards Afghanistan as also our policy on Kashmir. Perhaps an Intellectual debate afresh on Kashmir / Afghanistan will be useful.


Sent: Friday, May 23, 2014 2:36 PM

Today Paki backed and USA funded and created Talibans attacked the Indian Embassy in Herat.

India has been giving billions of dollars Aids to Afghanistan over the last few years and in return for what? How many infrastructure could be done and HOW MANY PUBLIC TOILETS COULD HAVE BEEN BUILT with that money when in India itself 60% population have not got BASIC SANITATION FACILITIES?

By the way why Namo need such a pompous ceremony and begging permanent enemies like KARGIL AND JAFFNA KILLERS SHARIF AND RAJAPAKSHA to attend. IT IS ABUNDANTLY CLEAR PRITHVIRAJ CHAUHAN SYNDROME IS SO INGRAINED IN HINDUS MINDSER THAT NAMO NEEDS A FEW MORE DOUBLES OF HIM TO CHANGE THAT MINDSET. In Europe such occasions are done so simple and cost-effective way.


Vande Mataram.