Date: 24/05/2014

Thank you for your valuable suggestion for the new rulers of Bharat.

There has been a slight hint of reconciliation with Sonia Maino and possibly an inclination to appease the Muslims again.

As we know our Hindusthan is a very special case in history for the excesses of goodwill towards all (friend and foe). The result of our "soft" hearts is repeated defeats and perennial slavery.

India has 35 States and UT's. (
Tragically, when Delhi is enslaved then even distant States are enslaved automatically. None has its own defence capability. The wretched Kashmiri Hindus had to look towards the "Devils" in DELHI for their safety in Srinagar!

Likewise if Delhi has a rotten, corrupt, Hindu bashing, treacherous and maliciously divisive government, such as the one we have had until 16th. inst., the repercussions of its bad rules and practices and the powers of its prime ministers reach out to the far corners of this great sub continent.

We saw Maimoona Begum in Delhi in the far North, training Tamil fighters in the far South, later to be crushed by her son Rajiv/Roberto Gandhi who acquired immunity from prosecution on account of BOFORS commissions. Now his Italian born mother, too, is BEYOND law with regard to her illegal wealth in foreign banks.

Is there a solution to this situation? YES.

The solution is to have a totally new Constitution in which the suppressed State Chief Ministers are raised to a decent level vis-a-vis the Prime Minister. There were times when Congress Government at Centre reduced chief ministers of states bigger than Germany or France to the level of "chapraasis" (peons), e.g., during Emergency.

The new Constitution must also look at the "Indian" Muslims as a special case for two reasons: They are separatists and intolerant by indoctrination. They forced Bharat to concede their special homeland called PAKISTAN. They were not forced to leave for their Islamic "paradise" in 1947 when Akhand Bharat bled to death.

No other minority in Bharat has the same indoctrination or tendency to explode, kill, rape, vandalise and destroy as the Muslims all over the world.

Excessive political correctness will again cost us our precious and hard won freedom. Hence THIS IS THE TIME, indeed, a rare moment in history, that the de-linked, scattered, vulnerable Hindus (genetically cowards in the eyes of "Bapu" MK Gandhi) have, miraculously, achieved rare UNITY and also POWER to put BJP in unchallenged power and to act to ensure Hindu dignity and safety for all time to come.

And that will be by an entirely new Constitution. The examples of Germany, Japan and all the countries in Eastern Europe is before our eyes. They all dumped their old Constitutions and are enjoying peace and security under their NEW Constitutions. The 35 States and UT's in Bharat must not all sink or drown with Delhi at any time in the future.

With regard to the comment by the esteemed writer below, we submit that India has TWO nations acknowledged by our topmost LEADERS and RULERS in 1947 when they conceded Pakistan. We forget or ignore this at our own peril. The Hindu nation is not yet solid and strong like the United States of America. So the LEADERS must think of our own peculiar and special situation with care and responsibility.

We owe it to our children to shed timidity and appeasement. Some of us were children in 1947 when we were "drowned in blood" at the splitting seams and violent borders. To delete the word "Partition" is like throwing dust in the nation's eyes. The Hindu nation is still sitting on very THIN ice.

There is urgent need of a new Constittion for the "HINDU RASHTRA", in order to underpin our safety and survival. The question is too vital to be ignored.
24 May 14.
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Unlike Dynasty and Congress party who had ulterior motive to divide the Society based on factor like Hindus, Muslims, Christian, Dalitís, OBCís any one community askís for special rights Congress Party would give to them. Corner stone of Vote bank was Appeasement of Muslim Community. I hope Narendra Modi dismentals all this in favour of One nation and itís subjects.